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From the Department of Lousy Timing: New Playboy magazine CEO Scott Flanders told the Chicago Tribune, “I don’t think Playboy is broken in any respect.”

His interview was published on the very day that the Playboy empire, which made a fortune exploiting women for decades, finally crossed an ethical line — and then retreated.

It all started when decided to publish a hate piece by rape-fantasist Guy Cimbalo that envisioned sexual attacks on leading conservative women, including Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly and bloggers Amanda Carpenter, Pamela Geller, Mary Katharine Ham and Michelle Malkin. The writing and the entire concept of the piece were so vile that the AOL News publication Politics Daily wouldn’t leave a liberal writer’s criticism of it online.

For whatever clueless reason, a female blogger at Politico decided to whitewash the misogynistic language and name the conservative women without comment about the hateful rhetoric, but conservative bloggers weren’t about to keep quiet. In addition to blogging their outrage, they organized a “tweetstorm” against the author and complained to Playboy.

Bloggers like John Hawkins of Right Wing News were particularly irked not only that Playboy published the piece but that its PR department sent a press release about the article to conservative bloggers. The outcry against Playboy was so loud that the publication pulled the article after it had been online only a few hours.

All of this obviously happened after Flanders, who left a good job as president and CEO of the “family newspaper” company Freedom Communications to head Playboy, had given his interview to the Tribune, but the timing still stinks for him.

Flanders told the Tribune he took the Playboy job because of its “unmatched brand” and later added that the company has “a very powerful brand, a very powerful asset.” If it ever did, it doesn’t anymore.

Have fun in the new job, Mr. Flanders.

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