Accuracy in Media

A Washington Post article by Jennifer Agiesta and Jon Cohen
discusses how “six in 10 voters see her as lacking the experience to be an
effective president and a third are now less apt to vote for McCain because of
her,” according to a new Washington Post-ABC poll.

“Initially, voters rated Palin as
highly as they did McCain or his rival, Barack Obama, but after weeks of intensive
coverage, and several perceived missteps, the shine has diminished.”

By intensive coverage, do the Post writers mean false
accusations about Trig’s parentage
, incorrect assertions about her
membership in the Alaska
Independence Party
as printed by the New York Times, or the
sensationalized coverage surrounding Troopergate?

“Several perceived missteps” likely refers to Palin’s
botched video interviews with ABC News and Katie Couric, never mind that the
ABC News deliberately
Palin’s responses to make her look naïve on foreign policy.

The Post placed this story on both the front place of the
Express—a magazine given out for free at DC metro stations—with a large color
picture of the vice presidential candidates. It is also prominently displayed
with an extra-large headline on the Post’s webpage.

With “intensive [news] coverage” of this caliber, it’s no
surprise that Palin’s ratings have fallen.



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