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NYT Hating on Republicans Again

Lest we think the New York Times can go a day without hating on Republicans, witness the following from yesterday’s editorial [1]. Emphasis mine:

Republican leaders have to decide if they want the tiny fraction of furious voters who have showed up at the primary polls to steer them into the swamp for years ahead. They have a chance to repudiate the worst of the Tea Party crowd and show that they can govern without appealing to the basest political instincts. So far, they have preferred to greedily capitalize on the nuclear energy in the land without considering its destructive effects.

Elsewhere in the editorial, tea partiers are called “divisive,” with a “toxic message.” The Times editorializes that the Tea Party candidates for office bring a “sense of national embarrassment” from their “divisive and offensive utterance[s]” and “wacky policy.”

How does the New York Times really feel about Republicans and Tea Partiers, again?