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Yesterday Obama addressed a group of supporters in New Hampshire. Ending his speech, he used those two audacious words that everyone is tired of hearing – at least everyone like me, who is skeptical of his grandiose visions: “hope” and “change.” This time, however, the little voice in his head urged him a step further. His concluding sentence promised, “…not only can we change America, but we can change the world.” Of course, his supporters uproariously applauded and Hillary joined him center stage. Then the two senators walked through opposite sides of the crowd, shaking hands and revealing their bright-white politician smiles. 

As I observed the crowd’s reaction on CSPAN, several questions flooded my mind:


Are these people serious?

Have they actually dissected Obama’s “change?” Do they not understand he wants to rob Peter to pay Paul?

Do they not understand that taxing the profits of the literal “fuel” (pun intended) of this economy would make America worse?

How can anyone respect a man who quits smoking just for the campaign trail? Not that I endorse smoking – but what does that tell you about the man?

And, finally, when are Americans going to wake up and realize that Islamic murderers cannot be talked down? The West should remember the potentially negative power of religious dogma from the Inquisition, the 30 years War, and the Salem Witch Trials. We have our skeletons. So why are we allowing our mistakes to be repeated by “negotiating” with fanatics?


One closing quip…I thought one of the problems with George W. Bush was his attempt to “change the world?” I thought liberals like Obama do not like to impress our values on other nations? Why, then, is Obama so concerned about changing the world? 








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