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Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch Won’t Have the Final Decision in Hillary Clinton’s Email Case

At least, that’s what the FBI is saying (which is under the authority of Loretta Lynch’s Department of Justice) after Lynch met with Bill Clinton [1] on a private jet. The news of their meeting broke and there was an uproar over Lynch’s impartiality, which led to this decision. This from CBS News:

The CBS News source says that Lynch will not formally remove herself from the case.

Lynch does not ever have to accept the recommendation of prosecutors or investigators. She can look at their evidence and then decide to go in a different direction or modify their recommendations.

The word comes in the wake of the controversy over what she and former President Bill Clinton say was an impromptu half-hour meeting [2] in Lynch’s plane on the tarmac of a Phoenix airport.

Photo by World Economic Forum [3] [4]