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Obama Ignored Obamacare’s Failures in Criticizing GOP Efforts to Replace It

Obamacare in Obama’s mind is far different than Obamacare in reality and practice, apparently.

Obama criticized the Republican Party’s efforts to replace his signature health care law and made several claims that do not make muster, one of which [1] is that replacing his law would leave older Americans exposed to danger, per Washington Examiner’s Tom Rogan:

Yet the most tedious of Obama’s claims yesterday was his assertion that Graham-Cassidy will “raise costs.” That assertion does not comport with any objective assessment of the legislation. The math just doesn’t work. Consider that one of Graham-Cassidy’s central elements is its provision of waivers that would allow states to provide spartan health plans with fewer benefits in return for lower premiums. If you want a more generous plan, you’ll simply have to pay more. Regardless, by offering greater flexibility to insurers and consumers, Graham-Cassidy should reduce costs by rebalancing the individual mandate into a personalized supply and demand equation.