Accuracy in Media


 Veterans are openly supporting McCain, as McCain himself happens to be a veteran (with a really moving POW experience).


Feminists openly supported Hillary, as Hillary herself happened to be a ‘she’ running for president (however much the frumpy clothes made some doubt).

Mormons supported Romney, Bible-belt Christians supported Huckabee, etc etc. 

(Note: I’m aware not ALL veterans are for McCain, not ALL feminists, mormons, christians, supported the above candidates.  Just observing trends with MOST.)


So I’m asking to you to put the puzzle pieces together on the fact Obama has been openly endorsed by Hamas, the Communist Party, and allegedly the Black Panthers. 

Listen to the Hamas endorsement: here.

See the Commie endorsement: here.

See the Black Panther endorsement: here.


The puzzle pieces don’t make a pretty picture. 


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