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One day after being elected as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi dealt with her first crisis by downplaying remarks from freshman Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) who on Thursday night lashed out at President Trump in a profanity-laced tirade Thursday night.

Talib told a group of supporters in a video that has gone viral that “We’re going to go in and impeach the mothef—er.”

Her remarks sparked a backlash on social media, but it didn’t seem to bother Pelosi very much.

“I probably have a generational reaction to it,” Pelosi said in an interview with Joy Reid on Friday “But in any event, I’m not in the censorship business. I don’t like that language, I wouldn’t use that language. I don’t … establish any language standards for my colleagues, but I don’t think it’s anything worse than what the president has said.”

“Generationally, that would not be language I would use, but nonetheless, I don’t think we should make a big deal of it,” she added.

Tlaib defended her remarks on Twitter saying that she will “always speak truth to power.”

Pelosi has tried to temper the talk of impeachment within her party by laying down some ground rules on what it would take for her to support such a measure.

“If there’s to be grounds for impeachment of President Trump — and I’m not seeking those grounds — that would have to be so clearly bipartisan in terms of acceptance of it before I think we should go down any impeachment path,” Pelosi told USA Today in an exclusive interview published on Thursday.

“We have to wait and see what happens with the Mueller report,” Pelosi told the Today show. “We shouldn’t be impeaching for a political reason.”


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