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TOP STORY: The White House is beginning to sour against NBC News and the Today Show recently, after reporting on rumors that Vice President Joe Biden might get the boot in favor of Hillary Clinton. Don Irvine reports: “On Wednesday Ann Curry asked Biden about whether or not he would be on the ticket and he told her that he was absolutely positive that he would be…White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer had enough of The Today Show’s speculating and took to Twitter Thursday morning.” NBC better be careful, they might soon get the same treatment as Fox News.

NEW VIDEO: Herman Cain can sing, pitch catchy policy and throw rhetorical bombs like he’s been doing it for years. WATCH:

MEDIA WATCH: The Gray Lady continues to spill depressing financial details this week, Don Irvine reports: “The New York Times may have returned to profitability but the lingering economic slump continues to take a toll on the company, as it announced a plan to eliminate up to 20 newsroom positions and to reduce costs in the business units of the paper.” For a liberal paper, you’d think they would try to stick with the “jobs created or supported” thing.

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ELECTION 2012: As quarterly fundraising reports begin to trickle in, next-in-line candidate Mitt Romney underwhelmed the country, compared to Perry’s pile: “Romney raised more than $14 million for his presidential campaign in the third quarter ended September 30, his campaign said on Friday.”

PERRY’S PIPELINE: Rick Perry (remember him?) delivered his energy and economic policy speech today, claiming his way would produce a lot of jobs: “When it comes to energy, the president would kill domestic jobs through aggressive regulations while I would unleash 1.2 million American jobs through safe-and-aggressive energy exploration at home… Obama would keep us more dependent on hostile sources of foreign energy, while my plan would make us more secure by tapping America’s true energy potential.” Big surprise, Romney doesn’t think highly the proposal.

UNDERDOG RAILROAD:  Godfather Herman Cain may be climbing in the polls and making waves with policy proposals, but the political media elite are beginning to grumble that he’s not playing by the establishment playbook for a presidential campaign: “The unlikely presidential contender has little campaign organization in Iowa, New Hampshire and other states where voting begins in less than three months. And he hasn’t done much else in those places to capitalize on his recent surge in polls.”

OBAMNEYCARE: Rick Perry performed a disappearing act in the last debate, but his attacks on Romney Care have raised the ire of the Associated Press and defenders of government healthcare: “The Republican presidential field sees no essential difference between the health care law Romney enacted as governor and what they love to call Obamacare, and they contend it has brought nothing good to Massachusetts. But they’re oversimplifying the issue, as is Romney in defending himself.” Perry also released a new Jerry Bruckheimer-style epic ad to denounce the policy:

WHAT WE’RE READING: Guest columnist Michelle Malkin looks past the media adoration of Occupy [Insert street corner here] and has totaled up the expenses racked up around the country: “In New York City, government officials estimate the month-long siege of Zuccotti Park has now imposed $3.2 million in overtime police costs on the public…[i]f Occupy Philly continues to the end of the month, the city would spend another nearly $690,000 on police overtime alone…In Boston, City Council President Stephen Murphy anticipates a $2 million hit to taxpayers if the protests refuse to disband by the end of October.” Last time we checked, TEA Party rallies tend to leave the place nicer than they found it. A must read for your weekend:

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