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TOP STORY: Vice President Joe Biden may not have been invited into every meeting at the White House, but we’re not sure he’s even allowed to walk inside now. AIM Chairman Don Irvine leads today with a laughable revelation from America’s Number Two: “We have been in this period where there’s just nothing but fighting, and so you have on the one hand Van Jones’ guys—whoever he is—talking about, you know Wall Street and the excess-.“ Memory loss is a big ___ deal.

NEW VIDEO:  Accuracy in Media takes a swipe at a primary “Occupy Wall Street” gripe about new bank fees being levied against customers. Finally, the talking point that says government over-regulation will cause businesses to pass down costs has some new meat to it.

MEDIA WATCH: Today we feature a scathing piece on the Washington Post penned by Michelle Malkin regarding Rick Perry’s so-called Stone-gate. “While the Post cites unnamed minority pols decrying Perry’s right-wing “racially tinged rhetoric,” this is the guy who has indulged in left-wing impulses and disparaged his own base as racist in two separate GOP debates.”

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ELECTION 2012: President Obama is having a tough time getting Congress to take his “jobs bill” seriously. He’s so upset; he went to Texas to vent. Don Irvine reports: “While the Republican’s attempt to vote on the entire bill is a political maneuver it underscores the problems Obama is having with getting his plan passed. Neither side likes the bill in its entirety and it would stand a better chance of passing in pieces.”

CAIN, RAISED: The Godfather has yet to whack other conservative candidates in the field, but he’s now making Mitt Romney feel uncomfortable in the polls: “Cain had 17 percent support among Republican primary voters, up from just 5 percent two weeks ago, the [CBS] poll found. That tied him with Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, whose support essentially held steady.”

PERRY SCHEME: Reminding America that he had some momentum on one policy debate, Mitt Romney today told Florida Villagers that Rick Perry isn’t a huge fan of Social Security: “I think Social Security has worked pretty darned well. I think the problem is keeping it from becoming a Perry scheme.” Who says Romney can’t be witty and funny?

PERRY’S PILE: It seems the press took a breather from calling Perry a racist to marvel at his latest influx of campaign cash: “Texas Gov. Rick Perry has raised $17.1 million since August 13, and has $15 million in cash on hand.” Romney seems much quieter about his cash lately.

WHAT WE’RE READING: Our sister organization, Accuracy in Academia has released its annual series, 100 Arguments Against Tenure, seeking to improve higher education for all. Read them all: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

PLUG OF THE DAY: John Rossomondo of ConHome USA isn’t too keen to let President Obama off the hook for the Solyndra scandal: “Obama seems like a used car salesman who is trying to say everything is rosy when the floor of the car is about to rust out. But it turns out the rusted floor is in the U.S. Treasury, and taxpayers are on the hook for his mistakes.”

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