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TOP STORY: NBC Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams is quite upset about the UC Davis pepper spray incident from last week. Cliff Kincaid notes that the outrage is misguided at best: “Sitting in the comfort of his New York studio, Williams ignored the statement issued by Linda P.B. Katehi, the Chancellor of UC Davis, when she noted that ‘…on Thursday a group of protesters including UC Davis students and other non-UC Davis affiliated individuals established an encampment of about 25 tents on the Quad.’”

MEDIA WATCH: Despite the barrage of media attention across all platforms, the Occupy Movement isn’t resonating with the rest of the country. Don Irvine reports: “A little more than half of those surveyed—56%—say they are neither supporters nor opponents of the Occupy movement while even more—59% say they don’t know enough to have an opinion about the movement’s goals.” This latest USA Today/Gallup study probably won’t get that much media attention either.

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ELECTION 2012: Breaking a long cycle of non-news in the GOP primary field, Mitt Romney is making headlines today with his first ever TV ad buy: “Romney’s first television ad is set to start airing in New Hampshire on Tuesday, hours before the President visits the state. The commercial compares Obama’s promises as a candidate — to turn around the economy, stem foreclosures and rescue the middle class — with economic statistics that suggest the incumbent President has come up short.” See for yourself why the White House is upset about it.

WHAT WE’RE READING: As you watch heating and fuel bills increase, AIM guest columnist Alan Caruba details each green energy folly perpetrated by the Obama Administration: “Just how many billions the Obama administration’s Green energy program will have lost by the time they are eventually calculated will be testimony to the general failure of solar and wind power. Meanwhile, the Sierra Club is celebrating Obama’s decision to delay approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, estimated to generate 20,000 jobs.”

GET LIT: Accuracy in Academia describes options for English professors on just how they can remain relevant in the 21st Century.

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