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TOP STORY: CBS’s Scott Pelley successfully trapped Republican presidential candidates this Saturday into praising President Obama, according to Cliff Kincaid. “Pelley maneuvered two Republicans, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, into defending the Obama Administration on one of the most important and sensitive foreign policy issues—killing American citizens abroad…An issue the Republicans could have used against Obama, in order to alienate the President from his left-wing political base and illustrate his power-hungry manner, was taken off the table.” Nice play, CBS.

NEW VIDEO: Since people started camping out in the name of socialism or something, there have only been half measures by the media to determine whether union organizers were using dues to provide transportation, food and lodging for the Occupiers.  Accuracy in Media infiltrated the National Nurses United for the duration of their Occupy DC protest tour. As the footage reveals, NNU in association with the AFL-CIO sent over 1,000 nurses from across the country, public and private sector, all expenses paid. It’s pretty sad to think that American veterans are sitting in a hospital room wondering where their nurse went.

MEDIA WATCH: Don Irvine reports of continued trouble with the Newsweek/Daily Beast gang: “Nearly one year after Newsweek and The Daily Beast agreed to merge, the combined company reshuffled its management ranks, signaling that things have not gone as planned.” Newsweek is certainly stimulating the unemployment line, according to Don.

HACKED OFF: Would be an apt description of how the Murdoch family must feel after new details alleging that “[H]acking of both telephone voice mail and email was pursued by journalists from Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World for years after the arrests of a private detective and reporter who worked for the weekly tabloid.” The latest reports suggest that information was illegally obtained until 2009.

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WHAT WE’RE READING: This morning we woke up to heartening news that The City of New York found its senses and cleared the squatters out of Zuccotti Park. And then New York found yet another way to mystify the Heartland again: “The National Lawyers Guild says it has obtained a court that allows Occupy Wall St. protesters to return with tents to a New York City park. The guild says the injunction prevents the city from enforcing park rules on Occupy Wall Street protesters.”

IRAN OPTIONS: AIM guest columnist Herbert London reviews the West’s track record on exerting soft power over Iran’s nuclear program. Herbert sees all talk: “A nuclear Iran may be unthinkable, as every leader from Obama to Sarkozy, has noted.  But action doesn’t necessarily follow a promise.”

INSTITUTIONALIZED FAILURE: Accuracy in Academia gives a critical look today at why Academia finds hope and progress with the acceptance of failure.

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