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TOP STORY: The center-left news site POLITICO seems a bit too excited by the idea of new taxes as a result of the “Occupy [Insert street corner here]” protests. Cliff Kincaid reports: “Josh Boak of Politico says Democratic Rep. Peter DeFazio’s measure to tax Wall Street has ‘newfound momentum.’ The Soros-funded Think Progress blog quickly jumped on the report, saying the plan is being seriously considered on the Hill.”

MEDIA WATCH: According to shrinks, the fifth stage of grief is Acceptance. This makes sense when you look at The New York Times’ financials and a rare example of self-labeling as liberal. Don Irvine reports: “Former New York Times executive editor turned Op-Ed columnist Bill Keller sat down last week with Evan Smith, CEO and editor-in-chief of the Texas Tribune, for a wide ranging interview on the state of journalism and said the Times was ‘socially liberal.” But can the Times be liberal and keep the bias at bay?

BAITING CAIN: MSNBC Angry (read: Anchor) Lawrence O’Donnell sought to bait Presidential contender Herman Cain into a debate that would paint him as an observer of the Civil Rights Movement and all-purpose ingrate. Our friend Mary Grabar explained why he wouldn’t take the bait: “The intelligentsia like O’Donnell have nothing but contempt for those who value economic and intellectual independence.  They envy those who rise up through their own efforts.  For white, upper-class Baby Boomers like O’Donnell (born 1951) the most valuable activity is ‘marching’—with themselves in the lead of the unwashed masses.”

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ELECTION 2012: Now that former non-candidate Chris Christie has held his final “I’m not running” presser and endorsed Mitt Romney, guess who’s claiming him as a potential vice presidential nominee? “Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie would be on anybody’s short list for a vice presidential running mate.”

BIDEN HIS TIME: There’s an unspoken rule in Washington that as soon as someone says they’re keeping their current job, start looking for a forced resignation. “Vice President Joe Biden says there’s no question that he’ll be in the No. 2 slot on next year’s Democratic presidential ticket…The former senator acknowledged there had been speculation about whether he would be replaced as the vice presidential candidate.” A ticket change could be a big boost in the polls for President Obama; it’s a BIG deal, Joe.

PERRY CAN’T PARRY: He may be good at raising cash and delivering swagger-filled speeches, but when it comes to live cameras and opponents, Texas Governor Rick Perry needs some work. “Perry avoided major stumbles that afflicted him at three previous debates, but he did not take advantage of opportunities to land punches on Romney. He specifically did not carry out a sustained assault on the healthcare plan that Romney developed as governor of Massachusetts.”

WHAT WE’RE READING: “Accuracy in Media Founder Reed Irvine was a TEA partier long before we had a modern day TEA Party Movement.”  Read the entire PDF of the striking comparisons here:

FRUIT OF KABOOM: One of the guys you have to thank for the enhanced TSA pat-downs fessed up in court today, but not without some good old-fashioned ranting: “The United States should be warned that if they continue to persist and promote the blasphemy of Mohammed and the prophets … the United States should await a great calamity that will befall them through the hands of the mujahedeen soon,’ said Abdulmutallab, who faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison.”

PLUG OF THE DAY: It seems that our experiment yesterday of dropping TEA Party types in an Occupy DC rally caught the media’s attention:

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