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Bill Whittle of Pajamas TV put a well-deserved smackdown on MSNBC last week in the latest episode of “Meet The Blogs.”

Near the tail end of the 21-minute segment, Whittle ridiculed Keith Olbermann’s latest vulgar tirade, this time against Miss California Carrie Prejean for her opposition to gay marriage. Olbermann ranted as a photo of Prejean with the cutline “WTF!?! Moment” was displayed in the background.

Olbermann’s not-so-subtle embrace of the f-word to illustrate a story came just weeks after MSNBC (and other liberal media networks) repeatedly made sexual innuendos about “teabagging,” a previously obscure term for oral sex, in reports about the “tea party” movement against excess government spending and taxation.

“You have to be a pornographer now to follow some of the language and some of the attitude that’s going on on MSNBC,” Whittle said. Indeed.

He ended the segment with this poke at Olbermann:

Someday they’re going to have to find a way to measure stupidity, and I recommend that the unit of the measurement of stupidity be designated as Olbermanns. And I think that last statement was pushing 9.7 Olbermanns, and I don’t know if the country can take another seismic shock quite like that one.

Measuring all journalists against an unhinged commentator like Olbermann may seem unfair, but by setting the scale that high, it ensures that only the worst quakes of journalistic stupidity will be noticed.

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