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TOP STORY: Cliff Kincaid has kept a close eye the media’s less-than-stealth lobbying for the Occupy Movement “Wall Street Tax” on a global scale. According to Kincaid, The New York Times is ignoring the United Nations’ involvement: “A New York Times story about a “modest” global tax mentions some of those supporting the idea but forgets an important one – the United Nations. I attended a November 30 U.N.-sponsored conference in Washington, D.C., where officials of the U.N. Development Program (UNDP) appeared on a panel endorsing the idea.”

NEW VIDEO: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie takes a shot at President Obama’s latest rhetoric at the Republican Jewish Coalition Convention:

MEDIA WATCH: MSNBC host Chris Matthews continues his drawn out narrative of buyer’s remorse for President Obama this week. Don Irvine reports: “Last night Chris Matthews shocked some conservatives when he praised Mitt Romney for deciding not to participate in the debate being moderated by Donald Trump this month, and also admitted that he may have believed too much in Obama’s rhetorical skills in 2008.” Remember, due to poor ratings you can pretty much say whatever you want on MSNBC.

CREDIT WHERE DUE: CNN Host Piers Morgan was able to make hefty one-percenter Michael Moore admit to a vast, yet undisclosed amount of self-worth. Apparently wealth is allowed if you believe in social justice. Don Irvine argues, however, “In one fell swoop Moore has redefined the 1%, which includes rich liberals such as himself, by excusing their wealth because ‘they care’ about people even if they don’t necessarily spend much of their money helping the poor and downtrodden who supposedly make up most of the 99% that the Occupy movement claims to represent.”

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ELECTION 2012: With Newt Gingrich consolidating his lead in early primary states, Washington media are looking for a spoiler in Iowa: “Could Republican Ron Paul, the libertarian longshot with a loyal army of supporters, steal the first big prize of the 2012 presidential race in Iowa?” This seems to pass for news lead writing these days.

WHAT WE’RE READING: The well-established media narrative that claims Americans (and especially young ones) are unwilling to perform manual labor just took a hit. AIM guest columnist Peter Gadiel explains how the U.S. Department of Labor is potentially locking out young job seekers. “[P]roposed regulations, contained in 57,000 words on 50 pages of the Federal Register according to the Farm Bureau, require that teens complete at least ninety hours of classroom instruction before they could be hired for farm work. It would also prohibit teens from operating any power-driven equipment, implements or devices; prohibit them from herding animals on horseback, and effectively prevent them from climbing into haylofts that are over six feet above ground.” Take a wild guess which illegal group benefits from this.

GOOD RATINGS: The free market, aided by the Internet, has created some interesting ways to keep track of teacher quality. Accuracy in Academia investigates just how accurate these tools are.

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