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Planned Parenthood is the Villain, but We are the Problem

A really good op-ed by the Alliance Defending Freedom [1]. Here’s one quote from the blog:

But Planned Parenthood ultimately is not responsible for the executions of 57 million children, though the abortion mill far too often has been the promoter and instrument of death.  The heart-wrenching reality is that we are responsible. Planned Parenthood is the natural result of the values our society has embraced: convenience over commitment, self-gratification over sacrifice, and in the ultimate betrayal, death over life.  And while you and I have railed about the “culture of death,” lauded the efforts of pro-life groups, and perhaps even prayed for an end to abortion…in most cases, we’ve failed to fully engage the culture on this issue of life-and-death. We’ve failed to get personally and sacrificially involved.