Accuracy in Media

What is the United States national security interest in bombing the Libyan air defense facilities in the civil war in Libya? The U.S. does not buy Libyan oil. We have no national security interest in protecting its supply.

This is an act of war. Did President Obama get Congressional approval, as required by our Constitution, before ordering these air strikes in Libya? No.

Not only is President Obama depleting extremely valuable high tech ordnance at great cost, but he is allowing the Russians to gather valuable intelligence on our missile capabilities.

Why are we trying to neutralize this relatively secular brutal dictator, Gaddafi? The answer given is to help stop the killing of ‘civilian’ rebels who are trying to overthrow him. The Islamic press is already blaming the USA for casualties on both sides.

And who are these rebels from Eastern Libya who just happen to have antiaircraft guns in their backyards for immediate use against their government? According to reliable intelligence sources, they are the same bunch of terrorist jihadist Muslims that sent the highest per capita number of terrorist fighters of any country in the world to Iraq to kill U.S. and other allied soldiers after Saddam Hussein was deposed.

Has it occurred to anyone in the Obama administration that Gaddafi might use any weapons of mass destruction he might have if he finds his position hopeless? He knows that he probably has nowhere to flee.

Why would President Obama want a relatively secular brutal dictator overthrown, one essentially neutralized by President Reagan a week after Gaddafi agents had bombed a nightclub in West Berlin frequented by U.S. soldiers? Reagan ordered the bombing of the three most likely palaces that Gaddafi would be, along with surgical strikes of Libyan air defense sites, three Army bases and two airfields.

Severely weakened, Gaddafi got the message that retaliation would be against him personally. He expelled all terrorist training camps from Libya after the U.S. surgical attacks ordered by President Reagan.

There were no more Libyan terrorist attacks on U.S. targets while Ronald Reagan was President. Gaddafi learned there were immediate consequences for attacking Americans.

One thing most Americans do not understand about the Islamic faith is that according to parts of the Koran, it is punishable by death to be an “unbeliever.” Also the major branches of Islam authorities hold that the Koran must be read so that the parts written last override the others.

So all those early Koran verses preaching peace and harmony have been overridden by “Fight and slay the unbelievers wherever ye find them.” (Chapter 9, Verse 5).  Chapter 3, Verse 28 preaches the doctrine of ‘taqiyya. ’ Essentially it preaches that Muslims should not be friends with non-Muslims ‘except as deception’ to convert, destroy or subjugate.

Muslim Brotherhood fronts in the U.S. like the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Islamic Society of North America try to persuade Americans that Islam is a religion of peace. Yet the Shura Council approved the Muslim Brotherhood Strategic Memorandum on North American Affairs that “their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within.”

So why is President Obama trying to help even more anti-American Muslims take over Libya?

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