Accuracy in Media

In a startlingly unbiased article in the Washington Post, Perry Bacon Jr. reports that President Obama’s vision for bipartisanship is slowly dying. It’s not coming from the GOP minority, as many would have assumed. Rather, the isolationism and divisiveness is orginating from his own party’s House leadership. Representative James Clyburn (D-SC), now the House Majority Whip, is quoted saying,

“‘We had an election on November 4, and the American people voted overwhelmingly for the approach being offered by the Democrats…If we respond to the American people and that fails, then they [the Republicans] will have all the fodder they need going into the next election to try it their way…’ Obama ‘was elected and we ought to do it his way, and we’ll look at the Republicans’ way after the next election, maybe.‘”

With exception to any back-room colluding to scuttle the Republicans’ economic recovery suggestions, I’m beginning to see our new president in a slightly different, more positive light. Unfortunately, my disdain for the nasty, antipathetic, bellicose leadership in the House majority is slowly increasing. If we–not as Republicans or Democrats, but as Americans–are going to see the “change we need”, President Obama will have to be much more aggressive in pushing a bipartisan agenda.

My compliments go out to Bacon for his article. It is reporting like this that sheds light on issues that need to be discussed. There are very few spin phrases, minimal use of buzzwords, and the reliance on actual quotes and testimony is impressive. I can only hope that more reporters use Bacon’s article as a positive example.


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