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Bump stocks have come under criticism after the Las Vegas shooting, where at least 58 people were killed and more than 500 people woundedby a lone gunman, because bump stocks make semi-automatic guns work more like automatic guns, which are banned under federal law.

The NRA announced yesterday that it encourages regulations on bump stocks, which shocked the media because of the group’s stances on gun rights.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza admitted that the NRA may have outsmarted the media, lawmakers and activists by issuing a statement on bump stocks:

The NRA, as has been revealed through its many legislative victories on gun matters over the years, is not dumb. And the group’s decision to be for further regulation of bump stocks is clearly a strategic move aimed at avoiding any more sweeping or comprehensive attempts at gun control.
Maybe the NRA is also motivated by genuine belief that bump stocks are a bad thing and need to be more regulated. But an organization as politically aware of itself as the NRA is never not keeping an eye on its politics.

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