Accuracy in Media

While in Canada, speaking to the Montreal Chamber of Commerce, former President Barack Obama criticized his successor, President Donald Trump, on a variety of issues. NBC News reported that Obama criticized Trump’s populist rhetoric and the turn toward isolationism.

Yet, Obama said that people tend to turn toward isolationism due to economic uncertainty and warned against it, ignoring how he had played a role in the rise of Trump (i.e. overregulation and his ‘war on coal’).

Obama also said that it is important for governments to redistribute wealth, or they will lose the trust of their citizens:

Obama, speaking in Montreal at a Chamber of Commerce event, said that the world must do more to combat income inequality, noting that the concentration of wealth fans fears that governments exist solely to benefit the powerful.

“That’s a recipe for more cynicism and more polarization, less trust in our institutions and less trust in each other. And it’s part of what leads people to turn to populist alternatives that may not actually deliver,” Obama said.

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