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The AP’s 2012 Playbook for Romney: AIM’s Logan Churchwell forecasts the upcoming smear tactics of the Associated Press: “Mitt Romney was given an early example of what the AP means by “journalism with voice.”


Biden Gets Lukewarm Support on Hardball: Don Irvine reports on the recent water-testing of Joe Biden’s candidacy for 2012: “Chris Matthews polled his live audience in Iowa on who should be Obama’s running mate in 2012 and found that support for current Vice President Joe Biden was lukewarm at best, as Hillary Clinton seemingly garnered half the votes.

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The Magical Mental Exercise Called Reading: AIM guest columnist Alan Caruba discusses whether television has improved America’s cultural awareness or harmed it.

Chicago School Needs Practicum: Accuracy in Academia reviews the sentiments of University of Chicago economists on the matter of marginal tax increases…Milton Freidman would not be happy.

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