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Feeling the heat, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) accused NBC of trying to undermine her chances to become the Speaker should the Democrats retake the House in November.

Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart, filling in Sunday for Joy Reid on MSNBC’s AM Joy, asked Pelosi why she shouldn’t give up the gavel if the Democrats are victorious this fall, considering that there are 51 Democrats who are on record as pledging not to vote for her according to NBC.

Pelosi responded with a barb at NBC.

“First of all, I know NBC has been on a jag, this is one of their priorities to undermine my prospects as speaker,” Pelosi said.

She then listed the reasons the GOP is working to prevent her from regaining the speakership.

“I do not think our opponents should select the leaders of our party. The Republicans are spending millions, tens of millions of dollars against me because they’re afraid of me,” Pelosi said. “Because I out-raise them in the political arena, because I outsmart them at the negotiating table, and because I’m a woman who is going to be a seat at that table.

“If Hillary Clinton had won and sat at the head of that table, it would be different, but I’m not yielding that. Now I do believe none of us is indispensable, but I think I’m the best person for the job, and I won’t let the Republican ads, which are just flooding these districts—and I say to candidates, do whatever you have to do. Just win, baby.”

Capehart then asked Pelosi about a poll that showed that she is modestly more popular within her own party at 55 percent as Mitch McConnell is at 48 percent with Republicans to which she responded that there was a better poll that showed her favorability at 3-to-1 within the Democratic Party and added that she has amassed wealthy and powerful enemies that don’t want to see her as speaker because she’s effective at fighting these interests.

When asked by Capehart if she saw a scenario in which she wouldn’t run for speaker if the Democrats win in November, Pelosi took another shot at NBC.

“That’s the least important question of all, with all due respect. It’s an NBC question, I know because that’s a jag you all are on,” Pelosi said, adding that she’s focused on winning the election and she’s not even thinking about happens next.


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