Accuracy in Media

August 2015

8/21/2015 - Social Security Administration could Bar Recipients from Getting Guns

8/21/2015 - Michelle Obama Thanks Taxpayers? $240,000 Airfare Bill for Italy, Britain Trip

8/21/2015 - ISIS Claims American Conducted Suicide Bombing in Iraq

8/21/2015 - “Absolutely Nothing Controversial” about Hillary’s E-mails, Claims Spokesman

8/21/2015 - WATCH: CBS Disputes Hillary Clinton’s Claim about Classified Info in Her E-mails

8/21/2015 - Judge tells State Dept to Talk to the FBI about Hillary Clinton’s E-mails

8/21/2015 - Democrats Tell NBC that Hillary Clinton’s Campaign is “In Denial” over E-mails

8/20/2015 - State Dept and Intelligence Community at Odds over Classified Info in Hillary Clinton’s E-mails

8/20/2015 - Iran Deal Opponents Not Fans of Obama’s Secret Deals

8/20/2015 - Oh Look: Reuters’ Planned Parenthood Piece Twists Poll Numbers

8/20/2015 - Kasich, Jeb Bush Distance Selves from Common Core

8/20/2015 - Planned Parenthood Now Being Investigated by South Carolina

8/20/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton Communications Director believes Voters Don’t Care about Emails Scandal

8/20/2015 - Hillary Clinton and Her Aides, Huma Abedin & Cheryl Mills, May Have Broken Federal Laws

8/20/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Advisor Huma Abedin got a Payday from pro-Hillary PAC

8/20/2015 - A Seventh Planned Parenthood Investigation Video Released

8/20/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton’s Communications Director Stumbles Through Interview

8/20/2015 - ISIS Reportedly Beheads Syrian Archaeologist because He Wouldn’t Lead Them to Artifacts

8/19/2015 - Democrats want Donald Trump’s Name Removed from DC Hotel

8/19/2015 - Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter & Other Right-Wing Pundits Split on Donald Trump

8/19/2015 - Hillary Clinton and Black Lives Matters Protesters have Testy Exchange

8/19/2015 - Government ‘Creates Jobs’ by Buying Snowmobiles

8/19/2015 - FBI believes it can Recover Data off of Hillary Clinton’s Server

8/19/2015 - Unions want Bernie Sanders, not Hillary Clinton

8/19/2015 - Avoiding Reality: Hillary Clinton Not Taking Blame for Secret Email Server

8/19/2015 - CNN Poll finds Support for Hillary Clinton Below 50%

8/18/2015 - Labor Board Dismisses Unionization Effort by Northwestern Football Players

8/18/2015 - D.C. has to Pay for Legal Fees in Gun Rights Lawsuit

8/18/2015 - U.S. Strategy against ISIS is Incoherent

8/18/2015 - Nukes Inspectors have to be Approved by Iran’s Intelligence Agency

8/18/2015 - Computer Breach at the IRS Compromised Over 300,000 Accounts

8/18/2015 - State Dept “Unsure” if Hillary and Her Aides had Secure Devices

8/18/2015 - Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan Released

8/18/2015 - WATCH: Even MSNBC Reported about the 300 Hillary E-mails Flagged for Possible Classified Intel

8/18/2015 - Over 300 Hillary Clinton E-mails Flagged for Possible Classified Information

8/17/2015 - Planned Parenthood Keeping Secret the Number of Clinics which Supply Fetal Tissue

8/17/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Isn’t Worried about Bernie Sanders’ Poll Surge

8/17/2015 - Russia and Putin Aim to Take Eastern Europe

8/17/2015 - Democrat Calls Hillary Clinton E-mail Probe a “Witch Hunt”

8/17/2015 - Hillary Clinton Can’t Blame the GOP for Her Secret E-mail Server

8/17/2015 - At Least 60 E-mails of Hillary Clinton’s are Flagged as Containing Classified Info

8/17/2015 - WATCH: Trey Gowdy says Hillary’s E-mails Statement Reminds Him why Americans Hate Lawyers

8/17/2015 - Reopening the US Embassy in Cuba is about Headlines, Not Spreading Democracy, says John Boehner

8/16/2015 - NSA Pinpoints China’s Cyberattacks

8/16/2015 - EPA’s Clean Power Plant Rules Include Offsets for Poor People

8/16/2015 - 54% of Battleground State Voters Less Likely to Vote for Hillary Clinton over Iran Deal Support

8/16/2015 - John Kerry Calls for Democracy in Cuba as US Embassy is Reopened

8/15/2015 - WATCH: Iowa Democrats Unsure of Supporting Hillary Clinton

8/15/2015 - Hillary Clinton says Russia’s Putin is Like Character in Show House of Cards

8/15/2015 - Hillary Clinton Discussed CIA Drones in Private, Unsecured E-mail Server

8/15/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton Jokes about Snapchat and How Message Disappear on Their Own

8/14/2015 - Planned Parenthood Workers, PACs Donated $25 Million since 2000

8/14/2015 - 3rd Bailout Deal Approved by Greek Lawmakers

8/14/2015 - Police, Sheriffs Blast Sanctuary City Policies

8/14/2015 - Clinton Global Initiative Claims Meeting Goals after Changing Grant Requirements

8/14/2015 - WATCH: State Dept Unsure if Iranian General Visited Russia or Not

8/14/2015 - Democrats Have the Oldest Slate of Candidates, says Chuck Todd

8/14/2015 - ISIS may have Used Chemical Weapons on Kurdish Fighters

8/14/2015 - Lois Lerner, in an E-mail, called Republicans “Evil and Dishonest”

8/14/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Inner Circle May have Committed Felony by Sending Classified Info via Personal E-mail

8/14/2015 - 58% of Independents Disapprove of Obama’s Handling of Iran

8/13/2015 - ISIS Bombs Baghdad, Kills at least 62 People

8/13/2015 - Human Rights Activists Upset at Obama White House’s “Dialogues” with Communist China

8/13/2015 - WATCH: Outgoing Army Chief of Staff confirms Mitt Romney’s Opinion, says Russia is America’s Top Threat

8/13/2015 - John Kerry said China, Russia could be Reading His E-mails

8/13/2015 - Obama Administration Moves to Block Restitution for U.S. Victims of Palestinian Terrorism

8/13/2015 - WATCH: Trey Gowdy says “About Damn Time” that Hillary Clinton Turned Server over to the FBI

8/13/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Campaign says E-mail Investigation and Scandal is “Complicated”

8/13/2015 - Even MSNBC says Hillary Clinton’s E-mail Cover-Up and Scandal is Pretty Bad

8/13/2015 - A Sixth Planned Parenthood Video Released and Details Organ “Donation” i.e. Harvesting

8/13/2015 - Former President Jimmy Carter Diagnosed with Cancer

8/12/2015 - Hillary Clinton May Have ISIS Policy in … Months

8/12/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton Claims She’ll “Model the Kind of Behavior” Americans Should Follow

8/12/2015 - North Korea could Double Their Ability to Produce Weapons-Grade Uranium

8/12/2015 - IRS Only Awarded Non-Profit Status to ONE Conservative Group in 3 Years

8/12/2015 - Food Stamp & Obama: 45 Million Recipients for 49 Straight Months

8/12/2015 - Audit Finds HealthCare.Gov didn’t Verifty Social Security, Citizenship Info

8/12/2015 - Hillary Clinton Agreed to Turn Over Server to Justice Dept

8/12/2015 - EPA Spill Upgraded to 3 Million Gallons into the Colorado River

8/12/2015 - Poll: Bernie Sanders Leads Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire Poll

8/11/2015 - In Light of Russian Aggression, NATO Reduces Air Patrols in Baltic Area

8/11/2015 - Russian Warships Dock in Iran for Military Training Exercises

8/11/2015 - The $12 an Hour Minimum Wage Increase could Hurt Maine’s Economy

8/11/2015 - Heroic: British Sniper Takes Out ISIS Executioner, Saving 8-Year-Old Boy

8/11/2015 - Jewish Groups Accuse Obama White House of Spewing Anti-Semitic Rhetoric

8/11/2015 - Free Beacon Finds Video Evidence that Jon Stewart is an Obama Fan

8/11/2015 - WATCH: Democratic Long Shot says Americans “Don’t Want a Coronation”

8/11/2015 - White House Staffer Shoots at Cop Boyfriend with His Own Gun

8/11/2015 - Little Support for a Third Term of Obama: 65% say No

8/11/2015 - Bernie Sanders Fever: Latest Crowd 5 Times Larger than Hillary’s Campaign Launch

8/11/2015 - Hillary Dodging Questions: Walks Away from Iran Question on Camera

8/11/2015 - Four Nights of Demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri leads to State of Emergency

8/10/2015 - Congress sends Letters to Planned Parenthood, Doctors and Others over Scandal

8/10/2015 - Hillary Clinton and Her Aides May Have Destroyed E-mail Records

8/10/2015 - Here’s the Senate Report on the IRS’s Out-of-Control Culture

8/10/2015 - A Reminder from Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu: The Iran Deal is a Bad Deal

8/10/2015 - Carly Fiorina Surges in a New Poll while Trump Makes Headlines

8/10/2015 - Black Lives Matter Protesters Disrupt Bernie Sanders Speech

8/10/2015 - Obama Claims America’s Credibility on the Line for the Iran Deal

8/9/2015 - U.S. Economy: Foreign-Born Female Workers Doing Fine, American Women are Not

8/9/2015 - Obamanomics: Labor Force Participation Rate Remains at 38-Year Low

8/9/2015 - EPA Accidentally Dumps 1 Million Gallons of Wastewater into the Colorado River

8/9/2015 - Federal Judge tells State Dept to Turn Over E-mails to Associated Press after FOIA Request

8/8/2015 - WATCH: Clinton Spokeswoman Won’t Answer Question of Where Hillary’s E-mail Server Is

8/8/2015 - Democrats Tell Fox News’ Ed Henry They’re Worried about Hillary Clinton Avoiding the Media

8/8/2015 - WATCH: Obama doesn’t Budge on Equating Iranian Hardliners to the GOP on Iran Deal

8/8/2015 - Fox News Debate Hits Ratings Record

8/7/2015 - Russia Behind Cyberattack on Joint Chiefs of Staff Computer System

8/7/2015 - During GOP Debate, Democrat Chuck Schumer announced Opposition to Iran Deal

8/7/2015 - WATCH: Democrat O’Malley Blasts Democratic Debate Schedule that Favors Hillary Clinton

8/7/2015 - Poll: Voters Think Joe Biden would be a Better President than Hillary Clinton

8/7/2015 - Lois Lerner, ex-IRS Official, Briefly Investigated Bristol Palin for Teen Pregnancy Charity Compensation

8/7/2015 - Hillary Clinton Under Fire in Last Night’s GOP Debate

8/7/2015 - Top Iranian Commander Visits Russia, Violating Travel Ban

8/7/2015 - Mike Huckabee: The “Military is Not a Social Experiment”

8/7/2015 - John Kasich Cited Reagan in Expanding Medicaid

8/7/2015 - Carly Fiorina won Both GOP Debates, says Byron York

8/7/2015 - A Woman of the People? Hillary Clinton goes to Hollywood Fundraiser with Music Stars’ Manager

8/7/2015 - FBI Confirms Criminal Probe of Hillary’s E-mail Server

8/6/2015 - DOJ Opinion could Handcuff Whistleblowers

8/6/2015 - Rick Perry: I would rather have Carly Fiorina Negotiating with Iran than John Kerry

8/6/2015 - In 1st GOP Debate, Carly Fiorina Mocks Donald Trump-Bill Clinton Connection

8/6/2015 - Intelligence Community Watchdog Denied Access to Hillary Clinton’s E-mails

8/6/2015 - IRS is Rife with “Personal Politics” and “Gross Mismanagement”

8/6/2015 - New Hampshire Cuts Funding to Planned Parenthood

8/6/2015 - Security Breaches of Hacking Electronic Medical Records Doubled the Past Year

8/6/2015 - Iran Blames U.S. for Setting Groundwork for World War Three

8/6/2015 - WATCH: Chuck Todd says August Ad Buys for Hillary Clinton Signals Serious Problems

8/6/2015 - State Dept Unaware that Iran is Sanitizing a Nuclear Site

8/6/2015 - Florida Cites 4 Planned Parenthood Clinics for Violations

8/6/2015 - Obama Singles Out Israel in Pro-Iran Deal Speech

8/6/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton hasn’t Watched the Planned Parenthood Undercover Videos, Spokeswoman admits

8/6/2015 - Hillary Clinton Pays Women Staffers Less than Men on Her Campaign

8/6/2015 - Russia Makes Claim for Arctic Oil, Gas Rights

8/5/2015 - Barbara Boxer says Planned Parenthood Controversy is Over Women’s Health, Not Abortion

8/5/2015 - George Soros-backed Voter ID Lawsuits Find Opponent

8/5/2015 - Obama’s EPA Plan will Shrink Coal Industry by 48%

8/5/2015 - GOP Accuses Environmentalists, EPA of Colluding on New Climate Regulations

8/5/2015 - Hillary Clinton in Colorado for Posh Fundraiser with Former Goldman Sachs Exec

8/5/2015 - California Town sees 2 Illegal Immigrants Appointed to City Commission Positions

8/5/2015 - WATCH: July Polls were Bad for Hillary

8/5/2015 - Iran Deal will Bring War, warns Israel’s Netanyahu

8/5/2015 - Half of Hillary’s Charitable Giving Went To…Her Own Foundation

8/5/2015 - FBI Launched Probe into Security of Hillary Clinton’s E-mails

8/5/2015 - Fox News Debate Lineup Announced

8/5/2015 - WATCH: State Dept Unfazed by Side Deals between Iran, UN Agency

8/4/2015 - Pennsylvania Democrat, Indicted for Racketeering, Vows to Run for Re-Election

8/4/2015 - Baltimore Needs Federal Help in Dealing with Violence Spike

8/4/2015 - State Dept Ignored Own Experts, Watered Down Human Trafficking Report

8/4/2015 - New York Fines Amazon, Other Retailers for Selling Toy Guns

8/4/2015 - Great Op-Ed on Planned Parenthood by Senators Joni Ernst, Rand Paul & James Lankford

8/4/2015 - The Latest Planned Parenthood Video Released

8/4/2015 - Obama White House Unsure if Proposed “Syria Safe Zone” Will Work

8/4/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Top Aide Huma Abedin may have Broken Conflict-of-Interest Rules

8/4/2015 - Bobby Jindal Cuts Off Funding for Planned Parenthood

8/4/2015 - WATCH: Jake Tapper Blasts White House for Avoiding Planned Parenthood Videos

8/4/2015 - Flip Flopping Hillary: Clinton Criticizes Planned Parenthood Critics

8/4/2015 - Poll shows Hillary Clinton down 15 Points in Favorability since June

8/4/2015 - Democrats Circle the Wagons, Block Effort to Defund Planned Parenthood

8/3/2015 - Washington Post calls Pro-Life Movement “Antiabortion”

8/3/2015 - Seattle CEO who Imposed Pay Equality in Firm sees Financial Hit

8/3/2015 - Obama wants to Impose Tougher Emissions Rules on Power Plants

8/3/2015 - Nigerian Military Rescued 178 People from Boko Haram

8/3/2015 - Modified Oath of Allegiance to U.S. is Legal, Agency Claims

8/3/2015 - Even the French Dislike the Iran Deal

8/3/2015 - Labor Unions Donated some $400,000 to Planned Parenthood

8/3/2015 - Socialist Bernie Sanders says Climate Change is the “Greatest Threat” Today

8/3/2015 - Majority of Congress is Against Obama’s Iran Deal

8/3/2015 - Businesses Give to Planned Parenthood, but Not to Religious Charities: Why?

8/3/2015 - ABC News says Joe Biden could Enter the 2016 Race

8/3/2015 - U.S. Wage Growth Slowed to Historic Low

8/2/2015 - Hillary Clinton Strategist Avoids Questions on Dipping Poll Numbers

8/2/2015 - U.S. Airstrikes Aren’t Hurting ISIS, Defense Official says

8/2/2015 - WATCH: CNN points out Clintons “Not Dead Broke by Anyone’s Standards”

8/2/2015 - Senate Homeland Security Chair: Hillary Clinton’s Poor Handling of Classified Info is Dangerous

8/1/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Charges Supporters $2,700 for a Photo with Her

8/1/2015 - WATCH: White House says Defund Planned Parenthood Push would Draw Obama’s Veto

8/1/2015 - Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards Visited White House 39 Times Since 2008

July 2015

7/31/2015 - Courts Block Logging in Alaska National Forest

7/31/2015 - Yes, ObamaCare is a Government Takeover of Health Insurance and Care

7/31/2015 - 4,400 Hillary Clinton E-mails Set to Be Released from State Dept

7/31/2015 - U.S. Navy will Remove an Aircraft Carrier in the Persian Gulf for 2 Months

7/31/2015 - Obama’s Africa Trip Airfare Cost $6 Million

7/31/2015 - Iran says U.S. Lied about the Iran Deal

7/31/2015 - INFOGRAPHIC: The Truth about Planned Parenthood

7/31/2015 - U.S. Government is Investigating Death of Cecil the Lion

7/31/2015 - WATCH: Reporter Makes Fun of the Iran Deal, Embarrasses State Dept Spokesperson

7/31/2015 - All About That Money: Planned Parenthood Got Money after Lobbying State Dept

7/31/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s E-mails Had Classified Info from FIVE U.S. Intelligence Agencies

7/31/2015 - Judge Upset at State Dept’s Delays in Answering Freedom of Information Act Requests

7/31/2015 - WATCH: Greg Gutfield says Planned Parenthood Hides the Truth about Abortion

7/30/2015 - Marco Rubio: ‘Obama failed with Iran because he’s failed as president’

7/30/2015 - Swiss Bank Increased Donations to Clinton Foundation after IRS Settlement

7/30/2015 - Los Angeles Politicians Issue Ban on Gun Magazines that Hold More than 10 Rounds

7/30/2015 - Another GOP Long-Shot Joins the White House Race: Jim Gilmore

7/30/2015 - Planned Parenthood Claimed They were Hacked, but It Feels Like a PR Stunt

7/30/2015 - A 4th Planned Parenthood Undercover Video Released

7/30/2015 - Even Obama’s Economic Advisers Blast Too Much Regulation

7/30/2015 - Obama Threatens Veto of Making Veterans Affairs Accountable

7/30/2015 - Congress Won’t Revive Ex-Im Bank, For Now

7/30/2015 - 52% of Americans Want Congress to Reject the Iran Deal

7/30/2015 - Hillary Expressed Tepid Support for Investigating Planned Parenthood, All Abortion Clinics

7/30/2015 - U.S. Allies Spurn America, Turn to Russia for Nuclear Program Help

7/30/2015 - Liberal Media Covered Cecil the Lion More than Planned Parenthood Videos

7/30/2015 - California Court Bars Group from Releasing More Planned Parenthood-Related Videos

7/30/2015 - Saudis want a Piece of U.S. Fracking

7/29/2015 - Turkey and U.S. Agree to Create ISIS-Free Safe Haven

7/29/2015 - GOP Tells Obama to Fire IRS Chief or They’ll Impeach Him

7/29/2015 - GOP Establishment wants a Slow Process to Tackle Planned Parenthood Funding

7/29/2015 - Health Care Spending on the Rise due to ObamaCare

7/29/2015 - Medicare Audit finds 23,000 Possibly Fake Addresses of Health Care Providers

7/29/2015 - Majority of American Jews Not Happy with Obama’s Iran Deal

7/29/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton Boards Private Jet after Climate Change Speech

7/29/2015 - Late Night Faux Journalist-Comedian Jon Stewart Secretly Visited Obama Twice

7/29/2015 - Democrats STILL Mum on Support of Planned Parenthood Investigation

7/29/2015 - Pro-Life Rally Draws GOP Candidates after Planned Parenthood Videos Released

7/29/2015 - IRS Avoided Archiving Their Communications by Using Instant-Messaging System Off the Books

7/29/2015 - WATCH: Clinton Campaign says Bernie Sanders could Win Iowa and New Hampshire

7/29/2015 - Rand Paul Demands Hillary Clinton Return Planned Parenthood Donations

7/29/2015 - Panic Mode: Planned Parenthood’s PR Firm Begs TV Networks to Not Cover Abortion Video Scandal

7/28/2015 - Liberal Group Demands Democrats must fight ‘Culture of White Supremacy’

7/28/2015 - Obama to Visit Cuba in 2016

7/28/2015 - Ex-Im Bank Fight Pits GOP Establishment vs. Conservatives

7/28/2015 - Carly Fiorina not a fan of Obama’s Foreign Policy

7/28/2015 - Hackers Take on Planned Parenthood’s Database

7/28/2015 - Boy Scouts of America Pressured to Include Gay Leaders in Leadership Positions

7/28/2015 - State Dept Pledges it will Turn Over 5,000 Documents related to Benghazi Terrorist Attacks

7/28/2015 - Planned Parenthood Listed Big Companies as Donors, now Companies say They Haven’t Donated in Years

7/28/2015 - 95% of Registered Voters say Next President Has to be Trustworthy

7/28/2015 - Obama says He’s the First “Kenyan-American” President on Trip in Kenya

7/28/2015 - Free Beacon: Illegal Immigrants Outnumber Unemployed Americans

7/28/2015 - Democratic Senator Fundraising off of Planned Parenthood Scandal

7/28/2015 - Yet Another Planned Parenthood Video Exposes Organ Harvesting Practices, says Hot Air Blog

7/28/2015 - Hillary Dodges Keystone Pipeline Question Yet Again

7/27/2015 - Democrats Want to Micro-Manage Your Work Hours

7/27/2015 - New York Times Editorial on Planned Parenthood was Distasteful

7/27/2015 - Hillary’s Climate Change Plan is Full of Government Rules

7/27/2015 - Former New York Times Journalist now works for Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

7/27/2015 - Among Democrats, Hillary has the Highest Unfavorability Rating for 2016

7/27/2015 - Nobody can Explain Why Hillary Clinton had a Private E-mail Server, NBC’s Mitchell says

7/27/2015 - Hillary Backs $15 an hour Minimum Wage Hike as She Moves to the Left

7/27/2015 - WATCH: Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards Upset at Deceitful Pro-Life Activists’ Videos

7/27/2015 - Hold On a Sec: Syria’s Assad Didn’t Turn Over ALL their Chemical Weapons?!

7/27/2015 - AIM’s Kincaid Interviewed About Trump

7/25/2015 - Mega-Merger of Health Insurance Companies Underway

7/25/2015 - Hillary Clinton faces Probe about Her Handling of E-mails on Private Server

7/25/2015 - New York Times Altered Hillary Clinton Story

7/25/2015 - IRS Targeting Scandal Won’t Go Away as Loopholes Found in Audit Process

7/25/2015 - O’Malley says Citizenship is a Human Right

7/24/2015 - Mexico Drug Cartel Linked to Emergency Helicopter Landing on the US-Mexico Border

7/24/2015 - Report finds Chicago Neighborhood with Most Gun Permits is 55% Black, 34% Hispanic

7/24/2015 - Anti-BDS Bill Signed into Law by Illinois Governor

7/24/2015 - INFOGRAPHIC: College Degree Doesn’t Guarantee a Job

7/24/2015 - Medicare Expenses have Tripled since 2000

7/24/2015 - Looks like Hillary Clinton’s Virginia Fundraiser was Overexaggerated

7/24/2015 - Thanks, Obama: Gun Manufacturing Rose 140% during Obama’s Presidency

7/24/2015 - In Denial: Nancy Pelosi Denies a Planned Parenthood Scandal Exists

7/24/2015 - Polls Show that Americans Can’t Trust Hillary Clinton

7/24/2015 - Obama is Ready to Veto Bill that Punishes Sanctuary Cities

7/24/2015 - Gunman kills 2 People, Injures 9 Other People in Movie Theater Shooting

7/24/2015 - Media Fairness Caucus Newsletter – July 22, 2015

7/23/2015 - Social Security Disability Trust Fund will Go Dry Next Year

7/23/2015 - So Russian Bombers flew within 40 Miles of California Coast

7/23/2015 - Government Employees More Likely to Vote than Private Sector Workers in Most Elections

7/23/2015 - Lindsey Graham Destroys Phone after Donald Trump Announced Graham’s Phone Number

7/23/2015 - INFOGRAPHIC: Clinton Cronyism, Explained

7/23/2015 - Uber Beats Bill de Blasio in Ridesharing Fight

7/23/2015 - GOP Moves to Defund Planned Parenthood after Video Scandal Emerges

7/23/2015 - WATCH: Obama White House Close to Officially Closing Guantanamo Bay

7/23/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Favorability Ratings are “Falling Like a Rock,” says Bloomberg TV

7/23/2015 - Hey Obama: IRS Used Donor Lists to Target Conservatives for Audits

7/23/2015 - Democrats Lead Charge against Group that Exposed Planned Parenthood Practices

7/23/2015 - CNN Reporter compares Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton

7/22/2015 - Contractor of Maryland’s Failed ObamaCare Exchange will Repay $45 Million to Avoid Prosecution

7/22/2015 - Obama’s Climate Change Efforts are on “Shaky Legal Ground”

7/22/2015 - Republican Senator David Vitter Introduces Law to Push Congress, Executive Branch to ObamaCare

7/22/2015 - INFOGRAPHIC: U.S. Youth Unemployment

7/22/2015 - There is Enough Opposition in Congress to Override Obama’s Veto if Iran Deal fails to pass Congress

7/22/2015 - NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Goes to War with Uber, while Uber Courts Black Churches for Support

7/22/2015 - Obama tells Jon Stewart that the IRS did not Target Conservatives

7/22/2015 - WATCH: MSNBC Host says Democratic Candidates are Like Robots

7/22/2015 - VIDEO: State Dept tries to Sell Lifting Arms Embargo on Iran as a Good Thing

7/22/2015 - VIDEO: Obama Butchers Name of American Held Hostage in Iran

7/22/2015 - Top Generals are Looking at Arming Recruiters after Chattanooga Attack

7/22/2015 - WATCH: GOP Candidate Carly Fiorina Blasts Hillary’s “Extreme” Abortion Views

7/22/2015 - Obama Belatedly Orders Flag to be Flown at Half-Mast after Congress Led by Example

7/22/2015 - Top al-Qaeda Leader Killed in U.S. Airstrike in Syria

7/21/2015 - House to Vote on Blocking Federal Funding for Sanctuary Cities

7/21/2015 - Government Has No Idea where Billions of ObamaCare Grants Went

7/21/2015 - 16 Official GOP Candidates as Ohio Governor John Kasich joins the field

7/21/2015 - British Prankster Throws Money at FIFA President Sepp Blatter

7/21/2015 - INFOGRAPHIC: Equal Pay Myth

7/21/2015 - Obama Admin Tries to Tie Social Security Benefits to Gun Ownership

7/21/2015 - Chinese Dissident Chen Guangcheng says Obama is “Soft” on China during Crackdown

7/21/2015 - Federal Judge is “Concerned” about Hillary Clinton’s State Department E-mails

7/21/2015 - WATCH: White House Spokesman Avoided Focusing Press Conference on Planned Parenthood Controversy

7/21/2015 - United Nations Security Council Endorses Obama’s Iran Deal

7/21/2015 - Drones Can’t Defeat ISIS Alone, Experts say

7/21/2015 - Second Planned Parenthood Undercover Video Released and It’s Bad

7/21/2015 - Planned Parenthood Warns of More Sting Videos, Says Race may be Involved

7/21/2015 - White House Seeks to Calm Jewish Community over Iran Deal

7/21/2015 - Family Members of Victims of Illegal-Immigrant Crimes to Testify Today on Capitol Hill

7/20/2015 - Time to End Life Tenure on the Supreme Court?

7/20/2015 - Obama Follows Koch Brothers, Rand Paul on Criminal Justice Reform

7/20/2015 - Japan Declares Limited War Powers in Wake of Chinese Military Buildup

7/20/2015 - Islamist Groups such as Hezbollah, Hamas are seeing Fractures Within their Groups

7/20/2015 - INFOGRAPHIC: Hillary Clinton isn’t Trusted in Battleground States

7/20/2015 - DC Metro, after Brutal Stabbing Murder on a Train, says It Didn’t Ban Guns in the Transit System

7/20/2015 - Democrat Martin O’Malley Booed by Progressives over “All Lives Matter” Remark

7/20/2015 - Congress Circumventing ObamaCare Laws by Declaring Their Office a “Small Business”

7/20/2015 - Obama Administration Creates Rule that Could Discriminate Against Pro-Life Groups

7/20/2015 - Poll: 59% of Americans say Obama hasn’t dealt Harshly with ISIS

7/20/2015 - John Kerry suggests United Nations Vote on the Iran Deal before Congress

7/20/2015 - John Kerry Admits He Never Asked for On-Demand Inspections with Iran

7/20/2015 - Obama Formalizes Diplomatic Ties with Communist Cuba

7/19/2015 - The Left Avoids the Hard Questions on Abortion after Planned Parenthood Scandal

7/19/2015 - Former ObamaCare Executive Now Works for Insurance Company Lobbying Group

7/19/2015 - Most Hillary Clinton Donors also Gave to Clinton Foundation

7/19/2015 - INFOGRAPHIC: OPM Hack Fact Sheet

7/19/2015 - ISIS Claims It Shot Rockets at Egyptian Navy Ship and Destroyed It

7/18/2015 - Iraqi Ground Forces Making Gains as ISIS has some Internal Fractures

7/18/2015 - California Farmers Told Not to Pump Water from Rivers by Regulators

7/18/2015 - Colorado Movie Theater Shooter Found Guilty of Crimes

7/18/2015 - INFOGRAPHIC: Big Fat Greek Debt

7/18/2015 - Wisconsin’s John Doe Investigation of Scott Walker is Ended by the Courts

7/17/2015 - Ukraine, Australia Mark Somber Anniversary of MH17 Downing

7/17/2015 - Even Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Trust Iran, at least Publicly

7/17/2015 - More than 5% of Americans Have Gun Permits, Study finds

7/17/2015 - Chinese Hackers Used American Servers in Cyberattack

7/17/2015 - INFOGRAPHIC: Bad Iran Deal just Keeps Getting Worse

7/17/2015 - Why did the FBI Let a Benghazi Attack Suspect Go Free, Senator Asks

7/17/2015 - Did You Know Planned Parenthood Employees Donated $10,000 to Hillary Clinton?

7/17/2015 - Planned Parenthood Chief Offers Apology for Bad “Tone” during Leaked Video

7/17/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Fundraising Numbers Show Lack of Grassroots Enthusiasm, says CNN

7/17/2015 - Iran Bans U.S. Inspectors from Nuclear Plant Sites

7/17/2015 - Kuwait-Born Gunman Kills 4 Marines, Became More Radical Recently

7/16/2015 - Fake Enrollees Benefitted from ObamaCare, Report Finds

7/16/2015 - Free Internet for All, Obama Declares

7/16/2015 - Obama’s Iran Deal Leaves Hostages Out in the Cold

7/16/2015 - DHS Admits They Won’t Force Sanctuary Cities to Follow Federal Laws

7/16/2015 - Michelle Obama’s Air Travel in China Cost $360,000

7/16/2015 - Obama Livid that Reporter Asked about Americans Held Hostage in Iran

7/16/2015 - 300,000 Americans Overpaid ObamaCare Fine, but IRS May Not Refund that $38 Million

7/16/2015 - VIDEO: Middle East Allies think Obama Created Problems and Didn’t Solve Them

7/16/2015 - WATCH: Wolf Blitzer Makes Obama Advisor Susan Rice Look Silly on Iran Deal

7/16/2015 - Former President George HW Bush in Hospital after Fall

7/16/2015 - OPM Hack is Worse Than You Think, Part of Large-Scale Attack on Feds

7/15/2015 - Federal Student Loans actually Increase Tuition

7/15/2015 - One-Third of U.S. Veterans Applying for Health Care are Already Dead

7/15/2015 - WATCH as MSNBC Panel Laughs at Hillary Clinton’s Robotic Answer on the Iran Deal

7/15/2015 - Maryland Democrat, Potential Congressional Candidate, Arrested for Indecent Exposure

7/15/2015 - Planned Parenthood Fires Back at Pro-Life Movement, says Video Misrepresents Their Practices

7/15/2015 - Circuit Court forces Little Sisters of the Poor to Comply with ObamaCare Mandate

7/15/2015 - Ted Cruz Calls for Investigation of Planned Parenthood after Video Emerges

7/15/2015 - Scott Walker calls Planned Parenthood Video “Absolutely Horrifying”

7/15/2015 - VIDEO: Air Force General Disapproves of Iran Deal, says Iran can Increase Terrorism Sponsorship

7/15/2015 - No Comment: Democrats, Hillary Clinton Silent on Planned Parenthood Scandal

7/15/2015 - Labor Unions Claim They can Defeat Scott Walker

7/15/2015 - Rick Perry Blasts Planned Parenthood, says They’re “Profiting Off the Tragedy of a Destroyed Human Life”

7/15/2015 - Poll: 55% of Americans Don’t Trust Iran to Stick to Terms of the Newly-Struck Deal

7/15/2015 - Newsflash: Planned Parenthood Received $27 Million this year from Taxpayers

7/14/2015 - Russian Soldiers Prosecuted for Refusing to Volunteer to Fight in Ukraine

7/14/2015 - Pentagon’s Focus on Transgender Policy is Criticized by Conservative Family Group

7/14/2015 - VIDEO: Planned Parenthood Exec Caught on Video talking about Selling Aborted Baby Body Parts

7/14/2015 - VA Warns Congress of Hospital Shutdowns if Budget isn’t Addressed

7/14/2015 - NYPD Settles Case with Eric Garner’s Family for $5.9 Million

7/14/2015 - Greek Prime Minister faces Criticism over E.U. Bailout Deal from his Own Party

7/14/2015 - Hillary Clinton Outraises Long Shot Challenger Chafee $45 Million to $29,000

7/14/2015 - WATCH as Clinton Advisor Can’t Be Specific about Hillary’s Economic Policy

7/14/2015 - Ha! MSNBC Panel says Hillary Clinton Risks Having Boring Speeches

7/14/2015 - Iran and the West Agree to a Nuclear Deal

7/14/2015 - Kate Steinle’s Parents Interviewed on Fox News, Push for “Kate’s Law”

7/13/2015 - Hillary Clinton “is not telling the truth” about Secret E-mails, says John Boehner

7/13/2015 - “Iran is an Outlaw Regime,” says U.S. Senator Tom Cotton

7/13/2015 - It’s All Greek to Me: Greece gets New Bailout Package from E.U.

7/13/2015 - Notorious Mexican Drug Cartel Lord ‘El Chapo’ Escapes from Prison

7/13/2015 - 62% of Voters say Sanctuary Cities should be Penalized

7/13/2015 - WATCH: Democratic Strategist says Hillary Clinton saw Interview as “Task to be Endured”

7/13/2015 - WATCH: Judge Jeanine, AIM Award Winner, Blasts Concept of Sanctuary Cities

7/13/2015 - Woman Arrested for Dumping Water on Baltimore Mayor

7/12/2015 - Iran Hates America and Israel as Protesters Burn U.S. Flag, Chant ‘Death to Israel’

7/12/2015 - Feds Fail to Protect Sensitive Info in ObamaCare Enrollment

7/12/2015 - WATCH: State Dept Claims China, Russia aren’t Threats to America

7/12/2015 - OPM Chief, in Resignation Letter, Applauds Security Efforts

7/11/2015 - U.S. Senator tells DOJ to Stop Funding Sanctuary Cities

7/11/2015 - FBI Admits Error that Allowed Charleston Shooter to Buy Gun

7/11/2015 - Mitt Romney was Right? Joint Chiefs Nominee believes Russia is America’s No.1 Threat

7/11/2015 - OPM Chief Resigns after Data Breaches

7/10/2015 - Obama won’t Blame China for Massive OPM Hack

7/10/2015 - Hamas Holds 2 Israeli Citizens Hostage

7/10/2015 - ObamaCare Calorie Labeling Rules Delayed by the Feds

7/10/2015 - WATCH: Senate Democrat Express Concern about Obama’s Iran Deal

7/10/2015 - Gun Rights Groups in an Uproar after Man Murdered in the DC Subway

7/10/2015 - Pope Francis Not Pleased with Bolivian President’s Gift of Hammer & Sickle Crucifix

7/10/2015 - After Massive Cyberattack, OPM Chief Shrugs Off Calls for Resignation

7/10/2015 - The OPM Hack Affected at least 21 Million Americans

7/10/2015 - ObamaCare’s Death Panels are a Reality, Critic Warns

7/10/2015 - Facebook, Twitter may be Forced by Feds to Turn Over User Information

7/9/2015 - Lindsey Graham: 20,000 Ground Troops to Defeat ISIS

7/9/2015 - South Carolina Legislature Approves Removal of Confederate Flag from State House

7/9/2015 - Due Process after College Sexual Assault Allegations isn’t a Left/Right Issue

7/9/2015 - Bernie Sanders: Government Jobs can stop Kids from Going to Prison

7/9/2015 - Embattled Baltimore Mayor Fires Police Commissioner

7/9/2015 - Flashback: Biden Opposed Sanctuary Cities, but Obama and Hillary did not

7/9/2015 - Over 200 Sanctuary Cities in 32 States, Washington Examiner finds

7/9/2015 - WATCH: CNN says Hillary Clinton Lied about Not Getting a Subpoena

7/9/2015 - Hillary Denied She was Subpoenaed, but Congress Releases the Subpoena

7/9/2015 - WATCH: Liberal Media says Hillary Clinton’s Interview was Awful

7/9/2015 - Not So Affordable Care: Small Business Owners say ObamaCare makes it More Expensive

7/9/2015 - Watchdog Sues the State Dept to Seize Hillary Clinton’s Private Server

7/8/2015 - Fox News Reports Illegal Immigrant Suspect Used Federal Agent’s Gun to Murder American Woman

7/8/2015 - U.S. Army Plans to Cut 40,000 Troops the Next 2 Years

7/8/2015 - GOP Primary to Replace Aaron Schock ends with LaHood Victory

7/8/2015 - 1 in 5 Americans Live on Gov’t Assistance Programs

7/8/2015 - Media Fairness Caucus Newsletter – July 8, 2015

7/8/2015 - Obama Books $12 Million Trip to Martha’s Vineyard

7/8/2015 - VIDEO: CNN Reporter “Startled” by Lack of Enthusiasm for Hillary in Primary States

7/8/2015 - WATCH: Bernie Sanders is Scaring Hillary’s Campaign, says ABC’s Stephanopoulos

7/8/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Dodges Question, says “I’m Not the Most Technically Capable Person”

7/8/2015 - WATCH: Even Chris Matthews says Democrats Pander to Illegal Immigrants for Votes

7/8/2015 - Lois Lerner, Obama Administration Officials Met to Discuss Criminal Charges for their Opponents

7/8/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton Claims Voters Trust Her

7/7/2015 - Bill Clinton’s Limo Ride in Paris Cost Taxpayers $8,000

7/7/2015 - WATCH: Liberal Reporter Defends Hillary’s Roping-the-Press Tactics

7/7/2015 - Marco Rubio Blasts New York Times Hit Piece against Him

7/7/2015 - Flashback Milton Friedman: He Warned about the Euro

7/7/2015 - Free Beacon Video Shows 12 Times Obama Caved on Iran Deal

7/7/2015 - Trey Gowdy plans to Interview Hillary Clinton Advisors like Huma Abedin

7/7/2015 - Obama says Better Ideas, Not Guns, can Beat Ideologies like ISIS

7/7/2015 - Democrat Accuses GOP of Leaking Benghazi E-mails related to Sidney Blumenthal

7/7/2015 - Feds, San Francisco Officials Blame Each Other for Pier Shooting

7/6/2015 - WATCH: Chris Christie Criticizes Rand Paul’s Opposition to PATRIOT Act

7/6/2015 - Health Insurance Premiums on the Rise

7/6/2015 - Obama still Pays Women Less than Men, says Free Beacon

7/6/2015 - World War Two Jokes during Women’s World Cup Offends People

7/6/2015 - Greece Rejects E.U. Bailout in a Vote, Premier says it was Brave

7/6/2015 - Hillary Clinton E-mailed Lobbyist for Foreign Government while at State Dept

7/6/2015 - EPA used Liberal Think Tank’s Talking Points to Talk to Skeptical Reporters

7/6/2015 - VIDEO: Fox News’ Brit Hume says Hillary’s E-mail Scandal is “So Clinton-esque”

7/6/2015 - WATCH: CNN says Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Ropes Off Reporters shows It’s All About Hillary

7/6/2015 - VIDEO: CNN Panel Criticizes Hillary Clinton’s Roping Off of Reporters

7/6/2015 - Hillary Clinton Campaign Ropes Off Reporters at Event

7/6/2015 - Bomb Attacks kill 15 People in Iraq

7/5/2015 - Poll: 47% of Democrats say they’re ‘Extremely Proud’ to be American

7/4/2015 - Hillary Clinton E-mail Dump Revealed Favors, Backroom Dealings

7/4/2015 - Obama’s HHS wants You to Talk to Family about ObamaCare on July 4th

7/4/2015 - Happy July 4th to America!

7/4/2015 - Ready for Bernie? Democratic Hopeful holds Largest Rally Yet

7/3/2015 - Sidney Blumenthal Ran the State Department?

7/3/2015 - White House: Include Costs of Climate Change in Federal Budget

7/3/2015 - House Benghazi Panel vs. State Department

7/3/2015 - Websites aren’t Reporting on George Takei’s Rant on Clarence Thomas

7/3/2015 - IT Chief at IRS is “Blown Away” that IRS Erased Lerner Tapes

7/2/2015 - Iran Threatens to Go Nuclear if Talks Fail

7/2/2015 - VIDEO: Even NBC says Obama White House Knew of the Hillary E-mails

7/2/2015 - Hillary E-mails show State Dept, Google Talked about Blocked YouTube Video

7/2/2015 - WATCH: State Dept Claim Executive Privilege in Not Turning Over Hillary E-mails to House Benghazi Panel

7/2/2015 - State Dept Withholds Classified Info in Hillary E-mails

7/2/2015 - ISIS Executes 74 Children for Ramadan Offenses

7/1/2015 - Chris Christie Adds Name to GOP Candidates’ List

7/1/2015 - Oklahoma Court nixes 10 Commandments Display Outside State Capitol

7/1/2015 - New York Times Fawns over Hillary’s Pinterest Page

7/1/2015 - Another Iran Talks Deadline Missed

7/1/2015 - Hillary Clinton Lied about the E-mails After All

7/1/2015 - Ex-Im Bank Goes Down

June 2015

6/30/2015 - State Dept Tosses Free Beacon Reporter from Briefing

6/30/2015 - Bill de Blasio wants to Regulate Smoking in Homes

6/30/2015 - State Dept says It’ll Release More Hillary Clinton E-mails

6/30/2015 - SCOTUS Marriage Ruling Upsets Balance of Powers in Gov’t

6/30/2015 - Rand Paul: Feds’ Involvement making Marriage Worse

6/29/2015 - Feds Predict a Surge of 127,000 Illegal Immigrants

6/29/2015 - SCOTUS OKs Use of Lethal Injection Drugs

6/29/2015 - SCOTUS strikes down EPA Air Pollution Rules

6/29/2015 - Thanks for Nothing, SCOTUS: Fair Housing Ruling could Hurt the Poor

6/29/2015 - Second Escaped Convict Captured in Rural New York

6/29/2015 - WATCH: CNN Host John King says Hillary can only Blame Herself for E-mail Scandal

6/29/2015 - Univision President Apologizes for Comparing Donald Trump to Murderer

6/28/2015 - U.S. Approved of Arming Libyan Rebels in Benghazi

6/28/2015 - Unions to Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton Abandoned by Labor

6/28/2015 - WATCH: State Dept says Hillary turned over All Work-Related E-mails

6/28/2015 - China beats up Human Rights Lawyers

6/26/2015 - Marriage Ruling Sets Collision Course between Churches and the Feds

6/26/2015 - ObamaCare Enrollment Continues to Struggle among Young People

6/26/2015 - SCOTUS’s Marriage Ruling Won’t Bring Peace

6/26/2015 - Moroccan Lobbyists are Ready for Hillary

6/26/2015 - Hillary has “Sleazy” Associates, says Lindsey Graham

6/26/2015 - SCOTUS Justice calls ObamaCare “SCOTUScare” after King v. Burwell decision

6/26/2015 - SCOTUS, in narrow 5-4 vote, Strikes Down Traditional Marriage

6/26/2015 - Liberals’ Purge of American Civil War hits D.C. Area with Appomattox Statue

6/26/2015 - Apparent Terrorist Attack in France Decapitated a Man

6/26/2015 - Hillary Surrogate Claire MsCaskill Blasts Bernie Sanders

6/26/2015 - WATCH: NBC Reviews how Hillary Clinton isn’t Transparent

6/26/2015 - VIDEO: Obama did Promise to Break D.C. Gridlock, Contrary to Recent Claims

6/26/2015 - Lois Lerner’s Hard Drive Affected by Impact of Some Sort. Hmm…

6/26/2015 - State Dept says 15 Hillary Clinton E-mails are Missing

6/26/2015 - Clinton Lawyer, George Soros Teamed Up to Fight Voter ID Laws

6/25/2015 - Federal Official “Accidentally” Deleted Text Messages after FOIA Request

6/25/2015 - IRS shelled out $18.8 Million to Contractors who didn’t pay Back Taxes

6/25/2015 - Study finds less than 5% of Colleges Protect 1st Amendment Rights

6/25/2015 - Bland School Lunches mean Kids are Bringing Salt and Pepper to School