Accuracy in Media

Keith Olbermann, America’s favorite ex-commentator, recently appeared on late night with Jimmy Fallon, criticizing the media, particularly the political media, for their response and coverage of the Anthony Weiner scandal.  In the segment, he spouted a myriad of inaccuracies, claiming:

“Democrats don’t support their own in these situations, Republicans love being on the right side of a scandal like this, because it doesn’t happen that often,”

And later continues with

“John Boehner …all sorts of rumors about him too.”

First of all, there were many fellow Democrats who stood by Weiner in the beginning of this scandal, including Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), not to mention that he received much coddling from the liberal media, which attempted to undermine the magnitude and implications of his actions. When the truth finally emerged, most people did come out against him. But why wouldn’t they? His behavior was inappropriate and humiliating.

Secondly, Republicans usually are NOT in the center of these controversies. While members of both parties engage in wrongdoing, recently it seems as though the Democrats have been in the limelight surrounding extramarital scandals (think John Edwards’ indictment?)

And lastly, anyone can allege rumors about pretty much anything. But when Andrew Breitbart broke the story on Weiner, it was originally dismissed as a fabricated hatchet job. But in fact it turned out to be true, not simply a rumor.  Make as many jokes as you would like about Boehner’s name being pronounced Boner, but until you legitimize your rumors with actual evidence, your claims are a weak attempt at smearing the right. Is this sort of unsubstantiated rumor-mongering what passes for news on Current TV?

Better luck next time Olby!

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