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Considering the liberal media all-of-a-sudden cares about the travel costs of the sitting President of the United States of American and his family, this is stunning (*sarcasm*) that the liberal media will not cover this cost-saving measure.

Instead, CNN is the lone liberal mainstream media outlet to cover how Trump’s administration is instructed to not have lengthy foreign trips:

President Donald Trump, who entered office vowing to prioritize American workers and issues, has told his advisers to plan a lighter schedule of foreign travel than his recent predecessors, according to people familiar with the conversations.

Trump has told his team that he doesn’t want lengthy trips abroad to distract from his focus on domestic issues in the United States, according to people who have spoken to him about his travel plans…
But on those trips, aides expect the President to remain abroad for only the shortest time possible before returning stateside. That directive maps closely to Trump’s travel style as a chief executive, when he would fly his private jet abroad for business meetings but rarely lingered for long.

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