Accuracy in Media

June 2015

6/25/2015 - Text of King v. Burwell decision on ObamaCare Subsidies

6/25/2015 - Supreme Court Upholds ObamaCare, Again, in King v. Burwell

6/25/2015 - House Panel Votes to Defund ObamaCare

6/25/2015 - Thanks, Obama: His Earth Day Flights Cost Taxpayers over $800,000

6/25/2015 - Hillary Clinton Exempted Aide from Disclosure List at State Dept

6/25/2015 - IRS Destroyed Backups of E-mails that Included Lois Lerner’s E-mails

6/25/2015 - Bobby Jindal Declares 2016 GOP Bid

6/24/2015 - Dear Obama: Jonathan Gruber DID have a Big Role in ObamaCare

6/24/2015 - Texas Abortion Clinics to Close

6/24/2015 - Obama’s EPA Chief says Climate Change Deniers are Not Normal

6/24/2015 - Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Overthrow of Egyptian Gov’t

6/24/2015 - ISIS’s Social Media Dominance Proves Hard to Counter

6/24/2015 - Hillary Clinton Silent as Refugee Crisis Explodes

6/24/2015 - VIDEO: Obama’s Defense Secretary says He’s Unsure if Obama will Close Guantanamo Bay

6/24/2015 - Conflict of Interest? Clinton Aide Worked for State Dept AND Middle Eastern Country at the Same Time

6/24/2015 - WATCH: State Dept Admits It’s Combing Through E-mails to See Which Ones Hillary Didn’t Provide

6/24/2015 - Hillary Clinton Brooklyn HQ Rent is $25,000 a Month, Paid for by “Frugal” Clinton Campaign

6/24/2015 - WATCH: Democrat Strategist says Clinton Fundraiser for $2,700 a Couple is Cheap

6/23/2015 - Hillary Clinton Criticizes For-Profit Schools, then Takes Money from Them

6/23/2015 - UN’s Report on Gaza Unfairly Criticizes Israel, says Retired US General

6/23/2015 - EPA Official used Personal E-mail to Solicit Help from Sierra Club

6/23/2015 - Save the Raisins: SCOTUS protects Raisin Farmers from USDA

6/23/2015 - U.S. will Bolster NATO with Equipment & Weapons

6/23/2015 - South Carolina GOP Governor Haley calls for Removal of Confederate Flag

6/23/2015 - Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced He Has Cancer

6/23/2015 - WATCH: MSNBC’s Morning Joe pokes fun at Obama White House over Gruber’s Large Role in ObamaCare

6/23/2015 - Iranian Parliament Chants of “Death to America” Aren’t Helpful, says State Dept

6/22/2015 - Polls Expose Hillary Clinton’s Weaknesses

6/22/2015 - Terrorist Attacks increased 35% between 2013 and 2014, says State Dept

6/22/2015 - Liberal Media Hound GOP presidential candidates over Confederate flag, but why not Hillary?

6/22/2015 - State Dept Report says Iran is Financing Terrorism on Global Scale

6/22/2015 - Big Money Hillary: Her Lawyer helped Push Big Money in Campaigns

6/22/2015 - Under Hillary & John Kerry, Harassment Complaints Tripled at the State Dept

6/22/2015 - WATCH: CNN Panel expresses Concern over Hillary’s Bad Polling in Battleground States

6/22/2015 - VIDEO: Democratic Strategist wouldn’t be Shocked if Hillary Loses in Iowa, New Hampshire

6/22/2015 - E-mails Expose Jonathan Gruber’s Involvement in ObamaCare

6/21/2015 - Red Light Camera Bribery Case sees Guilty Plea

6/21/2015 - Obama tells Congress to Tackle Gun Control

6/21/2015 - State Dept Admits They Selectively Chose E-mails to give to Benghazi Committee

6/20/2015 - Bernie Sanders talks Immigration, Praises Amnesty

6/20/2015 - Victims’ Families forgive Church Shooter

6/20/2015 - ISIS’s Rise Fuels Large Number of Terrorist Deaths

6/20/2015 - CBO Study says More Jobs would be Created if ObamaCare were Repealed

6/19/2015 - Report: Hillary Clinton Staffer Blocked Probe of Ambassador Nominee

6/19/2015 - Column: Why Conservatives should Hate the Confederate Flag

6/19/2015 - Spokane Removes Rachel Dolezal from Police Commission

6/19/2015 - FDA Goes Out of Its Way to Ban Trans Fat to Benefit Lawyers

6/19/2015 - Ted Cruz moves to Withhold State Dept Funding over Omission of Iran Report

6/19/2015 - Government Regulations are Affecting BBQ Restaurants and Their Smokers

6/19/2015 - Hillary Clinton Advisor Sid Blumenthal was paid $200,000 by Media Matters

6/19/2015 - Scott Walker Leads Iowa GOP Poll as Rand Paul Slides

6/19/2015 - Obama pushes for Gun Control in Speech about Charleston Shooting

6/19/2015 - WATCH: Susan Rice says Iraq War Withdrawal, TPP are Hillary’s Accomplishments at State Dept

6/19/2015 - Tragedy: Charleston Shooting Suspect Arrested, but Questions Remain

6/18/2015 - Liberal Media Keeps America in the Dark in ObamaCare’s King v. Burwell Case

6/18/2015 - Civilians, Hospitals Targeted by Syria’s Assad in Military Defeats

6/18/2015 - A Real Safe Zone: Israel to Protect Druze Sect from Syrian Civil War

6/18/2015 - Whistleblower Claims Social Security Admin Lied to Congress to get $500 Million in Funding

6/18/2015 - One Take on the Transgender Bathroom Issue: Doesn’t it Violate Girl’s Privacy?

6/18/2015 - State Dept Staffers “Cheered” Dressing Down of former Ambassador by Listening In on a Private Meeting

6/18/2015 - Free Beacon Publishes Audio of Clinton Ally saying Hillary is Paranoid

6/18/2015 - Putin, Russia to add 40 Nuclear Missiles to Arsenal

6/18/2015 - WATCH: White House says Obama’s Red Line in Play with Syria’s Use of Chemical Weapons

6/18/2015 - Hillary’s Private E-mails did Contain Classified Information

6/18/2015 - VIDEO: White House Blames Iraq for the Rise of ISIS

6/18/2015 - New Face of the $10 Bill will be a Woman

6/17/2015 - Obama invites Israel’s Netanyahu post-Iran Talks Deadline

6/17/2015 - INFOGRAPHIC: 4 Ways the Clintons Got their Wealth

6/17/2015 - 5 Reasons to Like Chris Pratt, Rising Hollywood Star, Christian Outdoorsman

6/17/2015 - China: Our Island-Building is for Humanitarian Relief

6/17/2015 - John Kerry is Certain Syria’s Assad Used Chemical Weapons

6/17/2015 - Study finds Anti-Semitism on the Rise in Canada

6/17/2015 - ObamaCare’s $2.8 Billion Subsidies Can’t be Verified

6/17/2015 - Clinton Campaign tells Fox News’ Ed Henry He was Limited to One Question from Last Month

6/17/2015 - CNN finds Hillary Clinton’s Trustworthiness dips below 50% in Battleground State

6/17/2015 - Obama claims White House is Considering All Options after OPM Hacking Attack from China

6/16/2015 - WATCH: MSNBC says Hillary is Evasive on Trade, Obama’s Record

6/16/2015 - VIDEO: Morning Joe Hostess Bombarded with Hillary Clinton Calls after Criticizing Hillary

6/16/2015 - Media Fairness Caucus Newsletter – June 16, 2015

6/16/2015 - Hillary Clinton Campaign Denies Reporter Access to Event and Couldn’t Use the Bathroom

6/16/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton Evades Fox News Reporter, Again

6/16/2015 - Obama Nominee Criticized for Cozy Relations with Dictators

6/16/2015 - Ronald Reagan used to Carry a Handgun in His Briefcase, Author says

6/16/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Lives in “A Bubble of Privilege,” Can’t Connect w/Voters

6/16/2015 - WATCH: MSNBC says Obama-Clinton Foreign Policy Not to Brag About

6/16/2015 - ObamaCare Saves Your Info Forever

6/16/2015 - U.S. Intelligence Chief admits Omissions in Detailing Iranian Threat

6/15/2015 - Rachel Dolezal Resigns from NAACP after Race Hoax Exposed

6/15/2015 - Jeb Bush to Officially Enter GOP 2016 Race Today

6/15/2015 - Bernie Sanders wants a Top Income Tax Rate of 50%

6/15/2015 - State Dept has No Record of Hillary Clinton getting IT Training

6/15/2015 - Clinton Allies may have Illegally Outsourced Jobs, Abused Visa System

6/15/2015 - Chinese Hackers may have gotten between 7 to 14 Million Files

6/15/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary Clinton’s “relaunch” Speech Fell Flat

6/15/2015 - WATCH: Ex-Obama Staffer didn’t know Hillary Clinton had a Private Server

6/14/2015 - NAACP Activist Rachel Dolezal isn’t Black, Parents Say

6/14/2015 - Nancy Pelosi Reveals Ignorance of Religious Issues

6/14/2015 - Mike Lee Leading the Charge to Preserve Religious Liberty

6/13/2015 - Vox and the Left says “You Guys” Phrase is Offensive

6/13/2015 - Progressives Take Offense at Hollywood Movie ‘Jurassic World’

6/13/2015 - Sarcasm Alert! 4 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe

6/13/2015 - North Carolina Lawmakers Override Governor’s Veto on Religious Objection Bill

6/12/2015 - Charlie Daniels: Obama is an “Unmanly Spoiled Child” in Open Letter

6/12/2015 - NFL Player Moonlights as an Uber Driver

6/12/2015 - Obama’s Arms Sales to Lebanon Boosting Iran, Hezbollah

6/12/2015 - FDA to Bring Back Bloomberg Trans Fat Ban Rules

6/12/2015 - Hillary Clinton Joins Instagram, Gets Bombarded with Criticism

6/12/2015 - Will Gays Allow Christians to Coexist in America?

6/12/2015 - VIDEO: Reporter Matt Lee asks Why FOIA Requests have Skyrocketed since Obama Took Office?

6/12/2015 - WATCH: Rachel Maddow Apologizes for saying Billy Graham is Dead, but He’s Not

6/12/2015 - China Hacks U.S. Feds Database, Takes Most of Fed Employee Info

6/12/2015 - AIM’s Cliff Kincaid on the Pope and Global Warming

6/11/2015 - Gun Rights Win: Detroit Woman Fights Off 5 Intruders

6/11/2015 - Even Liberal Group Center for American Progress acknowledges Turkey’s Authoritarianism

6/11/2015 - Clintons are Just Out of Touch, Vox Reporter says

6/11/2015 - Russian Jet Harasses U.S. Plane

6/11/2015 - VIDEO: State Dept refuses to say if Iran Nuke Talks were Compromised

6/11/2015 - WATCH: Bill Clinton says He’ll Stop Paid Speeches when Hillary wins in 2016

6/11/2015 - Obama and HHS put Onus on Congress if ObamaCare Subsidies are Struck Down

6/11/2015 - Did Bill Clinton Contradict Hillary on E-mail Use?

6/10/2015 - VIDEO: State Dept won’t take Position on E.U. Labeling of Israeli Settlement Products

6/10/2015 - WATCH: State Dept won’t come forward on John Kerry’s Health

6/10/2015 - Congress aims to Monitor “Scandal-Ridden” State Dept

6/10/2015 - Per U.S. Policy, Obama and State Dept don’t Recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

6/10/2015 - Iran is Cheating on Sanctions, Report says

6/10/2015 - But wasn’t Iraq War over under Obama? Pentagon recommends 400 U.S. Troops to go to Iraq

6/10/2015 - Two Years Later, Obama hasn’t Pressed Russia on Arms Treaty Violations

6/10/2015 - Pentagon says America needs “Strategic Patience” to Fight ISIS

6/10/2015 - WATCH: MSNBC Guest says Hillary Shouldn’t Talk about Personal Finances

6/10/2015 - Top New York Times Shareholder is a Clinton Foundation Donor

6/9/2015 - NRA Accuses State Dept of Suppressing Gun Rights

6/9/2015 - 88 Christians Captured by ISIS in Libya

6/9/2015 - TSA Missed Info that 73 Workers had Ties to Terrorism

6/9/2015 - China’s Island Building Won’t Stop, Report says

6/9/2015 - Good Question: Can Gays and Christians Coexist Anymore?

6/9/2015 - VIDEO: State Dept Can’t Answer Question about ISIS Strategy

6/9/2015 - New York Times Won’t Answer Question on Date of Clinton’s Donation

6/9/2015 - Hillary Clinton Embraces SEIU Labor Union that Turned Against Her in 2008

6/9/2015 - Baseball Broadcaster Vin Scully shares 3 Stories about D-Day during a game

6/9/2015 - WATCH: Chris Matthews Questions Hillary’s Leftward Tilt

6/9/2015 - Remember When the New York Times Used Democratic Opposition Research?

6/8/2015 - VIDEO: Obama admits “we don’t have a complete strategy” against ISIS

6/8/2015 - Poll: Americans want Health Insurance Costs to Go Down

6/8/2015 - Turkey’s President Erdogan Loses Parliamentary Majority

6/8/2015 - Social Security Administration issued $16.8 Billion in Overpayments

6/8/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton’s Wage Increase Stance is … Fuzzy

6/8/2015 - VIDEO: Former Clinton Labor Secretary says Hillary’s Lack of Disclosure is a Vulnerability

6/8/2015 - Clintons Donated $100K to New York Times in 2008, when the Paper Endorsed Her

6/7/2015 - Connecticut Tax Increases Are Bad, says MSNBC’s Morning Joe

6/7/2015 - Hawaii Ditches ObamaCare Exchange

6/7/2015 - Rick Santorum Complains Fox News GOP Debates aren’t Fair

6/7/2015 - State Dept Claims No Iran Waiver during Hillary Clinton Years

6/6/2015 - Hacking Blame Game: Obama White House Blames Congress for Hacking

6/6/2015 - Hillary Clinton and Democratic Super Lawyer Fight Voting Laws

6/6/2015 - Conservatives Blast New York Times’ Piece on Marco Rubio’s Driving

6/6/2015 - New York Times’ Hit Piece on Marco Rubio is a Big Swing and a Miss

6/5/2015 - More Rockets Fired into Israel by Gaza, Hamas

6/5/2015 - Obama White House hasn’t Backed Down from Supporting Terrorists in Muslim Brotherhood

6/5/2015 - Duggars Controversy Continues

6/5/2015 - Nigerian Bomb Blast kills 31, Blamed on Boko Haram

6/5/2015 - VIDEO: Iowa Voters want Answers, but Hillary is Dodging Them

6/5/2015 - EPA Study: No ‘Widespread’ Harm to Drinking Water due to Fracking

6/5/2015 - Climate Change is Leading to Rainfall in Africa

6/5/2015 - Marco Rubio: Hillary Clinton is Avoiding Questions because She Has to Answer for Her Actions

6/5/2015 - On 26th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square, China Imprisons Activists

6/5/2015 - WATCH: Rick Perry says America can Survive Obama after Surviving Wars and Jimmy Carter

6/5/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Re-Launch Campaign Event Canceled a Children’s Event

6/5/2015 - ObamaCare Expands Medicaid (No Duh) but Costs May Skyrocket

6/5/2015 - VIDEO: Marcus Luttrell, of ‘Lone Survivor’, Endorses Rick Perry

6/5/2015 - China Blamed for Hacking U.S. Federal Workers Database

6/4/2015 - Russia Fighter Jet gets Too Close to U.S. Warship

6/4/2015 - Hillary Clinton is Too Cautious, warns Obama advisor David Axelrod

6/4/2015 - Obama White House Claim of Dead ISIS Fighters is False

6/4/2015 - Chafee enters Democratic Primary for 2016 White House Bid

6/4/2015 - New York School District Opts out of Michelle Obama’s Lunch Plan

6/4/2015 - Imprisoned Pastor’s Wife says U.S. hasn’t done enough to Free Him

6/4/2015 - WATCH: State Dept trust “Nuclear Experts” that Iran will Slow Down their Nukes Program

6/4/2015 - Contrary to Obama Rhetoric, Iran continues Nukes Program during Negotiations

6/4/2015 - Boston Terrorist Suspect wanted to Attack Pamela Geller, anti-Islamist Activist

6/3/2015 - Slight Majority of Americans Approve GOP’s Benghazi Investigation

6/3/2015 - VIDEO: Obama Officials Claim Iran Froze Nukes Program during Negotiations, but Not True

6/3/2015 - ObamaCare paid Spanish-Speaking Clerks More than English Speakers

6/3/2015 - GOP could Withhold Funding from State Dept over Benghazi Investigation

6/3/2015 - FEC Goes After Anti-Hillary Group

6/3/2015 - D.C. Police Claims They’re Not Stopping Gun Carry Permits, but Are They Really?

6/3/2015 - Why are Hillary Clinton’s Poll Numbers Faltering?

6/3/2015 - WATCH: Head-in-the-Sand State Dept Oblivious about Iran Nukes Program Speeding Up

6/3/2015 - WATCH: Joe Scarborough says Hillary is “Running Scared” from the Press

6/3/2015 - VIDEO: CNN says Obama can’t be Happy with Falling Poll Numbers

6/3/2015 - CNN’s Latest Poll of Hillary Clinton is the Worst since 1992

6/3/2015 - Concerns over Hillary Clinton’s E-mails go back FIVE Years

6/3/2015 - Obama signs NSA Bill into Law

6/2/2015 - Obama’s Climate Change Fear-Mongering Doesn’t Make Sense

6/2/2015 - Rand Paul’s Privacy Policy could be Abused by Third Parties

6/2/2015 - FIFA’s Sepp Blatter Resigns, Leading to Internet Mayhem

6/2/2015 - Media Fairness Caucus Newsletter – June 2, 2015

6/2/2015 - Thanks, Obama: Health Insurers will Hike Up Premiums in 2016

6/2/2015 - Newsweek’s Conflict of Interest Story has Flown Under the Radar

6/2/2015 - GOP Offers ObamaCare Alternative in case of King v. Burwell Decision

6/2/2015 - No Evacuation Plan for Americans Trapped in Yemen, says State Department

6/2/2015 - CNN Poll shows Hillary Clinton Losing Support among Independents

6/2/2015 - WATCH: Marie Harf, State Dept Spokeswoman, admits They Went Over Nuke Talks Deadline

6/2/2015 - VIDEO: Democratic Strategist Pfeiffer says Hillary has to Answer “Legitimate” Questions

6/1/2015 - John Kerry breaks leg in Bike Accident, Cancels Rest of European Trip

6/1/2015 - Ex-FIFA Official Cites The Onion (a Satirical News outlet) in Defending Himself

6/1/2015 - Gov’t Waste: DOJ Spends $585,000 on Studying Far-Right Social Media Use

6/1/2015 - WATCH: Martin O’Malley, Democrat Long Shot, Blasts Hillary on Wall Street Coziness

6/1/2015 - WATCH: Obama White House tells Networks to Not Air Coverage of ISIS Gains

6/1/2015 - Jake Tapper: Obama’s Defense of the Patriot Act is Unimpressive

6/1/2015 - WATCH: Hillary’s “Monarch in Waiting” Strategy is a Failure, says WaPo Columnist

6/1/2015 - No Love Lost between McCain, Rand Paul

6/1/2015 - VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi Dodges Question about Hillary Clinton on TV

6/1/2015 - Patriot Act Provisions will Lapse even after Senate’s Last-Ditch Effort

6/1/2015 - Rand Paul gives Speech, Rails against NSA

May 2015

5/31/2015 - School Choice on the Rise in the U.S.: An Infographic

5/31/2015 - College Graduation Over, but Liberal Bias Remains on Campus: An Infographic

5/31/2015 - Is America becoming More Pro-Life? An Infographic

5/30/2015 - White House tells Iraq that ISIS is their Problem

5/30/2015 - Despite Scandal, FIFA President Sepp Blatter will probably be Re-Elected

5/30/2015 - U.S. Intelligence finds Chinese Artillery on Artificial Islands, Sparking Fears of War

5/30/2015 - Tourism and Sales Down in Baltimore, Leading to Worries of Economic Exodus

5/29/2015 - Baltimore, Maryland Suffering from a Surge of Violence since Freddie Gray Protests

5/29/2015 - Ex-House Speaker Hastert allegedly hid Payments to Blackmailer

5/29/2015 - AIM Fact Check: Hillary Clinton on Gender Pay Gap Myth

5/29/2015 - DC Metro Censors Free Speech, Won’t Run Pamela Geller Ad on Mohammed

5/29/2015 - National Spelling Bee ends in a Tie, 2nd Year in the Row

5/29/2015 - Conservative Win in the British Isles is a Win for Smaller Government

5/29/2015 - 99% of China’s Journalists and Activists Repeat Government Intimidation

5/29/2015 - WATCH: State Dept won’t say if they’ll help Poisoned Russian Opposition Leader

5/29/2015 - VIDEO: State Dept says Hillary paying Sid Blumenthal wasn’t a Problem

5/29/2015 - VIDEO: CBS reports on Hundreds of Millions of Gov’t Waste on U.S. Embassies

5/29/2015 - WATCH: NBC says Clinton’s Wealth and Scandals will be a Problem in 2016

5/29/2015 - 1972 Bernie Sanders Essay said Women Fantasize about Being Raped

5/29/2015 - Study finds Administrative Costs Ballooning under ObamaCare

5/28/2015 - Hillary Clinton wanted to Arm Libyan Rebels, E-mails show

5/28/2015 - Labor Union Leaders want Living Wage, but Not for their Unions

5/28/2015 - Pentagon warns China of Island Building Efforts

5/28/2015 - U.S. Military transfers Live Anthrax to Lab on Accident

5/28/2015 - FIFA donated to the Clinton Foundation, Currently involved in Corruption Scandal

5/28/2015 - IRS Hackers traced to Russia

5/28/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary Clinton says she won’t “turn white” in the White House

5/28/2015 - Why?! George Pataki declares 2016 GOP bid

5/28/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton’s Southern Accent Returns *Cringe*

5/28/2015 - VIDEO: Rand Paul blames GOP Hawks for ISIS’s Rise

5/27/2015 - The Clinton Foundation faces a Racketeering Lawsuit

5/27/2015 - State Dept Stonewalling FOIA Requests on IG E-mails

5/27/2015 - CNN’s Jake Tapper Clinton Foundation Controversy defended by Conservatives

5/27/2015 - Ex-Senator Mary Landrieu to become a Lobbyist

5/27/2015 - Bernie Sanders’ Progressive Dream Revived in his 2016 Run

5/27/2015 - Feds Arrest 9 FIFA Officials on Corruption Charges

5/27/2015 - Hamas Executed Palestinians, says Human Rights Group

5/27/2015 - Washington Post says Clinton’s Finances Too Hard to Understand, but what about Mitt Romney’s?

5/27/2015 - IRS Break-In: Thieves steal Tax Information of 100,000 Americans

5/27/2015 - Appeals Court Denies Obama and DOJ their Amnesty Stay

5/26/2015 - ObamaCare Supreme Court Case on Subsidies could have Political Implications

5/26/2015 - Rick Perry will announce 2016 bid with Navy SEAL friends

5/26/2015 - Anti-Uber Protest by Cab Drivers in Mexico drew Hundreds

5/26/2015 - WATCH: State Dept can’t say if Hillary Trusted Ex-Aide Blumenthal over Intelligence

5/26/2015 - VIDEO: Reporter asks State Dept if they feel like Surrogate Clinton Spokespeople

5/26/2015 - U.S. Asylum-Seekers could have Terrorist Ties

5/26/2015 - Obama warns Longtime Ally Saudi Arabia to Not Get Nukes

5/26/2015 - In Denial: Obama says He’s Pro-Israel

5/25/2015 - VIDEO: U.S. Defense Secretary says Iraqis Don’t Have the Will to Fight ISIS

5/25/2015 - WATCH: CNN says Hillary’s ‘I’m One of You’ is a Bad Pitch

5/25/2015 - Clinton Donors Lined Her Pockets for Speeches and Gave to Clinton Foundation

5/25/2015 - Democrats Celebrate Memorial Day with Pic of Obama Eating Ice Cream

5/25/2015 - Happy Memorial Day!

5/24/2015 - Domino’s Customers Blast ObamaCare Regulations of Listing All Food Combos

5/24/2015 - Osama bin Laden Read Leftist American Literature

5/24/2015 - Jeb Bush says it’s “Arrogant” to Declare Science as Settled

5/23/2015 - U.S. Rushes to Send Heavy Weapons to Iraq to fight ISIS

5/23/2015 - Obama White House not keen on Patriot Act lapsing

5/23/2015 - Obama says His Legacy is At Stake on Iran Nukes Deal

5/23/2015 - Puff Piece by WaPo Highlights 44% Underemployment Rate by College Grads

5/23/2015 - Rate Hikes Expose ObamaCare’s Flaws

5/22/2015 - Clinton Foundation Fudges Donation Numbers

5/22/2015 - Dear Media: 300 Hillary Benghazi E-mails is a Small Sliver of 55,000 Pages Turned Over to State Dept

5/22/2015 - Hillary’s Change of Heart on Campaign Finance is Self-Protection

5/22/2015 - Alabama Union Workers Decertify Union, Again, for 5th Time

5/22/2015 - Illinois Workers can Challenge Forced Government Dues

5/22/2015 - Yes, Rand Paul was Right: Hillary was Shipping Weapons from Libya at time of Benghazi

5/22/2015 - No More Aid for Iraq, Syria even as ISIS Takes Territory

5/22/2015 - Rick Santorum: Obama Created ISIS Crisis

5/22/2015 - National Archives Wary that Hillary would leave with State Dept Records

5/22/2015 - ObamaCare Costs Upset One-Third of Enrollees

5/22/2015 - Hillary Clinton has Lowest Favorability Ratings since 2008

5/22/2015 - Hillary’s Libya Policies at State Dept shows She Didn’t Learn from Iraq

5/21/2015 - Ancient Heritage Site in Syria seized by ISIS

5/21/2015 - Potential Chief for pro-Hillary Super PAC is a Clinton Foundation Donor

5/21/2015 - Gyrocopter Pilot who Landed at Capitol Hill faces 9.5 Years in Prison

5/21/2015 - Sketchy Joe Morrissey, Virginia Democrat, Confirms Baby Daddy Drama

5/21/2015 - Health Insurer CareFirst Hacked back in 2014

5/21/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary Clinton goes ‘Old Friends’ Defense to Reporters on Sid Blumenthal

5/21/2015 - Embattled former Clinton Aide Sidney Blumenthal not with Clinton Foundation

5/21/2015 - Bin Laden Documents Released to the Public

5/21/2015 - Rand Paul takes Stand against NSA and Patriot Act for 11 Hours

5/21/2015 - WATCH: Flashback as Hillary Liked Closing Guantanamo Bay, Ending Iraq War

5/21/2015 - VIDEO: State Dept Won’t Comment on Cheryl Mills’ Interference in FOIA Requests

5/20/2015 - WATCH: Former Clinton Aide, Banned by Obama, Passed Intel to Hillary about Libyan Deals

5/20/2015 - VIDEO: MSNBC is Making Fun of Hillary Clinton Deleting E-mails

5/20/2015 - WATCH: White House claims their ISIS Strategy has been an “Overall” Success

5/20/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary Defends her Sketchy Aides, calls them “Old Friends”

5/20/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton Runs Away from Reporters after E-mail Question

5/20/2015 - House Benghazi Committee Subpoenas former Clinton Aide

5/20/2015 - Judge says D.C.’s Gun Laws are Unconstitutional

5/20/2015 - Democratic Congressman wants Pay Raise, but Doesn’t Say He Owes Millions in Legal Bills

5/20/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton actually answered Iraq War Question, Finally

5/20/2015 - VIDEO: Howard Dean tries to Downplay How Americans Don’t Know Hillary’s Accomplishments

5/20/2015 - WATCH: Democrats Can’t Name Any of Hillary Clinton’s Accomplishments

5/20/2015 - Democrat wants Pay Raise for Congress, Up from $174,000

5/20/2015 - Staffers Quit Clinton Foundation over Chelsea Clinton Issues

5/19/2015 - Supreme Court Strikes Down Maryland’s Double-Tax Law

5/19/2015 - Legal Immigrants Face Long Wait Times versus Illegals

5/19/2015 - Sean Penn, Avowed Socialist, to Sell Mansion for $6.5 Million

5/19/2015 - Chris Christie calls for More U.S. Intervention Abroad

5/19/2015 - More Clinton Money: Hillary earned $2.7 Million from Companies Lobbying for Free Trade

5/19/2015 - Not Breaking: Former ABC Anchor said Stephanopoulos “Really is Not a Journalist”

5/19/2015 - Spanish TV Network Didn’t Disclose $375,000 in Donations to Clinton Foundation

5/19/2015 - Sketchy Hillary: She Used More than One E-mail Address on Private Server

5/19/2015 - VIDEO: MSNBC Mocks Hillary Clinton’s Dodge-the-Press Strategy

5/19/2015 - U.S. Intelligence Warned about the Rise of ISIS in 2012

5/19/2015 - WATCH: Iowa Voters get Impression that Hillary Clinton is Secretive

5/19/2015 - How Convenient: State Dept plans to Release Hillary’s E-mails in January…2016

5/18/2015 - Democratic Senate Candidate Loretta Sanchez Apologizes for Indian Whooping-Cry Gesture

5/18/2015 - Now Pentagon says ISIS has Taken Key Iraqi City

5/18/2015 - Stephanopoulos Violated ABC Policy of Disclosing Donations

5/18/2015 - Hillary Boosted by Unions’ Millions of Funds

5/18/2015 - WATCH: Face the Nation says Hillary is Running Scared

5/18/2015 - Washington Post: Conservatives give Better Commencement Speeches than Liberals

5/18/2015 - GOP Still Waiting on IRS Correspondence with Democrats

5/18/2015 - U.S. Special Forces kills Top ISIS Leader in Raid

5/17/2015 - Russia says It Has a Right to Deploy Nukes in Crimea

5/17/2015 - Clinton Ties, Continued: ABC Spokeswoman worked in Clinton White House

5/17/2015 - Egyptian Court Sentences former president Morsi to Death

5/17/2015 - Morocco Mining Firm, with Ties to Clinton Foundation, Funded by U.S. Tax Dollars

5/17/2015 - LOL: Andrea Mitchell says GOP, Not Hillary, talks to Reporters and Normal Americans

5/17/2015 - Another Iraqi City falls to ISIS, but White House says No Big Deal

5/16/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary’s Campaign Worried She’s Unapproachable, Spent Too Long in Her Bubble Life

5/16/2015 - WATCH: Stephanopoulos’s $75K Donation would Buy a 4-Minute Bill Clinton Speech

5/16/2015 - VIDEO: High Schooler Wins Right to Fly American Flag from his Truck

5/16/2015 - Derailed Amtrak Train May Have Been Hit by Object before Crash

5/16/2015 - U.S. Marine Chopper in Nepal Found, Bodies Recovered

5/16/2015 - Clintons Made $25 Million for Speeches

5/16/2015 - Jurors sentence Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to Death

5/15/2015 - Media Focuses on Jeb Bush’s Iraq Comment, but Not Hillary’s Iraq War Vote

5/15/2015 - Obama tells Media They’re to Blame for Hyping Spat with Liz Warren

5/15/2015 - Republican Lawmakers are Younger than Democrats

5/15/2015 - Investigation Focuses on Amtrak Engineer in Deadly Train Crash

5/15/2015 - State Dept. Avoiding Benghazi Committee

5/15/2015 - Flashback Friday: Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager was a George Stephanopoulos Intern

5/15/2015 - VIDEO: Chris Matthews says GOP Views Hispanics like Infrastructure

5/15/2015 - VIDEO: Washington Free Beacon Reporter on Unearthing Stephanopoulos Donations to Clintons

5/15/2015 - WATCH: Obama is Oblivious to History, says Chlorine Isn’t Historically a Chemical Weapon

5/15/2015 - $205 Million Later, Hawaii Shuts Down ObamaCare Exchange

5/15/2015 - Amtrak Received $1.3 Billion from Obama’s Stimulus

5/14/2015 - Michelle Malkin: Meet Obama’s Hoax-Spreading, Bitter Half

5/14/2015 - Obama trying to Salvage Middle East Summit after Leader Withdraws

5/14/2015 - Study Claims GOP Can’t Win Over Black Voters

5/14/2015 - Earmarks Dead? Nope, $4.2 Billion Handed Out

5/14/2015 - George Stephanopoulos Won’t Moderate GOP Debate, Regrets Donations

5/14/2015 - Veterans Affairs Wastes $6 Billion a Year, says Top Official

5/14/2015 - Iraq Claims U.S.-led Airstrike Killed Top ISIS Commander

5/14/2015 - House Passes Ban on Abortion at Five Months of Pregnancy

5/14/2015 - Military Dog Teams Push to be Reunited as Law Prevents Them

5/14/2015 - POLITICO: George Stephanopolous discloses $50,000 donation to Clinton Foundation

5/14/2015 - Boeing-Clinton Relationship Challenged by Boeing Shareholder

5/14/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary Clinton’s No Comment on Trade Deal Exposes “Lack of Leadership”

5/14/2015 - Hillary Clinton Loves the “Bubble” of Avoiding Media, says GOP

5/14/2015 - WATCH: Liberals Don’t Wait to Blame GOP and Infrastructure Spending for Amtrak Disaster

5/14/2015 - Amtrak, after Deadly Accident, Blames Management for Crash

5/14/2015 - Amtrak Engineer Won’t Talk to Police after Fatal Crash

5/13/2015 - Republican Alternative to ObamaCare Unveiled

5/13/2015 - Obama’s Trade Bill Fails Initial Senate Vote, then Compromise Saved It

5/13/2015 - Radical Feminism’s Age of Ultron: Misguided as Usual

5/13/2015 - Baltimore’s Real Problem? Police Unions

5/13/2015 - Congress Likes Living Wage, but Not for Their Interns

5/13/2015 - Media Fairness Caucus Newsletter – May 13, 2015

5/13/2015 - WATCH: Democrat says GOP Budget could Lead to Another Baltimore

5/13/2015 - VIDEO: Clinton Foundation Donor involved in Russia-Uranium Deal Panics on Camera

5/13/2015 - WATCH: Obama Blames Fox News, Not His Policies, for Poverty

5/13/2015 - VIDEO: Remember when Hillary Clinton said She Wrote Her Book ‘Hard Choices’ in Her Attic?

5/13/2015 - Hillary Clinton Plagiarized Self in her Hard Choices book

5/12/2015 - Jeb Bush Goes on the Record to Defend Christians, Religious Freedom

5/12/2015 - Fox News’ Kirsten Powers says The Left Lies and Intimidates

5/12/2015 - How to Cut Health Insurance Costs for Young Adults by 44%

5/12/2015 - Trey Gowdy believes Obama is Obstructing His Benghazi Probe

5/12/2015 - Obama’s Regulations Cost $80 Billion Annually

5/12/2015 - Liberal Bloomberg TV Host Mark Halperin Sorta Apologizes for Stupid, Demeaning Questions to Ted Cruz

5/12/2015 - Mark Halperin’s Apology to Ted Cruz is Awful

5/12/2015 - This Year’s Commencement Speakers are More Liberal, Outnumber Conservatives 6 to 1

5/12/2015 - Boston University Condemns Racist Tweets after Alums Voice Concern

5/12/2015 - ObamaCare Wrinkle: White House wants Free Birth Control Paid for by Insurers

5/12/2015 - Chris Kyle Awarded Texas Medal of Honor by Texas Legislature

5/12/2015 - VIDEO: Obama rails on Fellow Democrats over Trade Deal Impasse

5/12/2015 - VIDEO: MSNBC Host: Hillary Clinton talks about Income Inequality when Bill Clinton Paid $500,000 Per Speech?

5/12/2015 - VIDEO: Benghazi Talking Points Crossed the Line of Politics and National Security

5/12/2015 - Hillary Clinton E-mail Lawsuit will Go Forward, Federal Judge says

5/12/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton Supporters Shocked by Her Gender Pay Gap Hypocrisy

5/12/2015 - NFL Suspends Tom Brady for 4 Games, Docks Patriots 2 Draft Picks and $1 Million

5/11/2015 - NATO warns that Russia has Equipped Ukraine Rebels to Attack at Short Notice

5/11/2015 - Op-Ed: What Obama can Learn from VE Day

5/11/2015 - VIDEO: Clinton Foundation tried to Strong-Arm Charity Watchdog

5/11/2015 - VIDEO: Bernie Sanders says He Can Beat Hillary Clinton

5/11/2015 - Juan Williams blasts Pamela Geller for Garland, Texas Event

5/11/2015 - VIDEO: CNN said Clinton Foundation’s Current Defense of Scandals Are Indefensible

5/11/2015 - Detroit Senator Wanted for Questioning after Girlfriend’s Car Sprayed by Shotgun Shells

5/11/2015 - Ouch: Saudi Arabia and Bahrain Kings Skip Meeting with Obama

5/11/2015 - Obama Believes ObamaCare Created Jobs, but Ignores Statistics

5/11/2015 - VIDEO: Jeb Bush talks to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on Respect for Illegal Immigrants

5/11/2015 - WATCH: Why does Hillary Dismiss Low Trust Ratings?

5/11/2015 - Just Wrong: Planned Parenthood Celebrates Mother’s Day with Abortion

5/11/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary’s Lack of Trustworthiness Will Come Back to Haunt Her

5/11/2015 - The Battle to Define ‘Who is Hillary Clinton’ is On

5/10/2015 - Jeb Bush Defends Religious Liberty at Liberty University

5/10/2015 - Chevron Gave Money to Clinton Foundation and Influence State Dept Policy

5/10/2015 - Study finds Porn mimics Alcoholic’s Brain Activity

5/10/2015 - North Korea Claims First Successful Missile Launch from Submarine

5/10/2015 - Islamic State Claims Credit for Prison Break

5/10/2015 - Putin Holds Largest Parade since World War Two, Slams West

5/10/2015 - House will Vote on 20 Week Abortion Limit

5/10/2015 - Happy Mother’s Day from AIM!

5/9/2015 - Illinois sees Pension Reform Struck Down, has to find $111 Billion in Funding

5/9/2015 - China is On an Island-Building Campaign, warns Defense Dept

5/9/2015 - Australia says They Stopped a Melbourne Bomb Plot

5/9/2015 - China is Preparing for a Drone War

5/9/2015 - U.S. Playing Catch-Up on ISIS Social Media Campaign

5/9/2015 - Accused Police Officers in Freddie Gray’s Death want State Prosecutor Removed

5/9/2015 - VIDEO: Economist says Too Many Blurred Lines in the Clinton Foundation

5/9/2015 - Ben Carson Economics: Let’s Raise the Minimum Wage

5/9/2015 - VE Day Celebrated with Old-School Airplane Flyover

5/8/2015 - Assad continues Chemical Weapons Attack after Disarmament Agreement

5/8/2015 - John McCain Continues Coburn’s Wasteful Spending List

5/8/2015 - Associated Press Headlines Make Garland, Texas Shooters the Victims

5/8/2015 - Judges Stunned by IRS’ Defense that it can Discriminate in Non-Profit Applications

5/8/2015 - The State Department Won’t Investigate Hillary Clinton Ethics Pledge Breach

5/8/2015 - FBI Warned Texas Police about Gunmen’s Interest in Garland, TX Cartoon Event

5/8/2015 - VIDEO: Clinton Foundation Hid Secret Event with Human Rights Violators

5/8/2015 - WATCH: State Department Official Grilled for saying “No Intention” of Reviewing Hillary’s Undisclosed Donors

5/8/2015 - VIDEO: Bloomberg Reporter said Everyone Knows Hillary’s Server is Unacceptable

5/7/2015 - Fox News Anchors say “I Support Free Speech, but…”

5/7/2015 - Americans Still Don’t Like Government Redistributing Wealth: Here’s Why

5/7/2015 - Michigan Vote shows Americans don’t Like Tax Hikes

5/7/2015 - 1,580 IRS Workers Dodged Taxes over 10 Years

5/7/2015 - Aide to California Attorney General led a Masonic Police Department

5/7/2015 - Failed Hot Take: Chris Cuomo said Hate Speech Not Protected by Constitution

5/7/2015 - British Voters Go to the Polls in a Close Race

5/7/2015 - VIDEO: Clintons are Tone-Deaf and Out of Touch with American Voters

5/7/2015 - Blame Game: Bill Clinton Blames Accountant for Family Scandals

5/7/2015 - Maryland Governor Larry Hogan lifts State of Emergency from Baltimore

5/7/2015 - DeflateGate Investigation Ends, finds Patriots Probably Deflated Footballs

5/7/2015 - Feds Want to Take Down NYC Times Square Billboards

5/6/2015 - VA Employee Stole $150,000 and Spent it on Strippers

5/6/2015 - WATCH: Hillary got a 25% Honesty Rating. That’s Not Good

5/6/2015 - DEA Agents Left College Student in Cell for 5 Days without Food, Water

5/6/2015 - About 600 Al-Qaeda Operatives Flee to Somalia from Yemen

5/6/2015 - Thanks, Obama: Lower Oil and Gas Production under his presidency

5/6/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary Clinton’s Awkward Photoshoot

5/6/2015 - Op-Ed: America’s Education System is Failing Those in High-Poverty Areas

5/6/2015 - New York Mets Honor Slain NYPD Officer

5/6/2015 - WATCH: State Department Nervous when Asked about Lack of Disclosure by Hillary

5/6/2015 - VIDEO: CNN Stunned by Bill Clinton saying Six Figure Speeches were to “Pay the Bills”

5/5/2015 - Obama Launches Effort to Help Poor, Black Young Men

5/5/2015 - Former Green Beret signs NFL Contract

5/5/2015 - One Shooter at Garland, Texas Event was Monitored for Terrorism for Years

5/5/2015 - ISIS Captures Large Part of Key Oil Refinery in Iraq

5/5/2015 - Clinton Foundation Backs Trip of Donors and Non-Donors to Kenya amid Controversy

5/5/2015 - Jon Stewart: Calling Baltimore Schools “Underfunded” Avoids the Real Problems

5/5/2015 - State Department believes Hillary Clinton didn’t let Foundation Influence Her Policies

5/5/2015 - Obama Half-Heartedly Defends Free Speech in ISIS’s Garland, Texas Attack

5/5/2015 - Hillary Clinton Agrees to Testify before the House on Benghazi

5/5/2015 - Op-Ed: Attack in Garland, Texas is an Attack on Free Speech

5/5/2015 - RIP Officer Brian Moore: Dies of His Injuries after Being Shot in the Head

5/5/2015 - VIDEO: MSNBC says Bill Clinton is Not Helping Hillary with Dead Broke Comment

5/5/2015 - ISIS Claims Responsibility for Failed Attack in Garland, Texas at a Mohammed Cartoon Event

5/4/2015 - Business in Baltimore is Almost Impossible to Do

5/4/2015 - Journalists 2015 Commencement Speakers List

5/4/2015 - Reagan vs. Obama Economies: Guess Who Wins?

5/4/2015 - ObamaCare has Led to More ER Visits, Not Less

5/4/2015 - VIDEO: Charles Krauthammer says War on Poverty didn’t succeed, as Baltimore Shows

5/4/2015 - Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina announce 2016 Presidential Bid

5/4/2015 - 2 Suspects Killed and Cop Wounded in Attack on a Texas Mohammed Cartoon Contest

5/4/2015 - Baltimore Got Over $1.8 Billion from Obama’s Stimulus Program

5/4/2015 - Ad Slams Hillary Clinton’s Lack of Ethics in handling Foreign Donations

5/3/2015 - Wannabe GOP Candidate John Kasich’s Common Core Lie

5/3/2015 - Obama Silent on May Day Riots in Seattle

5/3/2015 - Hillary’s Trip to Ireland while at State Dept seemed Sketchy

5/3/2015 - NYPD Officer Hospitalized after being Shot in the Head

5/3/2015 - Nearly Half of ObamaCare Exchanges in States in Financial Difficulty

5/3/2015 - Nepal Blocks Big Jets from Airway due to Overwhelming Traffic

5/3/2015 - Floyd Mayweather beats Manny Pacquiao

5/2/2015 - China Imprisons and Tortures Journalists, Rights Group says

5/2/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary’s Bad Week Continues

5/2/2015 - State Department Won’t Evacuate American Trapped in Yemen

5/2/2015 - Labor Union Consolidates as Membership Declines

5/2/2015 - VIDEO: Bill Clinton’s Inner Circle Upset at How Cozy He is With Donors

5/2/2015 - Britain’s Royal Family adds a Daughter

5/1/2015 - House GOP to Overturn D.C. Abortion Law

5/1/2015 - Not Comforting: IRS Claims They’re Taking Steps to Not Target Conservative Groups

5/1/2015 - House GOP passes Budget that targets ObamaCare

5/1/2015 - So Many Questions about Freddie Gray’s Death