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North Korea- member of the trifecta dubbed the ‘Axis of Evil’- and now set to be off the list of state sponsors of terrorist groups? And also to be off the sanctions hook?

Really guys?


Frank Gaffney Jr. wrote the following in a recent article entitled “Bad Deal” :

“Pyongyang has not disclosed the other countries to which it has
proliferated nuclear technology. Such assistance to Syria was only
prevented from translating into an indigenous source of bomb-ready
plutonium for that state-sponsor of terror by an Israeli air force
attack last September. Israel’s strike destroyed a North
Korean-supplied nuclear reactor virtually identical to the
weapons-related one in North Korea that Amb. Hill is taking such credit
for dismantling.


What is more, in December 2007, the Congressional Research Service
cited reputable sources in asserting that North Korea had provided arms
and possibly training to the State Department-designated terrorist
group Hezbollah in Lebanon. There is also abundant evidence of North
Korean involvement in the shipment of ballistic missiles and other
weaponry to despotic nations around the world. In fact, such arms are
the North’s only real cash crop and are used to enhance the offensive
potential of both officially designated and undesignated state-sponsors
of terror.”


(To view the whole article, check out the National Review Online)


But sure, so what if they helped Syria develop nuclear weapons facilities.  No worries about the whole giving-stuff-to-Hezbollah thing…  in the name of democracy and in defense of negotiating, we should bend over backwards to beg them nicely to stop helping our enemies.  Because as our new commie friends, why would they want to hurt us? 

Stating I’m worried about America’s image in light of the concessions would be an understatement. 

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