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TOP STORY: While the media have been laser-focused today on the 53 seconds of Rick Perry trying to remember the word “Energy,” Cliff Kincaid reminds us about the larger mistake that carries actual economic consequences. While debates have elevated frivolousness, Kincaid hopes “that CNBC hosts another debate and Cramer is given another opportunity to grill the Republicans.“

NEW VIDEO: Between the sexual allegations and racial/political litmus tests being performed by the media, AIM captured this sound bite from Herman Cain at the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition Conference:

MEDIA WATCH: NBC News is still coming to grips with the fact that a black man can run for President as a Republican. Don Irvine reports how the Freudian slips still abound: “NBC’s Meet the Press host David Gregory found himself in hot water after he made a comment referring to the lack of a “Grand Wizard” during a discussion of GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain.” Wow.

UNAPOLOGETIC: White House JV spokesperson Ben Rhodes refused to apologize for the offensive comments uttered by President Obama about Israeli PM Netanyahu. Don Irvine blogged about today’s press exchange: “The lack of a quick apology from the president is all these voters need to know about he feels about Israel and Netanyahu and what his Middle East policies are likely to look like should he win re-election next year.”

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ELECTION 2012: Did you watch the CNBC Republican Presidential Debate last night? It seems only one story has washed over: Rick Perry is still bad at debates. It’s so bad, the media is asking him to quit: “Oh, shoot, no,’ Perry told The Associated Press Thursday morning, a day after he stood on stage unable to remember the third federal department he would cut. He was asked if his campaign, struggling to regain traction, could survive. ‘This ain’t a day for quitting nothing’.”

WHAT WE’RE READING: After both the President and press were caught in an effort to cover up disparaging remarks about Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, the White House is in a full effort to shore up the Jewish vote: “Our record speaks very clearly about the president’s commitment to Israel and he has maintained a very close working relationship with Prime Minister Netanyahu.” Dear media: try to make a list of these “actions.”

AFGHAN LESSONS: While Washington media competes with supermarket tabloids over Cain scandals, NATO efforts to train Afghan security forces seem to be falling flat. AIM guest columnist Diana West reports: “Dementia advances in Afghanistan, courtesy the US taxpayer, who spent about $12 billion on training Afghans between October 2010 and September 2011. Not that it stopped there: $11 billion is pledged for the year ahead through September 2012.” After a decade, Afghans literally cannot shoot straight.

FIXING SKOOLS: Accuracy in Academia today investigates new proposals to fix public education in the country with methods very similar to No Child Left Behind.

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