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Former NPR news chief Michael Oreskes who was fired amid allegations of sexual harassment is teaming up with former executives of Fox News on a new digital news site.

Former Fox News executive Ken LaCorte who was responsible for the content on for the last ten years is leading the effort with Oreskes and John Moody who was the executive editor at Fox News.

The site — LaCorte News — is critical of what has happened to journalism today.

“In the last few years, “yellow journalism” has returned. The media has always had its biases and problems, but never before have we witnessed such a quick loss of credibility and trust. Too often, reporters have become activists and reasonable opinion has been replaced by extremism, trading credibility for online clicks. It’s hurting not just the media, but America as well.”

LaCorte promises that his site will be “Fair and Balanced” compared to what is available today.

The site will launch with approximately $1 million in funding much of it coming from LaCorte himself.

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