Accuracy in Media

March 2015

3/8/2015 - Scapegoats? Russia Charges 2, Detains 3 in Nemtsov’s Death

3/8/2015 - Israel afraid of Hamas-Turkey Alliance

3/8/2015 - Boko Haram swears Allegiance to ISIS

3/8/2015 - Ex-Iran Hostage says Obama can’t Trust Iran on Nukes

3/8/2015 - Some Democrats Itching for Non-Hillary Candidates, Looking at O’Malley

3/7/2015 - Obama’s Gun Control Agenda is to Ban Certain Bullets

3/7/2015 - West Virginia GOP passes Fetal Pain Bill

3/7/2015 - Obama Defends DOJ Decision to Not Prosecute Darren Wilson

3/7/2015 - Clinton Foundation has a New Chief: Donna Shalala

3/7/2015 - Obama learned about the Hillary Clinton E-mails Scandal from the Newspaper

3/7/2015 - Saudi Arabia could get Nukes if Iran Deal Fails

3/6/2015 - Obama’s Trip to Red States Too Little, Far Too Late

3/6/2015 - Right to Work Laws don’t Produce Immediate Effects

3/6/2015 - Hint: President Hillary Clinton would be Secretive, too

3/6/2015 - NRA: Obama wants to ban all Hunting Ammo

3/6/2015 - Clinton Foundation’s Top Earners? Top 8 are Men

3/6/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s E-mail Scandal is Nixonian

3/6/2015 - MSNBC’s Morning Joe says Hillary’s Tweet is “Insulting” to Americans’ Intelligence

3/6/2015 - Hillary Clinton hasn’t turned over All of Her Secret E-mails

3/5/2015 - Hillary Clinton Banned Private E-mails at State Dept. in 2011

3/5/2015 - Clinton Scandals Aren’t New: Remember the 1990s?

3/5/2015 - Hillary Clinton had forced out Ambassador for Using Private E-mails

3/5/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s E-mail Server traced back to her home in New York

3/5/2015 - House Committee Subpoenas Hillary on Secret E-mails on Benghazi

3/5/2015 - Are People Really Shocked by Hillary Clinton’s Secrecy?

3/5/2015 - Hillary Clinton tweets about Secret E-mails, but Feels Hollow

3/4/2015 - GOP is pushing Iran Bill despite Obama’s Veto Threat

3/4/2015 - Syrian al-Qaeda Group Nusra Front may Reorganize to Fight Assad

3/4/2015 - Boston Bomber’s Trial starts Today

3/4/2015 - DOJ releases Report that Ferguson Police discriminated against Blacks

3/4/2015 - The U.S. Gov’t is “seriously concerned” about North Korean Nukes

3/4/2015 - U.S. Deal with Iran is Handing Iran the Nuclear Bomb, Experts Say

3/4/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s E-mails not a “Real” Scandal, said Clinton Ally

3/4/2015 - Thanks, Obama. United Nations estimates 6,000 Dead in Ukrainian Civil War

3/4/2015 - ABC News now reports on the Hillary Clinton Secret E-mails

3/4/2015 - State Department: Netanyahu Twisted Kerry’s Words on Iran

3/4/2015 - Nancy Pelosi wasn’t Happy during Netanyahu’s Speech

3/4/2015 - SCOTUS will hear ObamaCare Mandate Case King v. Burwell

3/4/2015 - White House Struggles to Defend Hillary Clinton’s Secret E-mails

3/4/2015 - Reporters Fact Check Obama’s State Department on Secret E-mail Use

3/3/2015 - Media Fairness Caucus Newsletter – March 3, 2015

3/3/2015 - Obama is Keeping Ukraine, Israel and Syria in the Dark on Intelligence

3/3/2015 - State Department Tweets Anti-Israel Speech by Muslim Cleric

3/3/2015 - Elie Wiesel and Ted Cruz call for Americans to Stand with Israel

3/3/2015 - 55 Democrats will be Skipping Netanyahu’s Congress Speech

3/3/2015 - Judge Slams EPA’s Lack of Compliance with Conservatives

3/3/2015 - MSNBC’s Morning Joe doesn’t let up on Hillary Clinton’s E-mail Scandal

3/3/2015 - MSNBC’s Morning Joe Shocked at Hillary Clinton’s E-mail Secrecy

3/3/2015 - Washington Post Fact-Checker calls out Obama’s Keystone XL Pipeline Remarks

3/3/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Use of Private E-mails while at State creates Firestorm

3/2/2015 - Republicans are on the Way to Reform American Education

3/2/2015 - Obama’s Budget and Sequestration could be Hurting the Navy

3/2/2015 - Delusional: Kerry says Israel is Safer after Conceding to Iran on Nukes

3/2/2015 - More Americans have a Favorable View of Israel’s Netanyahu

3/2/2015 - Scott Walker explains His Views on Immigration

3/2/2015 - Scott Walker vs. Jeb Bush’s GOP Establishment

3/1/2015 - Venezuela forcing U.S. Embassy to Shrink Staff

3/1/2015 - Eric Holder: Obama is No Richard Nixon, didn’t Restrict the Press

3/1/2015 - Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson well-received at CPAC

3/1/2015 - Mike Pence hints at potential 2016 Bid

3/1/2015 - Israeli PM Netanyahu to give Speech before Congress

3/1/2015 - Rand Paul wins CPAC Straw Poll

February 2015

2/28/2015 - Hillary’s 2008 Memo about Foreign Donors can’t be Enforced

2/28/2015 - Joe Scarborough: I’m Desperate and Want to Moderate the GOP Debates

2/28/2015 - Carly Fiorina: I’m Not a Token Candidate (but haven’t won a Political Race, Ever)

2/28/2015 - Media Tries to Smear Scott Walker, and Fails (again)

2/28/2015 - U.S. Colleges giving Financial Aid to Illegal Immigrants

2/28/2015 - DHS gets temporary funding and Media Lets Democrats off the hook

2/27/2015 - Opposition Politician Boris Nemtsov Gunned Down in Moscow

2/27/2015 - Obama Suck-Up Martin O-Malley, ex-Maryland governor, gets ZERO votes in poll

2/27/2015 - ISIS tapes their Destruction of Ancient Artifacts

2/27/2015 - Veterans Group proposes Overhaul of Veterans Healthcare

2/27/2015 - Llamas on the Loose led to a Social Media Frenzy

2/27/2015 - U.S. Agency: 2014 was the Deadliest Terrorism Year in 45 Years

2/27/2015 - Scott Walker: I’m for the “Hard-Working Taxpayers” in America

2/27/2015 - ObamaCare Website Still Unfinished!

2/27/2015 - CPAC 2015 sees GOP Presidential Field give Speeches

2/27/2015 - 12 Takeaways from CPAC 2015 and the GOP Candidates

2/27/2015 - Pelosi: We (Millionaire) Congresspeople can’t Live without our Paychecks

2/27/2015 - White House Defends Hillary Foundation’s Foreign Donations

2/26/2015 - Hillary’s Campaign Motto so far: Gender Equality!

2/26/2015 - Obama’s Treasury paid $3 Billion to Insurance Companies due to ObamaCare, Circumvented Congress

2/26/2015 - Cuba to U.S.: Take us off Terrorism List

2/26/2015 - Marijuana is Legal in D.C.

2/26/2015 - RNC honors the Harlem Hellfighters and other African-American Soldiers

2/26/2015 - China won’t stop Building an Island in Disputed Seas

2/26/2015 - Texas: Obama’s Amnesty Hurts States

2/26/2015 - Reporters want Hillary to Stop Giving Paid Speeches

2/26/2015 - Benghazi Cover-Up: Docs show Pentagon knew about Terrorism, not Some Video

2/26/2015 - Gun Control: D.C. approved only 16 of 76 Gun Permit Applications

2/26/2015 - Saudi Arabia may let Israel use their Airspace to Bomb Iran Nuke Facilities

2/26/2015 - 9 of the 12 Youngest Lawmakers are… Republican (and 5 are Women)

2/26/2015 - Harry Reid accused of Violating Ethics Rules

2/25/2015 - Stossel Mentioned Us on the O’Reilly Factor!

2/25/2015 - Affirmative Action hurts Asian Students

2/25/2015 - Teachers’ Union Chief now wants Bad Teachers Removed from Classrooms

2/25/2015 - Reporters Laugh at White House Excuses for Delaying Keystone XL Pipeline

2/25/2015 - IRS Scandal Update: Watchdog Group asks for More Documents to be Released

2/25/2015 - ISIS Terrorists Kidnap between 70-100 Christians in Syria

2/25/2015 - Rahm Emanuel, ex-Obama official and Chicago Mayor, goes to a Run-off Election

2/25/2015 - Israel’s Netanyahu: No Thanks, Senate Democrats

2/25/2015 - Obama Vetoes Keystone XL Pipeline, as Promised

2/25/2015 - Chris Kyle’s Murderer Found Guilty

2/25/2015 - Admiral Lyons (Ret.) on Obama’s Strategy

2/24/2015 - Obama is Letting Iran Ramp Up their Nuclear Program

2/24/2015 - After Taking Debaltseve, Ukrainian Rebels Claim they’re moving Heavy Weapons from Front Lines

2/24/2015 - Alabama Workers get Fourth Shot to Kick Out a Union

2/24/2015 - Texas Democrat Hires Convicted Felon

2/24/2015 - Congress: Obama’s Billions are Enabling Qatar to Fund Terrorists

2/24/2015 - MSNBC: Netanyahu’s Visit not Odd, as Clinton hosted Netanyahu’s Opponent in the Past

2/24/2015 - New VA Secretary Admits He Lied about Special Forces Stint

2/24/2015 - Obama’s DHS spends $150 Million on Furniture, sees Budget Increase Every Year

2/24/2015 - Senate Democrats Block DHS Funding Bill

2/24/2015 - Bloomberg TV: Hillary should Return Foreign Donations

2/24/2015 - Snowden Helped Terrorists Avoid Detection, ex-NSA Director says

2/23/2015 - Jerusalem Mayor lauded for Stopping Knife-Wielding Attacker

2/23/2015 - Good News? Pentagon said it could catch up on Electronics Surveillance Gap by 2017

2/23/2015 - Sesame Street’s House of Cards Parody: Amazing

2/23/2015 - FAA coming down hard on Commercial Drone Use

2/23/2015 - Honda President Steps Down after Airbag Defect

2/23/2015 - Hollywood is Racist? “Selma” wins Best Song, but That’s It

2/23/2015 - Bill O’Reilly defends himself against Mother Jones article

2/23/2015 - New York Times: Hillary, Stop your Foreign Contributions and Donors

2/23/2015 - Liberal Media Covers Rudy Giuliani’s Comment more than Clinton Foundation Donors Controversy

2/23/2015 - Reporter: Clintons would say “It’s Expensive to be a Clinton”

2/23/2015 - CNN: Clinton’s Foreign Donors reminds Americans of Lincoln Bedroom Scandal

2/23/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s War on Women: Paid Women $15,000 Less than Men

2/23/2015 - Indiana Governor Mike Pence weighs 2016 Bid

2/23/2015 - Al-Shabab, a Somali Terrorist Group, calls for Mall of America Attack

2/23/2015 - Watch: Twelve-Year Old Backs Giuliani for Questioning Whether Obama Loves America

2/23/2015 - Hollywood Actress Patricia Arquette calls for Wage Equality, doesn’t mention Her Net Worth

2/22/2015 - DOJ seeks Stay on Obama Amnesty Ruling

2/22/2015 - Poll shows Americans love the ‘American Sniper’ Movie

2/22/2015 - Democrats’ 2014 Autopsy Report: Lack of White Voters and Clear Message

2/22/2015 - Obama has No Backup Plan for Amnesty Order

2/22/2015 - Scott Walker’s Actual Remarks: Pro-Growth

2/22/2015 - Scott Walker says He Doesn’t Know if Obama Loves America

2/22/2015 - No Cease-Fire in Ukraine after Putin, Rebels Continue Offensive

2/22/2015 - Marco Rubio zings Liberal Press, asks why Democrats aren’t asked about Joe Biden’s Remarks

2/22/2015 - Jeb Bush could take Questions at CPAC

2/21/2015 - New GOP Senator Bill Cassidy Proposes Bill for Military Medics to avoid EMT Training

2/21/2015 - Vanderbilt Law Professor under fire for Anti-Israel Remarks

2/21/2015 - Wal-Mart raises their Wages, but Liberals Still Whine

2/21/2015 - DC Gun Permits Law still Disenfranchises Potential Gun Owners

2/21/2015 - The Worst of Jen Psaki at the State Department

2/21/2015 - Hillary Clinton-tied Data Firm Violated Campaign Finance Law

2/21/2015 - Suicide Bombers Strike Somalia, al-Shabab Claims Responsibility

2/21/2015 - Massive Car Bombings in Libya leave 45 Dead

2/21/2015 - Obama Admin sent 800,000 Americans the Wrong ObamaCare Tax Info

2/20/2015 - Feds want Americans to have a “Plant-Based” Diet

2/20/2015 - Joe Biden: The U.S. Middle Class “has been Killed” and it’s the Worst since 1920s

2/20/2015 - Conservative Group Criticizes Jeb Bush for Giving Hillary Clinton an Award Post-Benghazi

2/20/2015 - Rudy Giuliani Defends Criticism over Obama’s Views on America

2/20/2015 - Donors to Hillary Clinton’s Foundation also Lobbied the State Department while she was there

2/20/2015 - FCC Chief Criticizes Obama’s Net Neutrality Plan

2/20/2015 - National Review Relaunches Its Website

2/20/2015 - Bloomberg: Hillary Clinton and Bill “want to be Well-Funded” even by Foreign Donors

2/20/2015 - Joe Biden: Touchy-Feely Vice President that Creeps Us Out

2/20/2015 - CNN calls out Obama’s Leak of Anti-ISIS Efforts with Kurds

2/20/2015 - Russia is Arming Leftist Radical Latin American Military Forces

2/19/2015 - Ebola has Limited Airborne Transmittal

2/19/2015 - Google: FBI’s Expanded Hacking Powers a “Monumental” Violation

2/19/2015 - Jen Psaki goes to the White House as Communications Director

2/19/2015 - European Colonialism Modernized Islam

2/19/2015 - U.S. Press Freedom Declined under Obama, falling to 46th Place

2/19/2015 - Common Core gets Pushback from the States

2/19/2015 - Democrats Flip-Flop on Funding DHS

2/19/2015 - 2016 GOP Hopefuls on the Amnesty Delay

2/19/2015 - Marie Harf: Using Jobs to Combat Terror is Too “Nuanced” for Critics

2/19/2015 - Fired Atlanta Fire Chief Sues the City for Being Fired for Christian Beliefs

2/19/2015 - State Dept. Leaves Behind Crucial Security Info in Yemen Embassy Evacuation

2/18/2015 - U.S. pulls plus on “Clean Coal” Energy

2/18/2015 - Obama’s Carbon Emission Rules could cost Half a Million Manufacturing Jobs

2/18/2015 - GOP tries to Stop Union Election Rule that Benefits… Unions

2/18/2015 - Virginia Democrats run from Voting to Support Israel, Twice

2/18/2015 - North Korea Tests Submarine-Launched Missile

2/18/2015 - Democrats Choosing Illegal Immigrants over DHS, says Heritage Action

2/18/2015 - Iraq tells United Nations that ISIS is Committing Genocide and War Crimes

2/18/2015 - Nebraska Woman Loses her Healthcare Three Times under ObamaCare

2/18/2015 - MSNBC Guest said Obama is Waffling on ISIS

2/18/2015 - David Axelrod: No ‘Major Scandal’ Under Obama

2/18/2015 - Foreign Countries and Companies are Donating to Hillary; Isn’t this an Ethics Problem?

2/18/2015 - Russia, Rebels force Ukraine to withdraw from Key Railway Hub Debaltseve

2/18/2015 - ISIS burns 45 people alive in Iraq

2/17/2015 - Obama White House Bans Use of “Islamic Extremism” Term at “Violent Extremism” Conference

2/17/2015 - 58% of Americans Polled says War vs. ISIS is Going Poorly

2/17/2015 - Are Pro-Life (but Graphic) Abortion Displays Free Speech?

2/17/2015 - State Dept: We Can Fight ISIS with… Jobs!

2/17/2015 - Want a Job? North Dakota is Hiring

2/17/2015 - Heavy Fighting Continues in Ukraine as Rebels, Gov’t Fight over Debaltseve

2/17/2015 - 2 Suspects Arrested for Helping Denmark Gunmen who killed 2 People

2/17/2015 - Hillary’s Op-Ed: A Lobbyist’s Dream

2/17/2015 - Judge Blocks Obama’s Amnesty Order

2/17/2015 - White House Refuses to Acknowledge ISIS killed Egyptian Christians

2/16/2015 - Pope Denounces ISIS Beheadings

2/16/2015 - ObamaCare Extension? Democrats are asking for one

2/16/2015 - Russia, Rebels not Abiding by the Ukraine Cease-Fire

2/16/2015 - Dept. of Veterans Affairs fired only 11 of 60 Employees who Manipulated Wait Times

2/16/2015 - Leon Panetta Criticizes Obama’s Weak Response to Putin’s New Cold War

2/16/2015 - CBS’s Schieffer: Jordan responds w/Force to Hostage Execution and Obama goes to Fundraiser

2/16/2015 - Egypt Hits ISIS Targets in Libya after ISIS Executes 21 Egyptian Christians

2/15/2015 - More Brian Williams Myths Exposed by Washington Post

2/15/2015 - Professor Blames Conservatives for Putting Liberal Media’s Credibility into Question

2/15/2015 - Female Suicide Bomber kills 16 in Nigeria

2/15/2015 - Boehner: Stop Stonewalling, Senate Democrats, and Fund DHS

2/15/2015 - Islamic State releases Video of Beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya

2/15/2015 - Islamic State is the New al-Qaeda in the Middle East

2/15/2015 - Ukraine Cease-Fire Tenuous as Fighting Rages

2/15/2015 - Stop Hillary PAC jokes they’ll send Hillary Valentines Cards if They Can Find Her

2/15/2015 - Tech Problems Hit ObamaCare Website, Again

2/15/2015 - Police say They Killed Copenhagen Shooter

2/15/2015 - Dear Obama: Islamist Terrorism is Real after Copenhagen Shootings leave 2 Dead

2/14/2015 - Yes, ObamaCare Costs are Rising Too Fast

2/14/2015 - Charles Krauthammer: Bashing Scott Walker over College Degree is Desperation

2/14/2015 - SCOTUS Justice Ginsburg admits she was Drunk at the State of the Union

2/14/2015 - Utah close to Reviving Firing Squad Executions after Botched Chemical Executions in the U.S.

2/14/2015 - Obama: The Cold War is Calling as Russia Spies on U.S. Submarines

2/14/2015 - NSA Bracing for More Leaks

2/14/2015 - Democratic Mega Donor Tom Steyer involved in Oregon Ethics Scandal

2/14/2015 - Oregon Gov. Kitzhaber Resigns after Ethics Scandal

2/14/2015 - Ex-DIA Chief: Obama “struggling to define” Islamist Terrorism

2/13/2015 - Solar Energy Subsidies cost Taxpayers $39 Billion a Year

2/13/2015 - U.S. steps up Afghanistan Raids as U.S. deployment comes to a close

2/13/2015 - Jindal: Obama is “Disrespecting Israel and the Jewish People”

2/13/2015 - Ed Schultz: ObamaCare means “you just have to pay a little more, that’s all”

2/13/2015 - Senator asks Loretta Lynch, Attorney General Nominee, why she let Criminals Walk

2/13/2015 - Democrats Urge Oregon Governor to Resign amid Controversy

2/13/2015 - Washington Post Drops Saturday Newsstand Edition

2/13/2015 - ISIS seizes town near Iraqi Air Base where U.S. Marines are stationed

2/13/2015 - New York Times Media Critic David Carr Dies Suddenly

2/13/2015 - Charles Krauthammer: U.S. evacuation of Yemeni Embassy “humiliating”

2/12/2015 - Taxpayers paid for a Romance Novel Exhibit to the tune of $914,000

2/12/2015 - GAO warns Veterans’ Healthcare Costs will Skyrocket

2/12/2015 - Study: China has a Large Army, but is Inept due to Corruption

2/12/2015 - The Myth of Jon Stewart’s Millennials

2/12/2015 - Iran, Hezbollah attempt to take Syrian Rebel-held Golan Heights towns to Attack Israel

2/12/2015 - State Department claims they’re not “being run out of town” in the Middle East

2/12/2015 - Oregon’s Democrat Governor, embroiled in Ethics Scandal, may not Resign

2/12/2015 - Ukraine Cease-Fire announced, but does it matter?

2/11/2015 - Wave of Foreign Fighters entering Iraq, Syria to Fight with ISIS

2/11/2015 - Alternate Title to Pro-ObamaCare CNN Piece: GOP Caves on Medicaid Expansion

2/11/2015 - Feds spent over $390,000 to Teach Children Dog Safety

2/11/2015 - Media Fairness Caucus Newsletter – February 11, 2015

2/11/2015 - Kayla Mueller’s handwritten letter from ISIS captivity

2/11/2015 - Democratic Mega Donor Denied Pregnant Housekeeper Maternity Leave

2/11/2015 - Obama Avoiding the Obvious “Radical Islam” or “Islamist” Terrorism Labels

2/11/2015 - Just Painful: White House defends Obama’s “random” Paris Deli remarks

2/11/2015 - Obama White House thinks Global Warming is more Dangerous than Terrorism

2/11/2015 - Obama Administration Stonewalling Release of IRS Scandal Documents

2/11/2015 - Charles Krauthammer: Obama won’t Admit He was Wrong about Paris Terrorist Attack

2/11/2015 - Once Hailed as Success, U.S. is closing Embassy in Yemen

2/11/2015 - Bye Bye Brian- NBC Suspends Williams for 6 Months

2/11/2015 - Bank Leak exposes Shady Clinton Donor

2/10/2015 - Illinois GOP Gov. Rauner strikes down Unions

2/10/2015 - D.C. Sued for Restrictive Firearms Applications after Ban Overturned

2/10/2015 - White House, State Dept. try to Cover for Obama’s “Random” Terrorist Attack Remarks

2/10/2015 - Ex-Mayor Bloomberg wants to take Guns Away from Young Black Men

2/10/2015 - School Worksheet says GOP unwilling to Help the Poor

2/10/2015 - Jury set for Trial of Chris Kyle’s alleged killer

2/10/2015 - Bobby Jindal reveals Common Core Repeal Plan

2/10/2015 - Ukraine Civil War continues as the West does Nothing

2/10/2015 - Brian Williams’ Trustworthiness Plummets

2/9/2015 - Government likes to Regulate People out of Jobs

2/9/2015 - Dan Hannan: Hypersensitivity on Race doesn’t Help People

2/9/2015 - Principal uses School Funds to Build Personal Gym

2/9/2015 - John Kerry: “No Military Solution” in Ukraine

2/9/2015 - Gas Station Owner starts anti-ISIS Videos

2/9/2015 - UNICEF, U.N. children’s agency, selling out to Big Business

2/9/2015 - Op-Ed by Bobby Jindal and Tim Scott: We Need a New Education System

2/9/2015 - Obama’s Latest Secret? Pushing FCC Net Neutrality without Congress Oversight

2/9/2015 - Ted Cruz hints at a 2016 Presidential Bid

2/9/2015 - Obama White House interfering with Israel’s Elections?

2/9/2015 - Obama Video Speech at the Grammys urges Artists to Stand Against Domestic Violence

2/9/2015 - Former Obama DIA Chief: Terrorism Strategy is “Clearly Not Working”

2/9/2015 - North Korea tests 5 short-range missiles, South Korea says

2/9/2015 - Germany doesn’t want Military Aid for Ukraine

2/8/2015 - Dead Argentina Prosecutor feared for Safety of His Family

2/8/2015 - Ben Carson: Obama tried to Divert Attention away from ISIS at Prayer Breakfast

2/8/2015 - Comcast Woes Continue: Changes Customer’s Name to Profanity

2/8/2015 - Joe Biden says Ukrainians have Right to Self-Defense

2/8/2015 - No, Liberals, Granny Hillary doesn’t know best

2/7/2015 - Pentagon spent over $500,000 on Viagra last year

2/7/2015 - Obama, Susan Rice have a National Security Strategy that is a Pipe Dream

2/7/2015 - Army awards Purple Hearts to Fort Hood Victims

2/7/2015 - Susan Rice criticized for Implausible National Security Policy

2/7/2015 - Six Bosnian Natives, living in U.S., supported ISIS fighters

2/7/2015 - Boko Haram Fighters killed in Border Fight

2/7/2015 - NBC President’s Memo to Staff on Brian Williams

2/7/2015 - GOP Rep. Nunnelee passes away due to Cancer

2/6/2015 - NBC News to Launch an Investigation of Brian Williams Helicopter Lie

2/6/2015 - Hillary Clinton Ally Says She’s No Brian Williams

2/6/2015 - End of an Era: RadioShack declares Bankruptcy

2/6/2015 - Bloomberg doesn’t reveal Conflict of Interest in Greenpeace Report

2/6/2015 - Oregon’s Governor called to Resign after Conflict of Interest, Cronyism emerge

2/6/2015 - 2008 Pentagon Study claims Russia’s Putin has Asperger’s

2/6/2015 - Pentagon allowed to bypass Congress on Bergdahl-prisoner Swap

2/6/2015 - Tom Cotton: Terrorists should Rot in Guantanamo Bay

2/6/2015 - Jordanians Sign Bombs before Bombing ISIS Targets

2/6/2015 - IRS illegally seizes Bank Accounts without Filing Criminal Charges

2/5/2015 - Jailed ex-Democrat voted to Let Inmates have Porn

2/5/2015 - Ex-US Army Soldier talks about Joining Kurdish Militia

2/5/2015 - Ex-Navy SEAL in Congress wants a Battle Plan from Obama to Fight ISIS

2/5/2015 - Defense Secretary Nominee says he’ll be an Independent Voice in Obama’s Cabinet

2/5/2015 - Democrats could Skip Israeli PM Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress

2/5/2015 - Hillary Supporters want her to run as “Grandma-in-Chief” in 2016

2/5/2015 - “Brian Williams Misremembers” Memes Galore

2/5/2015 - Swift Retaliation: Jordan Executes 2 Terrorists after Hearing their Pilot was Burned Alive by ISIS

2/5/2015 - Jordan’s King Abdullah quotes Clint Eastwood, vows to kill ISIS terrorists after Jordanian Pilot was Burned Alive

2/4/2015 - Obama’s Budget wants to Make Solyndra Tax Credit Permanent

2/4/2015 - Hillary Clinton is an Ailing Third-World Dictator

2/4/2015 - Reporter goes through Use-of-Force Police Simulator and finds It’s Tough

2/4/2015 - Alabama Workers trying to Kick Out Union for the 4th Time after Ballot Box-Stuffing

2/4/2015 - Susan Rice to speak at Brookings, a Qatar-Funded Think Tank

2/4/2015 - Venezuela’s Socialist Nightmare

2/4/2015 - Fox News Posts Full ISIL Execution Video

2/4/2015 - ISIS is expanding from Iraq and Syria over to Libya

2/4/2015 - Ukrainian Rebels are using 21 Different Russian-Made Weapons and Vehicles

2/4/2015 - Pentagon: ISIS Burning Jordanian Pilot Alive is Not the Act of a Winner

2/4/2015 - Dear Liberal Media: Democrats are also Anti-Vaxxers

2/4/2015 - Krauthammer: Congress should Declare War on ISIS

2/4/2015 - AP Reporter Mocks State Dept. Jen Psaki over Lack of Transparency

2/4/2015 - Jordan’s King Abdullah is “Not Obama” and will Act Swiftly against ISIS

2/4/2015 - Gallup says 5.6% Unemployment Rate is a “Big Lie”

2/4/2015 - Obama’s anti-Netanyahu Campaign Falls Flat on its Face

2/3/2015 - Border Patrol Union Leader Blasts D.C. using them as “Political Football”

2/3/2015 - “Hottest Year” U.N. Claim is Bogus

2/3/2015 - Kobane Success is Hard to Replicate against ISIS

2/3/2015 - More Civilians Dying in Ukraine while Pro-Russia Rebels push back Gov’t Forces

2/3/2015 - Audit finds the U.S. Postal Service has Awful, Rude Employees

2/3/2015 - Obama proposes Budget Cuts in Veterans’ Healthcare

2/3/2015 - Washington Post is Bored, so they Publish an Article about Rep. Schock’s Downton Abbey-themed Office

2/3/2015 - Uber: Driverless Cars could be the Future

2/3/2015 - Ex-White House Official: Hillary has to Articulate Why She’s Running

2/3/2015 - MSNBC says the Clintons have Lived like Kings and Queens

2/3/2015 - Cuba Releases Photos of Fidel Castro for the 1st time in 5 Months

2/3/2015 - Anti-Semitism is Strong on UC-Davis’ Campus with Chanting of Allahu Akbar at Jewish Students

2/3/2015 - State Department admits it Misled Reporters about Muslim Brotherhood Visit

2/3/2015 - Arianna Huffington Wants More Happy Facebook Stories

2/2/2015 - Ouch: Democrats wanted Mitt Romney to run in 2016

2/2/2015 - Hillary Clinton spent $200,000 of Taxpayer Dollars on Private Jets while at the State Department

2/2/2015 - Pakistani Teachers Arm Themselves against the Taliban

2/2/2015 - Obama to Anti-Vax Movement: Get your kids vaccinated

2/2/2015 - Gov. Walker doesn’t rule out 2016 Bid after Mitt Romney withdraws

2/2/2015 - Reporters Outraged at Dem Retreat Bathroom Escorts

2/2/2015 - ‘American Sniper’ nets more Money at the Box Office

2/2/2015 - Obama’s Newest Tax? 14% on Overseas Profits to fund his Roads and Bridges

2/1/2015 - Japan holds Vigil for Murdered Hostage

2/1/2015 - Family of Jordanian Pilot demand Update from ISIS

2/1/2015 - Boko Haram attacks Nigerian city as Africans worry of its Spread

2/1/2015 - Aaron Rodgers named NFL MVP, not JJ Watt

2/1/2015 - Ukrainian’s Outgunned “Cyborg” Soldiers retreat from Donetsk airport

January 2015

1/31/2015 - GOP Establishment Rejoices at Mitt Romney’s Exit from 2016

1/31/2015 - Minnesota looking at Curtailing Police Body Camera Recordings for Privacy Reasons

1/31/2015 - CNN: French Terrorist trapped Camera during Kosher Store Hostage Situation

1/31/2015 - Texas: February 2nd is ‘Chris Kyle Day’

1/31/2015 - Brilliant Satire: Romney’s Exit paves way for Hillary Clinton

1/31/2015 - Obama’s anti-Gun Operation Chokepoint, Explained

1/31/2015 - More VA Delays that Don’t Help our Veterans

1/31/2015 - Ohio’s ObamaCare Expansion has cost $2 Billion

1/31/2015 - How did YOUR Senator Vote on Keystone XL?

1/30/2015 - NIH subsidized Employees’ Bikes for $27,500 to Reduce Pollution

1/30/2015 - North Korea could Hand Nukes Over to Iran

1/30/2015 - Mitt Romney won’t run in 2016

1/30/2015 - “Highlights” of MSNBC Reporter who called Chris Kyle a “Racist”

1/30/2015 - The Democratic Presidential Candidate Bench is very Thin

1/30/2015 - Venezuelan Food Shortage Crisis Deepens as Oil Price Fall

1/30/2015 - No, 2014 wasn’t the Warmest Year Ever

1/30/2015 - Senate passes Keystone XL Pipeline Bill

1/30/2015 - Al Jazeera English Encourages Employees to Leak Memos

1/30/2015 - Warren Backers Fund Anti-Hillary Poll

1/29/2015 - Hosting the Super Bowl isn’t a Good Thing

1/29/2015 - Trey Gowdy won’t Back Down over Benghazi

1/29/2015 - Obama Stands Still as Pro-Russia Rebels Overwhelm Ukraine

1/29/2015 - Iran Targets Israeli PM Netanyahu’s Children

1/29/2015 - Hillary Clinton may not Announce 2016 Candidacy until July 2015

1/29/2015 - MSNBC: “Racist” Chris Kyle went on “Killing Sprees” in Iraq

1/29/2015 - Man who Shoveled Boston Marathon Finish Line during Blizzard is ID’d

1/29/2015 - Up to Six Million Households May Face Obamacare Penalty

1/28/2015 - Obama’s Amnesty Rules Released in Internal Memos

1/28/2015 - ObamaCare Enrollment Figures Released, but Can We Trust Them?

1/28/2015 - Obama’s Energy Swap: Atlantic Drilling for Alaska Land

1/28/2015 - House GOP to hold First ObamaCare Repeal Vote

1/28/2015 - Senate Judiciary Committee to Grill Eric Holder’s Replacement

1/28/2015 - Figures: State Department hosts Muslim Brotherhood-allied Activists

1/28/2015 - Apple iPhone Sales Soar in 4th Quarter

1/28/2015 - China is Pressuring Journalists to Censor their News

1/28/2015 - DEA Proposed Spying on Cars at Gun Shows

1/28/2015 - Google admits to Screening Questions in Obama Q&A Session

1/28/2015 - Obama’s Unpopular Tax on College Savings is Dropped

1/28/2015 - D.C. issues First Gun Permits!

1/28/2015 - Hezbollah hits Israeli Military Vehicle with Antitank Missile, seriously injuring Israeli Soldiers

1/28/2015 - Krauthammer: Obama is the Only One who Doesn’t Know what Radical Islam is

1/28/2015 - IRS tells U.S. War Veteran that He’s Dead

1/27/2015 - Star Parker: Abortion is a “crime against humanity”

1/27/2015 - Justice Department has a National Car-Tracking Database in the works

1/27/2015 - MSNBC Guest uses the Blizzard to Whine about the GOP

1/27/2015 - Hollywood Laments the Lack of Award for Pro-Abortion Movie

1/27/2015 - Kurds push ISIS out of Kobane, claim Major Victory

1/27/2015 - Comedian Jim Gaffigan mocks Hollywood’s Hatred for ‘American Sniper’

1/27/2015 - Japan hopeful that ISIS will Free their Lone Japanese Hostage, Jordanian Pilot

1/27/2015 - Rush Limbaugh: ‘American Sniper’ Movie Mirrors 2014 Midterms

1/27/2015 - Without Obama, Survivors will Commemorate the 70th Anniversary of Auschwitz’s Liberation

1/27/2015 - Former Intel Officer: Bowe Bergdahl will be Charged with Desertion

1/27/2015 - Gunmen storm Hotel in Libya, popular among foreigners, Kill 3 Guards, Take Hostages

1/27/2015 - CNN laments how NYC, NJ dodged the Winter Storm Juno

1/26/2015 - Islamist Terror Group kills 30 Policemen in the Phillippines

1/26/2015 - Gone with the Wind? America’s 1st Wind Farm could be Doomed

1/26/2015 - Obama’s Kiss of Death? eBay Lays Off Workers after State of the Union mention

1/26/2015 - 4th Anniversary of Egypt’s Mubarak’s Fall from Power leads to 16 deaths

1/26/2015 - Obama won’t Attend the 70th Anniversary of Auschwitz’s Liberation

1/26/2015 - Duke basketball’s Coach K wins his 1,000th Game

1/26/2015 - Saudi Arabia’s New King has Terrorist Ties

1/26/2015 - Anti-Budget Cuts Greek Party wins Election, puts Eurozone at Risk

1/26/2015 - State Department Official: “Nothing Religious” about ISIS Hostage Beheadings

1/26/2015 - Chris Christie launches Super PAC in preparation for 2016 White House Bid

1/26/2015 - Drone Lands on White House Lawn

1/26/2015 - Northeast U.S. Braces for Winter Storm

1/25/2015 - Obama defends Failed Counterterrorism Strategy in Yemen after Gov’t Falls

1/25/2015 - Boko Haram attacks Nigerian City, Fate Unknown

1/25/2015 - Ukraine Civil War ramps up (again) and Obama promises Political Pressure

1/25/2015 - Obama cuts India trip short to visit Saudi Arabia

1/25/2015 - Japanese Hostage Murdered by ISIS

1/24/2015 - California Bars Judges from Affiliating with the Boy Scouts

1/24/2015 - Feminists criticize Australian Open announcer for a “twirl”

1/24/2015 - Japan won’t give up on the ISIS hostages

1/24/2015 - Ernie Banks, Cubs legend, dies at age 83

1/24/2015 - So Obama is Upset at Netanyahu’s Visit to Congress

1/24/2015 - Obama sends U.S. Official to meet with Cuban dissidents

1/24/2015 - Greek Left-Wing Party could Stop Eurozone Bailouts

1/24/2015 - Rebels Shell Mariupol, Ukraine and kill at least 10 civilians

1/23/2015 - UNICEF Executive resigns after Fox News Inquiry about His Hiring

1/23/2015 - A Role Model? U.S. women’s goalkeeper Hope Solo suspended from the national team

1/23/2015 - Mysterious Prosecutor Death was a Smear Campaign, says Argentina’s President

1/23/2015 - Saudi King Dies and the World Pays Tribute

1/23/2015 - Al Gore, Pharrell Team Up for New Live Earth Festival

1/23/2015 - Obama and Hashtags: Why Some Over Others?

1/23/2015 - Liberal News Media Ignores #MarchforLife2015

1/22/2015 - Scientists Worry about a Global Cooling and Ice Age, not Global Warming

1/22/2015 - WorldNetDaily Examines Benghazi Through Citizens’ Commission

1/22/2015 - Obama’s Climate Change/Global Warming Remarks were Wrong

1/22/2015 - CNN Developing Political Quiz Style Game Show

1/22/2015 - Carly Fiorina took on Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett over White House Pay Gap

1/22/2015 - Hadley Heath Manning named as one of the Four Rising Stars by the RNC

1/22/2015 - GOP Turns Table on Global Warming Democrats, says the Hoax is that Humans can Unilaterally Change Climate

1/22/2015 - NBC Reporter says Obama’s SOTU Speech was a Wish List

1/22/2015 - #MarchForLife expects 50,000 People but the Liberal Media is Silent

1/22/2015 - Snoozer- Obama SOTU Speech Least Watched Since 2000

1/22/2015 - LA Times interviews Global Warming Money Man Tom Steyer

1/22/2015 - The New York Times writes a Decent Piece on Fox News’ Megyn Kelly

1/22/2015 - Boehner invites Israeli Leader Netanyahu to speak to Congress

1/22/2015 - Rand Paul: Obama likes Free Stuff but Who is Gonna Pay for It?

1/22/2015 - Hillary Clinton: “You won’t get me to Talk About Keystone” Pipeline

1/21/2015 - Boko Haram Leader Claims Responsibility for Massacre and Threatens More

1/21/2015 - Media Fairness Caucus Newsletter – January 21, 2015

1/21/2015 - Deflate-Gate: New England Patriots used Under-Inflated Game Balls

1/21/2015 - Joni Ernst: America has been Hurting under Obama

1/21/2015 - Paul Ryan: “Opportunity for Everybody” Plan will Help Americans

1/21/2015 - Missed Joni Ernst’s Response to Obama? Read it here

1/21/2015 - Charlie Hedbo Quickly Sells Out in New York City

1/21/2015 - Global Warming is Obama’s New-But-Old Shiny Object

1/21/2015 - State of the Union by the Numbers: Just 1 More Left from Obama

1/21/2015 - 15 Ways that Obama Wants to Spend MORE of Your Money

1/21/2015 - Obama claims Victory after Democrats were Pummeled in Midterms

1/21/2015 - Obama’s State of the Union attacks Stay-at-Home Moms

1/21/2015 - Google More Trusted News Source Than Traditional Media

1/20/2015 - Dying Dragon? China’s Economic Growth slowed down in 2014

1/20/2015 - The Aurora, CO Movie Shooting Trial starts Jury Selection

1/20/2015 - Marco Rubio is Not Alone in opposing part of Obama’s State of the Union Speech

1/20/2015 - Obama’s chief of staff, not Obama, takes blame for U.S. Snub of Paris Rally

1/20/2015 - Krauthammer: Obama wants to Punish the Rich, again

1/20/2015 - Dutch Court blocks Terrorist Suspect from U.S. extradition over Torture Concerns

1/20/2015 - ObamaCare’s Lone Success Story in Colorado isn’t a Success

1/20/2015 - Ted Cruz: Politicians are Wrong if they tell us to run Moderate Candidates

1/20/2015 - The Economist Pulls Charlie Hebdo Cartoon from Singapore Edition

1/20/2015 - Islamic State has $200 Million Ransom for Japanese Hostages

1/20/2015 - ObamaCare Website doesn’t Protect Americans from Security Risks

1/20/2015 - Obama is Flailing with a “shrinking” State of the Union audience

1/19/2015 - Washington Post piece admits Cuba won the Propaganda War vs Obama

1/19/2015 - Hezbollah’s Response to Alleged Israeli Strike will be Limited

1/19/2015 - Argentinian Prosecutor found dead after Accusing Kirchner of Bomb Plot

1/19/2015 - “The media should give the American people the facts, not cover them up.”

1/18/2015 - Obama’s Bergdahl Report’s Release is Being Delayed

1/18/2015 - Ukraine wins back the Donetsk Airport after Offensive

1/18/2015 - Greek Police detain 4 Terror Suspects as Europe is On Alert

1/18/2015 - Mitt Romney’s new 2016 Message: Solve Poverty

1/18/2015 - Obama’s Plan: A Good Economy? Let’s Tax the Rich!

1/18/2015 - Kentucky Teens, on a Crime Spree, finally caught in Florida

1/17/2015 - Obama’s EPA Scrubbed Text Messages, Violating Law

1/17/2015 - GOP Retreat in Hershey, PA a Success

1/17/2015 - Supreme Court will take on Gay Marriage Cases

1/17/2015 - 3 Ukrainian Soldiers killed by Pro-Russian Rebels in Fight over Airport

1/17/2015 - Medicare Chief who Oversaw ObamaCare Rollout has Resigned

1/17/2015 - Anti-Charlie Hebdo Protests take place across the World

1/16/2015 - North Korea possibly Billed the U.S. for Hostage Mission

1/16/2015 - Ben Carson compares ISIS to American Patriots

1/16/2015 - CNN Anchor Ashleigh Banfield Bashes Wrong Joe Walsh on Twitter

1/16/2015 - Obama’s Lauded 53 Freed Cuban Activists are being Monitored by the Castro Regime

1/16/2015 - Joni Ernst to give GOP Response to Obama’s State of the Union

1/16/2015 - After Brief Enthusiasm, GOP Activists say “no” to Mitt in 2016

1/16/2015 - WSJ Op-Ed: “Don’t Do It, Mr. Romney”