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TOP STORY: New media mogul Glenn Beck raised eyebrows this week declaring that Presidents Obama, Theodore Roosevelt and Former Speaker Gingrich share the same views on progressivism in government. Cliff Kincaid argues that the history is off on this claim: “Beck notes that Theodore Roosevelt started the Progressive Party, but this is not the same Progressive Party, dominated by the Communists, that nominated Henry Wallace for president in 1948 and which continues to influence the Democratic Party today.”

MEDIA WATCH: So much for equal opportunity employment. If you hold any conservative viewpoints, don’t bother applying for a job with NBC News. Don Irvine reports: “It does appear that the network is far more interested in getting someone with a compatible (“progressive”) viewpoint for their campaign coverage rather than enhancing it with someone who at least understands the conservative line of thinking.” Does this count as “jobs created or saved?”

MAIDEN BROADCAST: How do you get a job with NBC News without any prior broadcast experience of any kind? Chelsea Clinton can tell you: “Chelsea Clinton filed her first report with NBC’s ‘Rock Center’ on Monday, returning to her home state of Arkansas to profile Annette Dove, a woman who runs a program for disadvantaged children.” The critics all agree she wasn’t impressive.

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WHAT WE’RE READING:  AIM guest columnist Herbert London examines a growing trend in our society and educational system: what happened to teaching the history of the West? London charges: “It is astonishing that those in the West are living through the near extinction of their civilization. For students in the Academy today, the Western Civilization history course, virtually a standard curriculum offering 30 years ago, has disappeared.”

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