Accuracy in Media

The Obama administration is anti-choice on schools, in obedience to the teachers unions. And now on medical masks for its employees at the Mexican – U.S. border? Well that depends on whom you ask. We received this YouTube from ALIPAC, originally aired on KGTV in San Diego. But now DHS is denying that that is the case:

“While [Department of Homeland Security spokesperson] Kuban said no one has been ordered not to wear masks, a different administration official said earlier that agents at the U.S. border and at airports have been told not to wear surgical masks until they are needed.”



While the emergence of the Swine Flu, now known officially only as H1N1 influenza A, is a definite cause for concern, it has apparently been widely misreported. Today the World Health Organization has confirmed only eight deaths, not 150 or more, world wide as a result of this new strain of flu. And the Centers for Disease Control has confirmed more than 13,000 deaths from “seasonal flu” so far this year in the U.S. alone. Where is the alarm over that?  


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