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TOP STORY: Cliff Kincaid continues to expose Russia Today propagandist Wayne Madsen, an occasional guest on RT and a source for the new book, The Secret Life of Barack Hussein Obama. Kincaid notes: “This ‘scrupulously researched’ book, according to the book flap, includes such “eye-opening” revelations as that of a female ‘Obama associate,’ who allegedly spent a night with Obama and then ‘moved to the Caribbean, where it was whispered that she was involved in overseeing a mysterious fund-raising apparatus’… But a quick look finds that [author] Frazier relies on Wayne Madsen for the claims of Obama’s CIA ties.”

MEDIA WATCH: While President Obama traipses through Hawaii and other parts of “Asia” as he claimed, a growing media narrative about the second coming of Ronald Reagan is taking hold. The Washington Post claims: “With the Obama administration’s high-profile pivot toward Asia this week—pushing for a new free-trade agreement with at least eight other countries and securing military basing rights in Australia—China is feeling at once isolated, criticized, encircled and increasingly like a target of U.S. moves.” You better believe Cliff Kincaid has a few problems with the reporting.

MEDIA OCCUPATION: Elements of the conventional media are beginning to back away from the Occupy Movement this week, according to Don Irvine. According to him, ABC is having a hard time describing what’s going on: “ABC reinforced the lack of a cohesive unified message by showing some of the signs the protesters were carrying, from lowering gas prices to eradicating males.”

BLAME OBAMA: MSNBC castaway Keith Olbermann was joined on Countdown last night by Michael Moore to bemoan the waning (though it was always marginal) popularity of Occupy ________. But was it the Tea Party or talk radio’s fault? Nope, Obama is the bad guy now. Don Irvine contends: “Moore is obviously living in an alternate reality where the Occupy protesters are actually law abiding citizens who would never resort to destroying private property or clashing with police as they have in Oakland and would be free of crime in the encampments themselves.” Is Michael Moore is a racist now. Why else would someone criticize Barack Obama?

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WHAT WE’RE READING: At this rate, they should change their name to Occupy the County Lockup. Protesters across the country continue to grow their collective rap sheet: “At least 200 people were arrested in New York. Some were bloodied during the arrests. One man was taken into custody for throwing liquid, possibly vinegar, into the faces of several police officers, authorities said.”

THE SOLYNDRA DODGE: In response to Energy Secretary Chu’s congressional tap dance on the Solyndra scandal, AIM guest columnist Michelle Malkin contends: “Situational unawareness in the private marketplace or on the battlefield will cost you your livelihood or your life. In the Age of Obama, however, such willful ignorance is a job prerequisite. The less you know the better.”

QUIZ CORRECTIONS: Accuracy in Academia today discusses a case where a libertarian professor gets in hot water after all his lefty students receive poor marks.

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