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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)  said in a Rolling Stone interview that Democrats must win the 2018 midterm election because civilization as we currently know it is “at risk.”

“You have something like 104 districts that are more favorable than the Conor Lamb district Democrats won in Pennsylvania. That’s probably too big a playing field to be serious about funding races all across it. How do you narrow it down?” Rolling Stone reporter Tim Dickinson asked Pelosi.

“Civilization, as we know it today, is at risk in this election,” Pelosi said. “We have to win.”

Pelosi said that if the election was held today, Democrats would win even though the races are going to be a lot closer than was predicted earlier this year.

“If the election were today – no question we would win,” Pelosi said. “But you have to be aware of the undercurrents. Because you don’t know what can come along – and what comes along eclipses what you’re doing.”

“People say, ‘Is it a wave? Is it a tsunami?’ Well, it’s a lot of droplets that make up a wave or a tsunami,” Pelosi said. “But they are all close – these races are all close. So it’s not like a presidential [election] where someone might get momentum and get a great big vote. I don’t want people to think that there’s a wave coming so that they don’t have to work very hard in every single district. Because you could have a wave that earns you 20 seats big and you miss 30 seats small [leaving the GOP in control of the House].”

Even if the Democrats manage to win back the House, there is no guarantee Pelosi would be elected speaker after facing a stiff challenge to her post following the 2016 election.

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