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President Obama’s latest talking points calling for full bore investment in public sector jobs, such as teachers, first responders and infrastructure construction workers, as a way to improve the economy, are finding an approving audience not only on MSNBC’s evening lineup of admittedly progressive hosts who make no effort to be objective, but also on their daytime shows as well, which they do claim to be more balanced.

But it’s really a fiction that MSNBC, the cable arm of NBC News, is more balanced in its daytime programming, with the likes of Alex Wagner, Andrea Mitchell, and Martin Bashir as hosts. The pro-Obama and pro-Democratic Party tenor to these shows is undeniable. Daytime host Chris Jansing helped reinforce this view of MSNBC’s already tarnished reputation today during what should have been a routine interview with former New Hampshire Governor and Mitt Romney surrogate John Sununu.

Sure, a liberal bias on MSNBC is not that shocking. However this is part of a growing trend confirming that the cable network is moving to a complete point-of-view line-up. Meanwhile, NBC News continues to promote Jansing as a straight-news reporter, rather than just one more opinion journalist:

“Jansing joined NBC News in June 1998 as an NBC News correspondent and anchor for msnbc.  Since then, she has reported on countless major new events, including the Torino and Vancouver Olympics, the deaths of Michael Jackson and John F. Kennedy, Jr., and the Columbine shootings… Jansing’s reporting duties also extend to NBC News, including her frequent work as a correspondent for ‘Dateline NBC,’ as well as substitute anchor for ‘Weekend Today’ and the Sunday edition of ‘NBC Nightly News’.”

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