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TOP STORY: The Washington Post is finally reporting about the violence related to the Occupy Movement. Not about the rapes and sexual assaults, but about the “the violence of systems that create and sustain economic and social injustice on a wide scale.” Cliff Kincaid exposes the Post writer, Rev. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, as a Fellow of the Soros-funded Center for American Progress. You cannot make this stuff up.

MEDIA WATCH: After years of media criticism and bad polling on the journalism profession, a new Wikipedia-style website will help you score reporters for all to see. Don Irvine explains: “According to the site, News Transparency helps you find out more about the people who produce the news and allows you to hold them accountable, the same way that journalists hold other powerful institutions accountable, by posting reviews and sharing information.” We at AIM encourage you to find out more and certainly get involved.

MURDOCH PAINS CONTINUED: The News of the World hacking scandal continues to grow as “Parliamentary and company sources told Reuters that Farrer & Co, a London law firm which until recently represented Murdoch’s News Group properties in phone-hacking litigation, gave the material on Monday to the Culture, Media and Sport committee, which has summoned James Murdoch to testify on Nov. 10.”

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ELECTION 2012: If you’ve turned on a television set in the last 24 hours, odds are you know that the words Herman Cain, Bill Clinton and sex are being used in the same sentence. Could this be the surprise event to destroy Cain’s unorthodox campaign? Today the press sees positives: “So far, the early cry from the right is to support Cain using a race-based defense and familiar targets. Becoming a target of the left and the media could bolster Cain’s support among those who view those groups with disdain.”

WHAT WE’RE READING: AIM guest columnist Frank Gaffney Jr. explains the alarming new guidelines used to help train security personnel in “countering violent extremism” (read: Islamic terror). According to Gaffney, CVE is “problematic for reasons beyond its lack of clarity about the threat.  It also explicitly excludes a facet of the menace posed by shariah that is at least as dangerous to an open, tolerant liberal democracy as the violent sort of jihad: the stealthy insinuation of this doctrine in ways that are non-violent or, more accurately, pre-violent.” Read the full Department of Homeland Security guidelines here:

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