Accuracy in Media

Kudos to our longtime friend Representative Lamar Smith of Texas for a spot-on op-ed in the USA Today over the weekend. It’s worth your time to read it:

The president’s U.N. climate deal in Paris wouldraise Americans’ electric bills, ration energy and slow economic growth, costing the U.S. economy billions of dollars and risking thousands of jobs, all for little impact on the environment.

If implemented, the EPA’s own data show that the electricity regulation that is the cornerstone of the president’s pledge would reduce global temperatures by only one-fiftieth of a degree Celsius.

And Bjorn Lomborg, a world-renowned economist, recently testified before Congress that his peer-reviewed study showed that even if the more than 190 nations implement their pledges, it would result in a reduction in global temperature of justone-sixth of a degree Celsius by 2100. That is called all pain, no gain.

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