Accuracy in Media

As much as the liberal media blasted Donald Trump during the Trump-Clinton debates for not committing to honor electoral results, there is little mention of how the Left’s anti-Trump protests expose liberal hypocrisy. The Left continues to protest Trump, with college students needing puppies and other therapy and coping mechanism and activists planning protests on the week of Trump’s inauguration (such as the Women’s March on Washington).

But, the liberal media did not mention and ignored how the most-protested Inauguration Days were those under Richard Nixon and George W. Bush’s 2005 Inauguration (to open his second term). According to Mic, “More than 10,000 demonstrators are estimated to have come out to protest Bush’s second inauguration.” Mic also noted that the ANSWER Coalition, a group behind the 2005 protests, is one of the groups behind the anti-Trump protests in the nation’s capital.

For Obama’s first inauguration, the New York Times reported that there weren’t many anti-Obama protesters. In their own words, the Times said, “Protesters, a fixture of every inauguration since President Nixon’s in 1973, were few and scattered on Tuesday as Barack Obama assumed the presidency.”

In the end, the liberal media ignored history in their search for an anti-Trump narrative.

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