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TOP STORY: With the military court martial of Pfc. Bradley Manning officially underway, prominent publications such as The Washington Post have been caught trying to erroneously inject new evidence into the court of public opinion, according to Cliff Kincaid. Kincaid finds, “many stories about Manning’s preliminary hearing are focusing on charges from his attorneys that his confusion about his own ‘gender identity’ means that he is somehow the victim.”

MEDIA WATCH: Weird things have a tendency to happen in the media when Christmas rolls around, especially on The View. Don Irvine reports, “In one of those extremely rare instances when liberals come to the defense of a conservative, Whoopi Goldberg on The View questioned whether or not Romney deserved the criticism he received for calling Newt Gingrich ‘zany’.”

GREAT DEBATES, CON’T: The Law of Diminishing Returns continues to be challenged as Fox News’ latest GOP debate sets records, according to Don Irvine: “Fox averaged 6.7 million viewers during the two-hour debate, topping the previous high of 6.1 million viewers it set on September 22.” If this keeps up, Trump might try to make a debate reality TV show or something.

DEAD TREE NEWS: Don Irvine highlights findings from a recent study with a pretty bleak prognosis for newspapers: “there is no doubt that in the future there will be fewer print newspapers as more people grow accustomed to receiving their news via the Internet. This will only be exacerbated as the growth in tablets and smartphones increases, enabling readers to view their news on the fly and lessening the need for a physical newspaper.”

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WHAT WE’RE READING: AIM guest columnist Caroline Glick is quite bothered with the lack of accurate media coverage in last week’s conflict between Zionist groups and the Israeli military: “several dozen people surrounded by hundreds of reporters pretended to set up a new settlement along the border with Jordan. Their aim was to protest Jordan’s opposition to repairing the Mugrabi Bridge through which Jews and Christians alight to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.” Nothing to see here, folks.

EARLY GIFT: In what could be seen as an early holiday gift to America, the Supreme Court made an announcement today on the ObamaCare hearing: “The high court scheduled arguments for March 26th, 27th and 28th over the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which aims to provide health insurance to more than 30 million previously uninsured Americans. The arguments fill the entire court calendar that week with nothing but debate over Obama’s signature domestic health care achievement.” Well at least we know who the Associated Press is rooting for.

DEGREE IN GAGA: Accuracy in Academia highlights recent efforts by higher education to teach about the social trends of being famous. Not kidding.

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