Accuracy in Media

The Federalist compared today’s situation, of Islamist terrorists, to that of World War Two and a domestic terrorist plot by Nazi Germany. It makes an interesting case of how, instead of torture, the U.S. ought to hold a trial and possibly execute terrorists.

“We have a precedent for such a response to terrorism. Execution is exactly what we did during World War II. On June 12, 1942, four German saboteurs landed on Long Island, New York, after a voyage across the Atlantic on a German submarine.

Four days later, another four-man team landed on a beach south of Jacksonville, Florida. Their mission, codenamed Operation Pastorius, was to blow up hydroelectric works at Niagara Falls, industrial plants in several states, locks on the Ohio River, railroad passes in Pennsylvania, Hell Gate Bridge in New York, and Penn Station in Newark. They planned to bomb mundane civilian targets like railroad stations and public squares. They planned to bomb Jewish-owned businesses.”

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