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That’s Amore.

Ann Coulter has a certain je ne sais quoi in the conservative movement. Perhaps it is the moxie she brings when she combats pillars of liberalism like Joy Behar or Bill Maher, perhaps it is the politically suicidal quips like “abort terrorists” or “ride on your magic carpet” (spoken to a Muslim student in Ontario), maybe it’s her eight New York Times bestsellers or it could just be that she is the original Fox News “blonde bombshell.”  Whatever it is, Ann has carved out a coveted place among pundits with her seemingly infinite staying power and witty political vitriol.

I’d met her only once before. It was my freshman year of college at The University of Iowa and she was giving a barbed retort to a visit by Michael Moore the week before. When asked what would happen if she and Mr. Moore were in the same room together, she responded, “A super nova that would end life on earth.”

To a movement far too often marginalized by the milquetoast and P.C., Ann is comic relief of sizzling remarks and insults that even the darkest, coldest, conservative hearts might not ponder. In order to bring this essence to the surface, my interview contains questions like:

“Do you know the location of the secret bunker where Sarah Palin trains Ted Kaczynski and Jared Loughner to be right-wing terrorists?” and “would Robespierre be a good cabinet option for the White House?”

It’s open season on some of Ann’s classic opponents after this. She barrages Keith Olberman and “trying to drive him to suicide,” infers that Osama Bin Laden could not have escaped Seal team 6 due to his “magic carpet having so much Porn on it” and implores media magistrates to tell us “Bigfoot yelled the N-word” at Rep. John Lewis before ever indicting “innocent tea-partiers” for the same crime.  We discuss the mob mentality of liberals prefaced in her new Bestseller DEMONIC as the author links modern day liberal mentality to that of the “barbaric” French Revolution and even the crowds that condemned Christ.

Ultimately only Ann Coulter can be Ann Coulter.  The sharpness of Ann, although never matched, is often imitated by commentators around the country with marginal success.  Firebrands (Olberman and Beck) have hoist themselves on the petards of acid-tongued punditry as their networks “mediate the vocabulary.”   The true essence of Ann is that she is ultimately beholden to no one, yet admired or distained in momentous fashion on a vast scale around the country.  There is something about Ann, that whether you hate her or love her, you have to respect.

See my full interview here, brace yourself!

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