Accuracy in Media

May 2015

5/1/2015 - WATCH: Bernie Sanders will force Hillary to Address Scandals

5/1/2015 - State Department Sued for Hillary’s iPad Use

5/1/2015 - VIDEO: State Department admits it “would have appreciated” More Clinton Transparency with Donations

5/1/2015 - VIDEO: CBS says Hillary Clinton Broke Confirmation Hearing Promise to be Transparent

5/1/2015 - Clinton Cronyism: Foundation Took In $7 Million in Taxpayer Dollars

5/1/2015 - State Department Turned Over 4,000 Documents over Benghazi Attacks

5/1/2015 - Flashback Friday: Hillary Clinton Promising Transparency at 2009 Confirmation Hearing

5/1/2015 - Tax Cheaters? Clinton Foundation to Refile Tax Returns from Foreign Governments

April 2015

4/30/2015 - Hillary Fact Check: She Misleads on Gender Pay Gap Myth

4/30/2015 - Baltimore’s Mayor Told Police to Stand Down during Riots

4/30/2015 - Former Gitmo Prisoners Want Reparations from America

4/30/2015 - John Kerry wishes America had a Leader like Iran

4/30/2015 - Obama: U.S. Will Defend Japan’s Islands from China

4/30/2015 - VIDEO: Harry Reid Compares GOP Budget to Deadly Nepal Earthquake

4/30/2015 - Hillary Clinton will Continue to Take Foreign Donations

4/30/2015 - VIDEO: White House Dodges Clinton Foundation Scandal

4/29/2015 - Clinton Foundation Donor Boeing Won’t Release E-mails about Russia Deal

4/29/2015 - VIDEO: MSNBC’s Hot Takes on the Baltimore Riot

4/29/2015 - NFL is No Longer Tax-Exempt

4/29/2015 - ISIS looks to Expand in Tunisia

4/29/2015 - WATCH: State Department Declines to Condemn Iran Boarding a Foreign Cargo Ship

4/29/2015 - Baltimore Curfew Limits Violence

4/29/2015 - Lois Lerner E-mails Have Been Found, Watchdog Says

4/29/2015 - VIDEO: CNN Anchor says U.S. Veterans are Helping in the Baltimore Riots, Apologized Today

4/29/2015 - Bernie Sanders 2016: A Headache for Hillary Clinton

4/29/2015 - Iran Fires at Cargo Ship, then Boards It

4/29/2015 - Nigeria Rescues 200 Girls

4/28/2015 - Obama: Baltimore Rioters should be Treated as Criminals

4/28/2015 - Did Ferguson Outrage Lead to Baltimore Police Backing Down to Rioters?

4/28/2015 - Baltimore Mayor Claims Her Remarks were Taken Out of Context

4/28/2015 - Obama Reacts Late to Baltimore Riots

4/28/2015 - Marc Lamont Hill says Riots are an “UPRISING”

4/28/2015 - Nigerian Military Rescues about 200 Girls, 93 Women

4/28/2015 - Recap of the Baltimore Riots

4/27/2015 - Indonesia gives Drug Smugglers a 72-Hour Execution Notice

4/27/2015 - America’s Fixed-Rail Metro Model is Just Old and Flawed

4/27/2015 - Businesses Say They Can’t Find Qualified Workers

4/27/2015 - Fracking Stirs Controversy in Colorado

4/27/2015 - ObamaCare is Sexist

4/27/2015 - Clinton Foundation Only Spent 10% of Donation Funds on …Charity Work

4/27/2015 - Obama lets Second-Term Anger Out at White House Correspondents Dinner

4/27/2015 - Killing of Hostages Revives Debate on Drone Strikes

4/27/2015 - Oops: Clinton Foundation Discloses $31 Million Donation, Has to Refile Erroneous Tax Filings

4/27/2015 - Israel Hits Assad, Hezbollah Targets in Syria and Lebanon

4/27/2015 - U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Arguments on Gay Marriage

4/26/2015 - Freddie Gray Protests Stopped Spectators at Baseball Game from Leaving

4/26/2015 - Earthquake Hits Nepal, Killing More than 2,200

4/26/2015 - Report: Brian Williams Lied at least 6 Times

4/26/2015 - Baltimore Freddie Gray Protests Turn Violent Downtown

4/25/2015 - Hillary Clinton Once Blasted Obama for Negotiating Backroom Deals

4/25/2015 - New York Times Defends Obama’s Drone Strikes Policy, which Killed 2 Hostages

4/25/2015 - Reed Irvine Awards: Judge Jeanine Pirro, Congressman Lamar Smith and Chris Plante Receive Awards

4/25/2015 - VIDEO: Now CNN says the Clinton Foundation Scandal “isn’t going away”

4/25/2015 - Boomer Esiason, ex-NFL QB, Blasts Alma Mater’s Decision to Not Screen ‘American Sniper’

4/25/2015 - University of Maryland Cancels Screening of ‘American Sniper’

4/25/2015 - WATCH: White House Blames “Conservative Authors” for Fueling Clinton Foundation Scandal

4/25/2015 - VIDEO: The Clinton Foundation Scandal Isn’t Going Away, says Liberal Media

4/24/2015 - The GOP Should Punish John Kasich for Expanding ObamaCare in Ohio

4/24/2015 - Gowdy vs. Hillary Clinton: Benghazi Panel calls Hillary to Testify in May

4/24/2015 - Dept of Defense Chief Admits Network was Hacked by Russians

4/24/2015 - Judge Orders Somali Minnesota Men to be Held in ISIS Trials

4/24/2015 - Petraeus Gets Off Easy, 2 Year Probation Plus a $100,000 Fine for Leaking Intel

4/24/2015 - White House admits a Drone Strike Killed 2 Hostages

4/24/2015 - Sketchy Bill Clinton: Swapped Uranium with Russia for Donations

4/24/2015 - WATCH: New York Times Reporter says Clinton Allies Live to “Misdirect” Attacks on Hillary

4/24/2015 - VIDEO: White House Won’t Say if Hillary Clinton Broke Disclosure Guidelines that Obama Set

4/24/2015 - Pro-Life Activists want Congress to Revive Ban on Abortions after 5 Months

4/23/2015 - Not Good: VA Hospital Switched Meds for Older Drugs to Cut Costs

4/23/2015 - GOP Courting Jewish Donors after Obama’s Pro-Iran Deal

4/23/2015 - After MSNBC’s Trumped-Up Scandal, can Chris Christie Revive 2016 Hopes?

4/23/2015 - French Terror Suspect Shot Himself, Terror Plot Revealed

4/23/2015 - ACLU Sues to Force Catholic Groups to Provide Abortion for Illegal Immigrants

4/23/2015 - VIDEO: Witness to Communism Series: Story of Hungarian Gold Medalist Daniel Magay

4/23/2015 - VIDEO: Watch MSNBC’s Tax Cheats Lecture Us on Taxes

4/23/2015 - Liberal Media Fact Checkers Won’t Fact Check Obama’s Less-War-Today Comments

4/23/2015 - Clinton Foundation Donor Sold Pipelines to Iran while Hillary was at State Dept

4/23/2015 - Obama’s IRS didn’t help Taxpayers but Gave Bonuses to Employees

4/23/2015 - Obama facing Democratic Backlash over Trade Deal

4/22/2015 - Earth Day Founder Loved Earth Day So Much He Killed His Girlfriend and Composted Her

4/22/2015 - Obama’s Earth Day Trip Emits 5 Times More Emissions than Average American

4/22/2015 - Hillary Clinton Uses Messengers to Tell Her Message

4/22/2015 - DEA Chief to Step Down and Congress will Investigate Intel Leaks due to Sex Parties

4/22/2015 - State Department says There Have Been Hacking Attacks on their Network

4/22/2015 - Bill Nye the Science Guy Celebrates Earth Day with Air Force One Flight

4/22/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Supporter says He Knows Her Positions, Then Admits He Doesn’t

4/22/2015 - Obama says There’s Less War than During the Cold War

4/22/2015 - Baltimore Police Officers Suspended in Probe related to Suspect’s Fatal Spine Injury

4/22/2015 - Mother of Ukrainian Pilot Held Captive in Russia is Seeking International Help

4/21/2015 - Pew Poll finds Gun Rights beats out Gun Control in the U.S.

4/21/2015 - China Warns Hillary Clinton to Not Be Critical of Them in a Newspaper Article

4/21/2015 - UC-Riverside has a Class on Israeli Apartheid, Condemned as Anti-Semitic by Pro-Israel Groups

4/21/2015 - FBI Director Upsets Poland over Holocaust Remarks

4/21/2015 - Egypt’s Former President Morsi Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison

4/21/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton Criticizes Obama’s Handling of the Economy

4/21/2015 - Uber Driver Stops Chicago Gunman who Fired Into a Crowd

4/21/2015 - VIDEO: 88 Times Hillary Clinton said “Mmm Hmm” to New Hampshire Workers

4/21/2015 - AIM Editor Cited on Declining Status of MSNBC

4/20/2015 - GOP could end Sequestration and Increase Spending

4/20/2015 - Who?! Ohio Governor Kasich says He’s Looking at GOP 2016 Bid

4/20/2015 - Buzzfeed Deleted Posts Critical of its Ad Partners after Internal Pressure

4/20/2015 - EU Suing Google is a Distraction from Economic Downturn

4/20/2015 - Wall Street Journal: ObamaCare is Leading to Hospital Monopolies

4/20/2015 - Obama’s Amnesty Order Affects Over 4 Million Legal Immigrants

4/20/2015 - Democrats Lining Up to Take On Hillary in 2016

4/20/2015 - Yemen’s Rebel Leader Refuses to Back Down as Saudi Arabia continues Airstrikes

4/20/2015 - ISIS Murders Ethiopian Christians

4/19/2015 - Loretta Lynch Nomination Delay is “Crazy,” says Obama

4/19/2015 - U.S. could’ve Saved Millions on Charter Flights for Illegals

4/19/2015 - More VA Scandals Emerge in Report

4/19/2015 - Univision vs. Marco Rubio: Hispanic Media Biased

4/18/2015 - Study: Liberals close to area like Keystone XL Pipeline

4/18/2015 - ISIS Claims First Attack in Afghanistan

4/18/2015 - Obama’s Immigration Order Blocked by Courts; Activists Lament

4/18/2015 - Texas Close to Passing Statewide Open Carry Law

4/18/2015 - Mexico Hazardous Radioactive Material Stolen

4/18/2015 - MSNBC says Hillary Clinton’s ‘Control Freakishness” Creates Unnatural Feel of Campaign

4/18/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Drove Past Elderly People in Wheelchairs at an Event

4/17/2015 - The Democrats’ 2016 Bench is Really Old

4/17/2015 - Carly Fiorina says the Pro-Life Movement is Winning the Battle, for now

4/17/2015 - House passes Bill to End Death Tax

4/17/2015 - DHS is the Worst Place to Work in Government, Again

4/17/2015 - ISIS’s Push forces 2,000 Families to Flee Ramadi

4/17/2015 - Melissa Harris-Perry and Husband Owe IRS Taxes

4/17/2015 - VIDEO: Oh the Irony when Hillary Clinton Blasts Big Money but wants to Fundraise Billions

4/17/2015 - VIDEO: Even MSNBC says Hillary Clinton’s Iowa Events Feel Staged

4/17/2015 - VIDEO: MSNBC says Hillary isn’t used to Buying Stuff for Herself

4/17/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary Clinton’s Magically Changing Accents

4/17/2015 - Migrant Dispute Leads to Muslim Migrants Pushing Christians Off Boat

4/17/2015 - Joint Chiefs Knew Bergdahl Deserted the Base in 2009

4/16/2015 - VIDEO: White House Ditched Kerry on Iran Deal

4/16/2015 - Israel Permits Palestinian Medical Workers, Doctors to Drive Own Cars into Israel

4/16/2015 - Audit finds $38 Million Farming Program has been Mismanaged

4/16/2015 - VIDEO: Ad Hits Hillary Clinton on Her Support of the Ex-Im Bank

4/16/2015 - VIDEO: So Far, Hillary Clinton has had a “Substance-Free” Campaign

4/16/2015 - Ebony Magazine: Hillary Clinton needs to Mend Fences with Black Community

4/16/2015 - Even with Hillary running, Clinton Foundation will Continue to Accept Foreign Donations

4/16/2015 - Iran will get Chinese Nuclear Plants Soon

4/15/2015 - DEA Chief: I Can’t Fire Agents Involved in Cartel-Funded Sex Parties

4/15/2015 - Hillary Clinton Ignored 2012 Letter from Congress over Secret E-mails

4/15/2015 - Joe Biden Thinks He Could Challenge Hillary Clinton

4/15/2015 - Seattle Phasing in Higher Minimum Wage and Makes Eating Out More Expensive

4/15/2015 - Poll: Hillary Clinton Not Trusted in Battleground States, by a thread

4/15/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary Clinton’s Anti-Big Money Campaign Exposes Her as a Hypocrite

4/15/2015 - VIDEO: Iowans Wonder Why Hillary Clinton Didn’t Even Talk to Them

4/15/2015 - VIDEO: No One could Figure Out Why Hillary Clinton is Running Again

4/15/2015 - VIDEO: Liberal Media Runs After Hillary Clinton’s Van

4/15/2015 - SEIU Wants In, Set to Protest McDonald’s for Higher Minimum Wage

4/14/2015 - Jordan’s King Abdullah II says Airstrikes are Ramping Up in Syria, Iraq

4/14/2015 - One Year Anniversary of Abduction of Nigerian Girls & #BringBackOurGirls Online Stand

4/14/2015 - Cuba Deal Doesn’t Lead to Better Human Rights Conditions in Latin America

4/14/2015 - Russia Opens Missile Sales to Iran, Obama White House says it’s a Red Line

4/14/2015 - China is Building Up Their Navy Quickly, Warns U.S. Military

4/14/2015 - VIDEO: MSNBC’s Morning Joe says Hillary Clinton is ‘the Same Show’ and Live in a Bubble

4/14/2015 - VIDEO: CNN Anchors Laugh at Hillary Clinton Pumping Her Own Gas

4/14/2015 - VIDEO: Andrea Mitchell says Hillary Runs Away from State Dept Record due to ‘A Lot of Missteps”

4/14/2015 - VIDEO: Marco Rubio throws hat into the 2016 GOP Ring

4/13/2015 - Maryland ‘free range kids’: Parents Not Told Their Kids were Picked Up by Child Services for 3 Hours

4/13/2015 - Anti-Clinton Posters Pop Up in New York City, Las Vegas

4/13/2015 - Marco Rubio Declares He’s Running in 2016

4/13/2015 - U.S. to Share Intelligence with Saudis in Yemen during Proxy War

4/13/2015 - Birth Control Pills Creating a Race of Eunuchs?

4/13/2015 - Turkey Upset Pope Francis made Remarks about Armenian Genocide

4/13/2015 - VIDEO: Iowans Unsure of Supporting Hillary Clinton after Bad 2008 Primary

4/13/2015 - Not Ready for Hillary: Take a Look at Her Logo

4/13/2015 - John Kerry tells Critics to ‘Hold Their Fire’ until a Final Deal is Made

4/12/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Aide Huma Abedin to be Investigated

4/12/2015 - Obama Meets Cuba Dictator Raul Castro at Summit

4/12/2015 - Elizabeth Warren wants to Expand Social Security

4/12/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Secret Networks and Connections: An Interactive Graphic

4/12/2015 - Hillary Clinton will Announce 2016 Bid Today

4/11/2015 - Ted Cruz could Unveil an ObamaCare Alternative

4/11/2015 - Rand Paul’s Iran Flip-Flop Excuse is Irrational

4/11/2015 - Thanks, Obama: NRA Revenue Jumped 35% from Last Year

4/11/2015 - Obama: When I Leave Office, I’m going to go “Island Hopping”

4/11/2015 - VA Settles 3 More Whistleblower Retaliation Cases

4/10/2015 - China continues to Build Artificial Islands in Territory Disputes

4/10/2015 - Conservatives are In Hiding in Silicon Valley

4/10/2015 - VIDEO: Elizabeth Warren says Hillary Clinton needs to Clarify Positions

4/10/2015 - Poll: Looks like Hillary Clinton’s Numbers are Falling

4/10/2015 - ISIS: Ransom for Christian Hostages is $30 Million, or $10,000 per person

4/10/2015 - VIDEO: State Dept Can’t Spin Iran’s Accusation that Obama is ‘Lying’ about Nukes Deal

4/10/2015 - Rand Paul Exposes One-Sided Abortion Rhetoric from Liberal Media

4/10/2015 - Obama Abandons 41 Americans in Yemen, Stuck Without a Way Out

4/10/2015 - VIDEO: 28 Times Obama said He Won’t Allow Iran to Get a Nuclear Bomb

4/10/2015 - Ready for Hillary? She May Declare 2016 Campaign This Weekend

4/10/2015 - Iran Leaders Blast Obama’s Nuke Deal, Want More Concessions

4/10/2015 - Obama is Considering the Removal of Cuba from Terrorism List

4/9/2015 - Gang Raids Nab 1,200 People and Weapons

4/9/2015 - Border Tunnel Discovered: Mexican Military Halts Drug Tunnel Construction along Border

4/9/2015 - U.S. Military sees China’s Submarines as a Security Threat

4/9/2015 - Michigan Union uses Photo ID to Avoid Right to Work Laws

4/9/2015 - Iran says the New Iran ‘Deal’ is Unacceptable

4/9/2015 - VIDEO: State Dept Downplays Obama Criticism by Former Secretaries of State

4/9/2015 - VIDEO: Obama Blames Global Warming for Daughter’s Asthma

4/9/2015 - VIDEO: After Harry Reid’s Retirement, Democrats say Nancy Pelosi should Go

4/9/2015 - Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev found Guilty

4/8/2015 - Arkansas Veterans Affairs Hospital Tears Down $8 Million Solar Panels

4/8/2015 - VIDEO: CNN’s Jake Tapper says he was Stunned that White House Staffers would Reveal Secrets

4/8/2015 - VIDEO: CNN says Democrats are Skeptical of Obama’s Iran Deal as well

4/8/2015 - John McCain will Run for his 6th Term in the Senate

4/8/2015 - Federal Judge Denies Obama’s Dept of Justice Request to Lift Freeze on Amnesty Order

4/8/2015 - Utah City doesn’t like Kid’s Cardboard Castle, Threatens a Fine

4/8/2015 - Obama: Well, Iran could Develop a Nuclear Bomb after Deal Expires

4/8/2015 - Dear Hillary Clinton: Your Husband, Bill, Passed RFRA Laws back in the Day

4/8/2015 - VIDEO: MSNBC notes Democrats could have Buyer’s Remorse with Hillary Clinton

4/8/2015 - Hillary Clinton Tweets Support for Human Rights in China, but Her Sec of State Record on That is Mixed

4/8/2015 - Rand Paul: Let’s Defeat the Washington Machine in 2016

4/8/2015 - ObamaCare hasn’t Cut Premium Costs at all

4/7/2015 - GOP and Democrats Oppose UN Arms Treaty

4/7/2015 - Obama’s Push will Lead to Labor Blitz on Employers

4/7/2015 - Swing States want to Legalize Marijuana

4/7/2015 - More Anti-Semitism: Swastikas Painted at Northeastern University

4/7/2015 - Puerto Ricans may get Disability Benefits for Speaking … Spanish?

4/7/2015 - VIDEO: Former Spy Chief says Hillary’s E-mails were Monitored

4/7/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary’s Campaign ‘Haunted’ by 2008 Flop

4/7/2015 - UVa Fraternity to Sue Rolling Stone for “Reckless” Defamation

4/7/2015 - Rand Paul joins the GOP 2016 Field

4/6/2015 - ObamaCare for Newly-Released Inmates!

4/6/2015 - Columbia Journalism Publishes Investigation of Rolling Stone UVa Story

4/6/2015 - Closing Arguments in Boston Marathon Bomber Case

4/6/2015 - U.S. Ambassador Barred from Official Visits by Czech President over Obama’s Russian Policy

4/6/2015 - Bobby Jindal: We Need Religious Freedom Laws to Protect Christian Business from Discrimination

4/6/2015 - What would Hillary Clinton do about ObamaCare?

4/6/2015 - Experts say that Verifying Iran’s Side of the Deal isn’t Possible

4/6/2015 - Kenya conducts Airstrikes against Somalia’s al-Shabab Terrorists after College Massacre

4/6/2015 - Rolling Stone Retracts UVa Gang Rape Hoax Story

4/5/2015 - Liz Warren: We Have No Other Choice But to Negotiate with Iran

4/5/2015 - Lebanon’s Hezbollah calls Iran Deal a “Victory”

4/5/2015 - California’s Water War and Woes Continue

4/5/2015 - Obama doesn’t try to Free 3 Imprisoned Americans in Iran

4/5/2015 - Government Program would Fly Illegal Immigrant Children to U.S. for Free

4/5/2015 - Top Public Employee Union Donated to Left, Democratic Causes

4/4/2015 - A New Ad Calls for Better, Stronger American Leadership, not Obama’s Weakness

4/4/2015 - Secret Service Accused of Leaking Info on GOP Congressman’s Job Rejection from 2003

4/4/2015 - E-mails from Oregon’s Ex-First Lady showed She Influenced Policy

4/4/2015 - Veteran Group Sues State Dept over Benghazi E-mails that were Withheld

4/4/2015 - Obama’s Dept of Labor doesn’t get $60 Million in Back Wages to Low-Wage Workers

4/4/2015 - CBS Employee Silent after She Flagged Memories Pizza GoFundMe Crowdfund

4/4/2015 - Thanks, Obama: Weak Economy Worries Analysts

4/4/2015 - Obama’s Iran Deal is a Framework, Still Needs Negotiating Final Terms

4/4/2015 - Memories Pizza gets over $842,000 in Crowdfunding Campaign

4/3/2015 - Democratic Senator Robert Menendez Indicted on Corruption Charges

4/3/2015 - Iran Brags about U.S. Concessions in Nukes Deal

4/3/2015 - Crowdfunding Helps Memories Pizza Hits $740K and Closes Tonight!

4/3/2015 - Ground Troops Move into Aden to Stop Houthi Rebels Advance in Yemeni City

4/3/2015 - Joe Biden: U.S. only Supports Human Rights if it’s Politically Feasible

4/3/2015 - Update: 147 Killed by Islamist Terrorists at Kenya’s Garissa University

4/3/2015 - Hillary Clinton May Be Skirting Election Laws without Declaring 2016 Bid

4/3/2015 - Warren Buffett, anti-Super PAC Billionaire, Mistakenly Donated to a Pro-Hillary Clinton Super PAC

4/3/2015 - VIDEO: Las Vegas Columnist says He was Shocked when Editor Killed His Harry Reid Piece

4/3/2015 - VIDEO: Even Andrea Mitchell says Iran is “running circles” around Kerry

4/3/2015 - Iran says Obama Lied about U.S. Concessions in Nukes Deal

4/2/2015 - Veterans Affairs Director Mislead GOP Senator on Contaminated Drugs

4/2/2015 - United Nations says 25,000 Plus Foreigners are Fighting with ISIS in Middle East

4/2/2015 - Indiana Set to Pass Anti-Discrimination Law after Media Outcry and Lies about RFRA

4/2/2015 - Only in Portland: Airport to Retire their Carpet, Locals Lament It

4/2/2015 - Kerry agrees to Lifting Sanctions on Iran, Reports Say

4/2/2015 - 1 out of 3 SEIU Dollars go to Overhead, Politics

4/2/2015 - Las Vegas Paper Silenced Columnist’s Criticism of Harry Reid’s Romney Tax Lies

4/2/2015 - VIDEO: Israel’s Netanyahu Blasts Iran Talks led by John Kerry

4/2/2015 - VIDEO: Obama Won’t Condemn Harry Reid for Lies about Mitt Romney’s Taxes

4/2/2015 - VIDEO: Even MSNBC said Hillary Clinton’s Private E-mail Server “Routed Around” the Law

4/2/2015 - Kerry almost working alone in Iran Nukes Deal as China, France, Russia Leaves Talks

4/2/2015 - Somali Islamist Terrorists Kill at least 15 People at Kenya University

4/2/2015 - AIM Editor on “Tom Brown Show” About VA Scandal

4/1/2015 - Ha! George Soros-Owned Restaurant Sued for Unfair Wages

4/1/2015 - Hillary Clinton will have to Testify in Court over Private E-mails, says former U.S. Attorney

4/1/2015 - 22 States have Rejected Medicaid Expansion

4/1/2015 - Benghazi Committee asks for a “Transcribed” Interview with Hillary Clinton

4/1/2015 - Obama lifts Hold on Delivering Military Aid to Egypt

4/1/2015 - Media’s Heads Explode after Arkansas passes RFRA Law, Similar to Indiana’s

4/1/2015 - Clinton Foundation Director was also a State Dept Aide at the Same Time

4/1/2015 - Netanyahu: The World Needs a “Better Deal” with Iran

4/1/2015 - Reporters Join In on Slamming Indiana’s RFRA Law, Exposing Biases

4/1/2015 - VIDEO: Former Attorney says Hillary Knew She was Violating the Law with Personal E-mail Use

4/1/2015 - Harry Reid admits He’s Proud He Slandered Mitt Romney on Taxes

4/1/2015 - Americans want Voting to be Easier, but Not Mandatory

4/1/2015 - Supreme Court nixes Case over ObamaCare ‘Death Panels’

March 2015

3/31/2015 - Marco Rubio to challenge America in 2016 Bid

3/31/2015 - Israel Shows Off Newest Submarine in light of Possible Iran Deal

3/31/2015 - Obama’s Cuba Reset doesn’t Sit Well with Americans

3/31/2015 - Iran Refuses to Give Up Nukes

3/31/2015 - Hotel for Michelle Obama’s Cambodia Visit: $242,500 Tab

3/31/2015 - So Many Media Lies in the Indiana RFRA ‘Controversy’

3/31/2015 - NSA Security Shoots 2 Men, Killing 1 and Injuring Another after Security Breach

3/31/2015 - State Department: No Consequences for Iran after Missing Deadline

3/31/2015 - Hillary Clinton Lied about Benghazi Documents, so Why Believe Her Now?

3/31/2015 - VIDEO: “Even the Most Ardent” Clinton Supporter has to be Worried about E-mail Server Wipe

3/31/2015 - VIDEO: “The Biggest Danger” of an Iran Deal is a Middle East Nuclear Arms Race

3/31/2015 - Trey Gowdy: Hillary Clinton Wiped E-mails from October – December 2014

3/30/2015 - U.S. Signed Agreement with Mexico, 2 Other Countries, to Teach Immigrants Labor Organizing

3/30/2015 - Chuck Schumer replaces Harry Reid at Democratic Party Leadership Senate Post

3/30/2015 - Obama Mocks Hillary Clinton, says Founders Liked “New Blood” in Politics

3/30/2015 - Iran Starts Regional War with Sunni Muslims

3/30/2015 - Ex-Maryland Democratic Governor O’Malley Thinks He’s a 2016 Candidate

3/30/2015 - Spies May Have Seized Hillary Clinton’s E-mails

3/30/2015 - Indiana Governor Mike Pence: Media Created a “Red Herring” with RFRA Outrage

3/30/2015 - Carly Fiorina: “Higher than 90% Chance” She’ll Run in 2016

3/30/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary Clinton is Not the “Best Choice” for America, says Ex-Governor O’Malley

3/30/2015 - Hillary’s Advisor, Huma Abedin, Worked for Gov’t AND a Private Consulting Company

3/30/2015 - Have Questions about Indiana’s RFRA? The Federalist has Answers

3/30/2015 - Iran Makes Bold Move, Asks for More Concessions

3/29/2015 - SalesForce CEO Blasts Indiana for RFRA, but Does Business in Communist China

3/29/2015 - Hey Liberals: Bill Clinton Signed a RFRA Bill First, but Where’s the Outrage?

3/29/2015 - Obama Admin Racing Against the Clock to Finish Iran Nukes Deal

3/29/2015 - Indiana’s RFRA doesn’t Discriminate against Gays

3/29/2015 - Indiana Governor supports Clarifying Religious Objections Law

3/29/2015 - Actress Apologizes to Cops after Accusing them of Racial Profiling

3/28/2015 - University of Oklahoma Disciplines 25 Students Involved in Racist Chant

3/28/2015 - Judge Strikes Down Coercive Union Dues in Wisconsin

3/28/2015 - New York Times questions if GOP is More Loyal to Israel than America

3/28/2015 - VIDEO: Allies No Longer Trust U.S., Fear Secrets will be Leaked to Iran

3/28/2015 - Somali Special Forces Storm al-Shabab-held Hotel in Mogadishu

3/28/2015 - Nebraska State Senator Won’t Apologize for Saying Cops are like ISIS Terrorists

3/28/2015 - Hillary Clinton Wiped All Her E-mails, says GOP’s Gowdy

3/28/2015 - DEA Sex Scandal in Colombia Highlights Pervasive Cultural Problem

3/28/2015 - VIDEO: Obama White House won’t say if Obama Respects Netanyahu like Putin

3/27/2015 - Syrian Chlorine Gas Attack to be Investigated by Int’l Chemical Body

3/27/2015 - Anti-Common Core Measure Passes in the Senate

3/27/2015 - Scott Walker Didn’t Walk Back Immigration Comments

3/27/2015 - GOP-Controlled Senate Passes a Budget

3/27/2015 - House GOP asks Obama White House for Bergdahl Prisoner Swap Documents

3/27/2015 - The Clintons Refused to Return Money from a Sketchy Iran-tied Donor

3/27/2015 - Obama threatens U.S. Allies for Dissenting on their Iran Nukes Deal

3/27/2015 - VIDEO: Retired General says White House Knew Bergdahl Deserted His Post

3/27/2015 - VIDEO: Bergdahl is “Lucky” No One is Talking about the Death Penalty for Treason

3/27/2015 - Harry Reid to Retire and Not Seek Re-Election

3/27/2015 - VIDEO: CBS Poll finds Hillary Clinton’s Ratings Took Hit from E-mail Scandal

3/26/2015 - Hillary Clinton says How Bowe Bergdahl Disappeared Doesn’t Matter

3/26/2015 - House GOP approves Repeal of Death Tax

3/26/2015 - Harry Reid More Involved in China-Las Vegas Visa Deal than Previously Thought

3/26/2015 - Veterans Affairs Construction Chief Retires after $1 Billion Disaster

3/26/2015 - Liberal Think Tank Finds Only 5 Positive Things about ObamaCare

3/26/2015 - Hillary Clinton has Ties to Nigerian Donor, May Have Influence Boko Haram Designation as Terrorists

3/26/2015 - Congress Moves to End Federal Gov’t Resistance to FOIA Requests

3/26/2015 - VIDEO: Remember when Obama Defended Bergdahl Swap?

3/26/2015 - U.S. Army to Charge Bowe Bergdahl with Desertion

3/26/2015 - Saudi Arabia Launches Airstrikes against Yemen Rebels

3/25/2015 - U.S. paid up to $37 Million to Subsidize Housing for Unqualified Tenants

3/25/2015 - Obama wants to Create New ObamaCare Network of Providers

3/25/2015 - Experts: Too Many Holes in Obama’s Nukes Deal with Iran

3/25/2015 - Media Fairness Caucus Newsletter – March 24, 2015

3/25/2015 - Chuck Norris: Let’s Keep the A-10 Warthog in Service

3/25/2015 - GOP Frontrunners May Be the Last Ones Standing after 2016 Primaries

3/25/2015 - Hurricane Sandy Relief Money went to Underground Marijuana Lab

3/25/2015 - Media Attacks Ted Cruz for Enrolling in ObamaCare, but Forget It’s Mandatory for Americans

3/25/2015 - Obama’s Amnesty Executive Order will be Heard on April 17 at Appeals Court

3/25/2015 - Yemen’s President Flees Temporary Capital as Rebels Seize More Territory

3/25/2015 - VIDEO: State Dept Can’t Explain Why “Death to America” Chants aren’t a Big Deal for Obama

3/25/2015 - VIDEO: Even the French are Upset over Obama’s Iran Deal, says Charles Krauthammer

3/25/2015 - DHS Official Improperly Influenced Visas for a Business Deal by Hillary Clinton’s Brother

3/25/2015 - Israel, U.S. cooperated in joint operation to kill Top Hezbollah Terrorist

3/24/2015 - Supreme Court turns away Challenge to Wisconsin Voter ID Laws

3/24/2015 - Obama slows U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan

3/24/2015 - Operation Choke Point will be Focus of Congressional Hearings

3/24/2015 - Seattle Restaurants: The $15 Wage Hike will Lead to Hours, Staff Cuts

3/24/2015 - Susan Rice Twitter Fail: Mourns Author who Died 2 Years Ago

3/24/2015 - Illinois Gov’t Workers Sue to End Mandatory Union Dues

3/24/2015 - Good: Deadline Passes without a Iran Deal

3/24/2015 - White House: Yes, Yemen is Still a Model for Counterterrorism even in Civil War

3/24/2015 - VIDEO: State Dept Won’t Mention Iran-Backed Civil War in Yemen during Nuke Talks

3/24/2015 - 57% of Americans want Obama’s Successor to Repeal His Policies

3/24/2015 - VIDEO: White House Offended by Israel, but Don’t Care for Iran’s “Death to America” Chants

3/24/2015 - More Reason to Scrap It: Widespread Confusion over ObamaCare Subsidies and Tax Refunds

3/24/2015 - VIDEO: State Depart Won’t Fact Check New York Times’ Debunking Hillary’s E-mail Claims

3/24/2015 - Ted Cruz: The Anti-ObamaCare Candidate

3/24/2015 - Democrats say ObamaCare Small Business Rule will Hurt Businesses, Duh!

3/23/2015 - Obama Launches Passionate Defense of ObamaCare, Ignoring Polls and Reality

3/23/2015 - Hey Democrats, ObamaCare Hasn’t Aged Well

3/23/2015 - Democrats’ Message for 2016: Protect ObamaCare

3/23/2015 - Obama: Don’t Pay College Athletes

3/23/2015 - Not Comforting: U.S. Boosts Military Presence in Persian Gulf as Iran Nukes Deal Edges Closer

3/23/2015 - Starbucks Ditches #RaceTogether Campaign after Social Media Backlash

3/23/2015 - Obama’s “Success”: Yemen, Once Hailed by Obama, now Descending into Civil War

3/23/2015 - Jeb Bush Advisor gives Keynote Address to anti-Israel Group

3/23/2015 - Ted Cruz announces 2016 Bid via Twitter

3/23/2015 - VIDEO: Obama blames Social Media, 24-Hour News Cycle for Hyping Crises under His Watch

3/22/2015 - Obama’s Fracking Rules Make It Tough to Frack

3/22/2015 - Thanks, ObamaCare: Nearly 100,000 Americans waiting for Correct Tax Forms

3/22/2015 - Obama calls on GOP to Confirm his AG Nominee Loretta Lynch

3/22/2015 - The French say “No Bomb” as U.S. and Kerry like Iran Nukes Deal

3/22/2015 - Alaskan TV Activist, former Reporter who Quit on air, has Pot Club Raided

3/22/2015 - Obama withdraws U.S. Troops from Yemen as Civil War Rages

3/22/2015 - Without Liz Warren, Martin O’Malley tries to go to the Left of Hillary

3/22/2015 - Frenemies? Obama criticizes Israel’s Netanyahu over Comments

3/22/2015 - Ted Cruz to announce for 2016 White House Bid on Monday

3/21/2015 - Secret Service ‘Scandal’ is Grotesque, says Dan Bongino, former agent

3/21/2015 - South Korea blames North Korea for Nuclear Facility Cyberattack

3/21/2015 - Congress: If Obama pushes Iran Deal to the U.N., We’ll Cut Funding

3/21/2015 - Bill Clinton is Unpopular in Haiti due to Handling of Donations, says WaPo

3/21/2015 - DOJ Lawyers say Hillary Clinton shouldn’t turn over Her Private Server

3/21/2015 - Gowdy, Benghazi Investigation ask Hillary Clinton to Hand Over Private Server

3/21/2015 - Machete-Wielding Man Shot after Charging TSA Agents at New Orleans Airport

3/20/2015 - U.S. goes ahead and Trains 750 Ukrainian Troops as Rebels could break Cease-fire

3/20/2015 - Texas Federal Judge could put Obama’s Amnesty on Hold

3/20/2015 - National Archives want Answers from State Dept. on Hillary Clinton’s E-mails

3/20/2015 - Monica Lewinsky Blasts Shaming, Talks about Her Past

3/20/2015 - Netanyahu will be Firm on Israel’s Security, Won’t Back Down to Iran

3/20/2015 - MSNBC admits Hillary Clinton Makes News at Paid Speeches and on Twitter

3/20/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Favorability Drops in Latest Poll among Independents

3/20/2015 - Hillary Clinton says America Needs to Fix the “Fun Deficit”, have Adult Camps

3/20/2015 - Iran Nuclear Talks at a Standstill over Ending Sanctions

3/20/2015 - Poll: 90% of Americans say Hillary Clinton Knew What She Did with the E-mails

3/20/2015 - A Clinton Foundation Health Charity Stopped Releasing Donor Names in 2010

3/20/2015 - ISIS claims Responsibility for Tunisia Museum Attacks that Killed Foreign Tourists

3/19/2015 - Secret Service may have Destroyed White House Surveillance Tape

3/19/2015 - U.S. Drone Strike Kills al Shabab Terrorist Leader behind Kenya Mall Attack

3/19/2015 - In Iraq, Iran deployed Rocket and Missile Batteries to Fight ISIS

3/19/2015 - New Hampshire Dems Critical of Hillary’s Handling of Email Account

3/19/2015 - Relatives Remember 1992 Bombing of Israeli Embassy in Argentina

3/19/2015 - Dick Durbin Claims GOP’s Stalling of Loretta Lynch is Racist

3/19/2015 - After Netanyahu’s Win, CBS calls him “The Comeback Kid”

3/19/2015 - Obama says He Should’ve Closed Guantanamo Bay on Day One

3/19/2015 - Obama’s ATF Bullet Ban received over 310,000 Comments, a Huge Number

3/19/2015 - Krauthammer: It’s Clear Obama “Loathes” Israel’s Netanyahu

3/19/2015 - Terrorists Take Foreigners Hostage, Kill 19 People at a Tunisia Museum

3/18/2015 - Federal Government Loves Avoiding FOIA Requests

3/18/2015 - Obama’s Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch may not make it past the Senate

3/18/2015 - Obama insists America loves ObamaCare, but Polls say No

3/18/2015 - Buzzfeed Writer Goofs, Thinks Ahmadinejad is Still in Charge of Iran (Hint: He’s Not)

3/18/2015 - Don’t Get Iowa Mad: Tweet stirs up Angst, forces out Newly-Hired Aide to Scott Walker

3/18/2015 - Pro-Life Groups Criticize Democrats for Stalling Human Trafficking Bill

3/18/2015 - Aaron Schock, GOP Congressman, Resigns amid Money and Ethics Scandal

3/18/2015 - Democrats are Now Looking at Al Gore in 2016? No, Seriously.

3/18/2015 - State Department: What Hillary Clinton Separation Form? We don’t have it!

3/18/2015 - Netanyahu Wins and Obama Loses (again)

3/18/2015 - Teachers’ Union Boss Knew about Hillary Clinton’s Private E-mails

3/17/2015 - Japan Readying to Counter North Korea as U.S. Cowers

3/17/2015 - Watchdog to NASCAR: Stop Funding Al Sharpton

3/17/2015 - Secret Service Director Grilled by Congress after Series of Scandals

3/17/2015 - Hillary Clinton didn’t Help Human Rights in China while at State Dept.

3/17/2015 - House GOP Budget to Repeal ObamaCare

3/17/2015 - Harry Reid Blocks Sex Trafficking Bill due to Abortion Provision

3/17/2015 - Putin: Russia was Ready to Use Nukes over Crimea

3/17/2015 - VIDEO: State Dept. “assumes” it will redact Personal E-mails from Hillary’s Stash

3/17/2015 - White House: Petraeus is still advising on ISIS even after a Guilty Plea for Leaking Classified Info

3/17/2015 - Hillary Clinton Ducks Question about Filling Out a Required Form related to E-mails, Docs

3/17/2015 - Netanyahu’s Risky Move to Hold an Election starts Today

3/17/2015 - NFL Player Retires after 1 Season due to Fears of Head Injuries

3/16/2015 - AIM Editor on Emailgate

3/16/2015 - Flip Flopping: John Kerry says He’ll Negotiate with Syria’s Assad

3/16/2015 - James Carville says Hillary Clinton probably wanted to Avoid Congress with Secret E-mails

3/16/2015 - Andrea Mitchell Fact Checks the State Dept on Saving Hillary’s E-mails

3/16/2015 - CBS admits Hillary’s E-mail Scandal is Unprecedented

3/16/2015 - Trey Gowdy may Sue to get Access to Hillary Clinton’s E-mail Server

3/16/2015 - Ferguson Protester Arrested in Shooting 2 Cops

3/15/2015 - Illegal Immigrants access Social Security due to Obama’s Amnesty

3/15/2015 - ObamaCare’s Botched Tax Forms a Major Problem

3/15/2015 - Iran: Obama, bypass Congress and get United Nations to Approve Nukes Deal

3/15/2015 - Social Security Waste: 740 Dead People were paid at least $17 Million

3/14/2015 - National Archives: “We Live in Constant Fear” of Obama

3/14/2015 - Scott Walker: U.S. should Provide Lethal Aid/Weapons to Ukraine

3/14/2015 - ISIS accepts Boko Haram’s Pledge for an Alliance

3/14/2015 - Russia’s Putin and His Whereabouts Unknown

3/14/2015 - Hackers find Huge Security Holes in Hillary Clinton’s E-mail Server

3/14/2015 - State Department says E-mails Weren’t Saved under Hillary Clinton

3/13/2015 - New York City Teachers’ Unions will have to face Campbell Brown Lawsuit on Tenure

3/13/2015 - ISIS is using Chlorine Gas Bombs, echoing WWI Tactics

3/13/2015 - Kay Hagan, Bitter and Ousted Democratic North Carolina Senator, Blames Money for Election Loss

3/13/2015 - Social Security Helps the Elderly, but Leaves the Millennials Poorer

3/13/2015 - Democrats Love Abortion Politics So Much They Will Kill a Bipartisan Human Trafficking Bill

3/13/2015 - Hillary Clinton never got a Government Phone, Used Personal Phone for State Department

3/13/2015 - Government Workers could earn up to $27,000 More than Private Sector Workers

3/13/2015 - 52% of Americans Don’t Trust Hillary Clinton after E-mail Scandal

3/13/2015 - State Department is Mum on Hillary Clinton’s E-mails

3/12/2015 - Democrats: Put Pregnant Women on ObamaCare Rolls!

3/12/2015 - Food Interventionists Coming to a Town Near You

3/12/2015 - Obama’s Aloofness about Hillary’s E-mails Fuel the Fire

3/12/2015 - The Democrats’ 2016 Bench is Very Thin

3/12/2015 - POLITICO buried Lois Lerner’s Previous anti-Conservative Prosecution at FEC

3/12/2015 - Barbara Boxer says “Don’t Vote for Her’ if You Don’t Believe Hillary Clinton

3/12/2015 - MSNBC’s Ed Shultz proposes Disarming Police, but before 2 Police Officers Shot in Ferguson, Missouri

3/12/2015 - Sniper Shoots 2 Police Officers during Ferguson Protests

3/12/2015 - NBC Nightly News finds that Hillary Clinton’s E-mail Argument is Deeply Flawed

3/12/2015 - More Democrats are Worried about Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Prospects after E-mail Scandal

3/11/2015 - China Doubles Aid to North Korea to $7 Billion

3/11/2015 - Russia Sends Tanks, U.S. sends Humvees to Ukraine

3/11/2015 - Russia: We Have a Right to Deploy Nuclear Missiles in Crimea

3/11/2015 - Obama’s Nuclear Deal with Iran is “Nonbinding” so Why Negotiate It?

3/11/2015 - Democrat Hopeful Martin O’Malley takes swipe at Hillary Clinton’s E-mail Scandal

3/11/2015 - U.S. Gov’t Not Helping Afghan Interpreters

3/11/2015 - Textbook that Calls Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas a “Fascist” like the Ku Klux Klan will be Destroyed

3/11/2015 - CBS admits Hillary Clinton’s Press Conference raises “Uncomfortable Questions”

3/11/2015 - Iran Declares Pre-Emptive Nukes Talks Victory

3/11/2015 - Hillary Clinton Contradicts Herself on E-mails Scandal

3/11/2015 - Hillary Clinton said Bill Clinton uses E-mail, but Bill said He Doesn’t

3/10/2015 - “At Least Bill [Clinton] was a Good Liar”: Hillary Clinton Drowning in Lies?

3/10/2015 - Obama’s Next Frontier: $100 Million to Fill Tech Talent Shortage

3/10/2015 - White House “Revised” their False Statement on Obama-Hillary E-mails

3/10/2015 - WATCH: State Department Won’t Say if Hillary’s Secret Server was Secure

3/10/2015 - White House: Oops, Obama did E-mail Hillary Clinton after all

3/10/2015 - VIDEO: White House says Hillary Clinton “owns” the E-mail Scandal

3/10/2015 - Thanks, Hillary: State Department will be Swamped with FOIA Lawsuits

3/9/2015 - Obama Sanctions Venezuela, but Not Cuba?

3/9/2015 - George Will: Clintons could Find a Loophole in a Stop Sign

3/9/2015 - Bill Clinton says It’s Good the Clintons take Foreign Donations

3/9/2015 - Not Encouraging: 33% of Federal Executives use Private E-mail on Government Business

3/9/2015 - GOP 2016 Hopefuls go to Iowa’s Ag Summit to Make Their Pitch

3/9/2015 - Trey Gowdy: “Huge Gaps” in Hillary Clinton’s E-mails

3/8/2015 - GOP Hopeful Lindsey Graham says He’s Never Used E-mail