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TOP STORY: Our latest video showing a clear link between the Occupy Movement and organized labor was discussed, along with Roger Aronoff’s latest AIM Report on IRN Radio’s News and Views show yesterday. Listen to the whole podcast, including Aronoff’s full interview, here:

INVESTMENT, DEFINED: AIM Director James F. Davis today reminds us what the true differences are between government and private investment: “Most government debt-increasing stimulus, or investment spending, is politicians spending other people’s money to satisfy the special interests that help get them reelected. Everyone else and their kids have to pay for it. Such projects rarely produce anything of lasting economic value nor do they stimulate the economy.”

MEDIA WATCH: MSNBC Angry er, Anchor Ed Schultz threw a temper tantrum this week upon hearing that GQ Magazine considers him one of the “Least Influential People.” Shultz takes comfort in his ratings dominance over Anderson Cooper though: “Now, and I know that Anderson Cooper floats around in that GQ crowd. I don’t know if he’s behind it or whether their publicist at CNN, but let me just say, I’m kicking his ass, OK?” Classy, Mr. Ed.

“MEGGIE MAC” IS SMRT: Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has a new fan over at MSNBC: Meghan McCain! Although she said Bachmann was “more smarter” than Sarah Palin, Don Irvine was intrigued: “MSNBC thought they were getting a Republican who would look at the GOP with a jaundiced eye and wound up with a Michele Bachmann cheerleader instead.”

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ELECTION 2012: How can you tell which GOP candidate is leading in the polls? Take a look at who Bachmann is criticizing: “Bachmann said of Gingrich: ‘I think that a professor doesn’t like to be challenged, but I think that his real challenge is a memory challenge.’” Who would have thought she’d play the old card?

WHAT WE’RE READING: AIM guest columnist Michelle Malkin is not impressed at all with Miley Cyrus’ serenading Occupy Wall Street: “Like so much of the warmed-over, Big Labor-underwritten Occupy movement, Miley’s musical tribute to its foot soldiers is a worn-out derivative remix.” When did auto-tune become so acceptable?

ACADEMIC REGULATION: Accuracy in Academia discusses the question, should American universities be subject to Sarbanes-Oxley?

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