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According to a John McCaslin report in “Inside the Beltway,” a section within The Washington Times, a professor of journanlism insists that Obama is the “New Reagan.” Diane Winston, Knight Chair in Media and Religion and professor at the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communications, has argued that Obama’s election bid is similar to Reagan’s because the country was in the midst of:

1) “An unwinnable war”

2) “An unpopular president”

3) “A faltering economy”

Similar to Reagan, argued Winston, Obama offers the “promise of a new morning.”


I am so tired of Americans being wrapt up with the Obama’s charisma and call for change and hope. Doen’t every canidate, every election year, promise change and try to convince the public that brighter days are ahead? What separated Reagan was his follow through. It is incredible that he was able to accomplish so many of his ideas with a left-leaning Congress.


I will agree with Dr. Winston under one condition…If Obama can win either 44 or 49 states in November, I also will call him the “New Reagan.”

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