Accuracy in Media

Great take from the Washington Examiner:

On Sunday night, the nation finally received a belated presidential acknowledgement that the Islamic State is a serious problem, capable not only of causing trouble in the Middle East but also of infiltrating America through its immigration system.

The end of Obama’s public denial on this topic was a long time coming, and to get there it took a mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif., by terrorists loyal to the Islamic State.

Before Sunday’s speech from the Oval Office, the administration had spent two years downplaying concerns about the jihadis. In January 2014, Obama called Islamic State a junior varsity terror group. Then his intelligence services manipulated analysts’ reports to conceal the fact that it was thriving and that American action against it was largely ineffective. Finally, and right up until the Bataclan theater attack in Paris, federal officials strenuously denied that the Islamic State could pose any threat in the U.S.

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