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The media “… have been operating for more than a year as the outriders of the political class in Washington,” polling expert Pat Caddell said on the latest episode of the #MediaMadness podcast. Caddell is a member of the “Political Insiders” team on Fox Report, which airs Sunday evenings on Fox News.

Echoing statements he made at a 2012 AIM conference, he asserted that:

“…when [the media] abandon their place on the ramparts of protecting the people to become the oppressors of the American people…they’re making themselves the enemies of the American people.”

Caddell also discussed the scattered and often unreliable polling during this election cycle:

“I think the polls are a mess if you want to know the truth.” “And so we’re getting a variance of fairly severe differences in these numbers. I’m at the point where I almost want to throw my hands up.”

In recently released polling that Caddell worked on, the respondents were questioned about election media coverage: “34% of people said it was basically equally fair to both candidates, 53% said it favored Clinton, 5% favored Trump … and 8% thought it was equally unfair.”

After commenting on the recent revelations about political donations given to the wife of an FBI agent involved with the Hillary Clinton investigation, Caddell warned, “And as I said, I believe that we’re in a moment of crisis worse than Watergate.”

Caddell concluded the interview by explaining:

“This is not about one side or the other. This is about fundamental American democracy. I believe in the absolute right of the American people to be sovereign, the sovereign governors of this country and that is not the case any longer and they know it. And the media’s role in this is immoral and unconscionable … ”

You can listen to the entire interview here:


Note: This podcast was recorded on Friday October 28th before the news broke about the FBI reopening the Clinton email investigation.

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