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Playing the Gender Card: Hillary Clinton says It’s Hard to Campaign as a Woman

ABC News reported [1] on the oft-used gender card from the Clinton campaign, which appears to be a distraction from her untrustworthiness among voters:

Hillary Clinton [2] on Friday opened up about the challenges of the campaign trail, which she said can be “especially tricky for women.”

During an interview on “The Tonight Show [3] Starring Jimmy Fallon [4],” Clinton — who on Thursday made her first public appearance since it was announced she had been diagnosed with pneumonia [5] — was asked about how she balances the seriousness of the campaign with the need to remain positive and friendly with voters she meets on the trail.

The Democratic presidential nominee conceded it’s not easy. “It is especially tricky for women,” she said. “It is a constant balancing act — how do you kind of keep the energy and the positive spirit while taking seriously what you need to.”