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TOP STORY: As additional footage continues to land on the Web that proves the UC Davis pepper-spray episode to be legal and safe, the media and academia cannot let the story go. Cliff Kincaid features new video today that depicts protesters taunting and collaboratively threatening police before the canister came out: “UC Berkeley police, who responded to threatening protesters on that campus with batons, said that officers were injured by chairs and bricks thrown by demonstrators.”

MEDIA WATCH: Few things are consistent in cable media these days, but Fox News can boast one thing, according to Don Irvine: “The November ratings are in and once again Fox News is at the top by a wide margin in both younger viewers and total audience.” CNN’s ratings fell through, poor guys.

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FROM THE PRESS ROOM: Though Rapid Fire readers received advanced notice last night (Tell a friend), Accuracy in Media publicly released its CH2M HILL Crony Stimulation report this morning. Author Rusty Weiss said, “Perhaps the case of CH2M HILL will serve to remind our government of a commitment to be responsible and restrained with the American people’s money.”

WHAT WE’RE READING: AIM guest columnist Edward Cline offers a fantastic think piece that challenges conventional understanding of what it means to be politically Left or Right. Cline asserts: “In truth, there is no fundamental difference between the Far Left and the Far Right. They are both totalitarian in nature. Their median is a mushy socialism posing as “Progressive” welfare statism that leaves no whine or grievance left behind.” A must read for your evening.

LINCOLN, ACCURATELY REVIEWED: Accuracy in Academia peels away the weak criticism of Bill O’Reilly’s latest book, Killing Lincoln.

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