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The defund-Planned Parenthood push by pro-life advocates and Republicans has left liberals and the Left livid. But many Planned Parenthood supporters still admit they have not watched the undercover videos published by the Center for Medical Progress. In those videos, Planned Parenthood executives were caught on tape talking frankly about making a profit off harvested organs from aborted, i.e. dead, babies. In this week’s congressional hearing, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards admitted that 86% of their non-government revenues come from abortion practices and services. Richards said that 3% of the organization’s procedures are abortions. Even The Washington Post’s Fact Checker agreed and gave the 3% claim 3 Pinocchio’s.

Yet Richards continues to fire back and deny that the organization used federal funding to harvest baby organs, even saying that defunding them would deprive American women of important health services like mammograms. Life News reported that Planned Parenthood had a 2012 press release that championed their (non-existent) mammogram services. But, The Federalist wrote that Planned Parenthood does not have mammogram machines in their offices or clinics, based on efforts to schedule mammogram appointments with their affiliates. Doctors affiliated with the abortion organization only conduct the hands-on breast exam, but not a mammogram exam with an x-ray machine. The Washington Post’s Fact Checker said, “Planned Parenthood does directly provide breast exams, but only the hands-on variety that doctors administer. This is different from mammograms, which require x-rays.”

Obama also repeated the Planned Parenthood line on Jay Leno’s “The Tonight Show” back in 2012, and The Washington Post’s Fact Checker gave Obama 3 Pinocchio’s. The Post said that Obama repeated the line too many times to believe that he was simply misled in re-telling it.

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