Accuracy in Media

An interesting opinion editorial at Task and Purpose on the tenure of Ray Mabus:

Ray Mabus is arguably the most famous secretary of the Navy since Theodore Roosevelt and the era of the Great White Fleet. It would be great if the secretary’s prominence was due to the emergence of the Navy and Marine Corps into a new era. Unfortunately, Mabus is only famous for being perhaps the most controversial Navy secretary in living memory…

Mabus’ preoccupation with a gender-neutral military has taken the Navy and Marine Corps to some bizarre places lately with no good reason. While he has been a prominent advocate in achieving substantive change in the status of women in the military, it’s his symbolic moves that are troubling and poorly considered. Two of his initiatives in particular seem to go past plausibility and instead pass into the realm of the “good idea fairy.” While well intentioned, he has wasted whatever goodwill he may have had in this difficult institutional task of implementing farcically unneeded measures.

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